Affinity Photo: Solid Foundations (

The best selling beginners guide to Affinity Photo - complete with a 50 page PDF to aid your study!

Created by: Simon Foster

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Use Affinity Photo to enhance images using proven techniques
  • Know why they are doing things a certain way
  • Be aware of the various 'gotchas' and problems that may arise
  • Load Affinity Photo and not be overwhelmed by the amount of options

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

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*Recently updated to cover the new features in Affinity Photo 1.7!*
Affinity Photo is the hottest new image editing program for the Mac and Windows. It has many powerful tools for making your photos really shine. But you need to know how to use it, and how to get the best out of it.
This course has been designed with that in mind. With around 80 lectures and 11 hours of content, Affinity Photo: Solid Foundations takes you from complete beginner through to accomplished user. The major features of the 1.5 and 1.6 updates have been added for free to the course - this course intends to grow as Affinity Photo does.
I study Udemy courses myself and it struck me how much time I spend making notes I can refer to. I estimate it increases my study time by a factor of at least 4. So I've made notes for you! The second lecture of this series has an extra resource - a downloadable 50+ page PDF with a table of contents plus an index. This PDF contains notes based directly upon the Affinity Photo courses I offer. Bullet points, screen shots, tips - they are all there and you can keep the PDF and refer to it whenever you want. This should save you dozens of hours of note taking.
I assume no knowledge on your part. All you need is a willingness to learn, and I'll take you though all the basics like getting the color and tone sorted. rotating and cropping, sharpening and reducing noise, selections, layer masks etc. Then we'll go on to more advanced topics like layer blend modes, vector art, text and painting. By the end of the course you will know how, when and why to enhance your photos, and really make them shine.Who this course is for:
  • People who want their images to look beter
  • People who feel intimidated by the power of Affinity Photo
  • Beginners
  • Slightly more experienced folk who want a handle on this relatively new software

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Instructor Details

Simon Foster

Simon Foster holds a degree in Educational Design from Manchester Metropolitan University, has been a designer for 25+ years, has run a successful design business for over 20, and was a teacher for 2 years. He has produced design work for clients from all over the world, including all the graphics for Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 and 2, various other games and apps, illustrating science books and providing design and illustration for clients ranging from doctors to top level business people, world class geneticists right through to local start up businesses.



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I learned what I needed to develop good work habits, i.e. a professional workflow. I also learned creative uses for Affinity Photo's many features. And Simon's lessons were also amusing.

I have just finished the course, Amazing! Well done Simon, you make the course so interesting and clearly explain how things are done. I have tried some of the resources and it helps to hone your skills. I will now go through the course again trying more of the resources to further improve my skills. Thanks once again for a brilliant package.

Extremely useful, particularly the sections on layer masks, layer blending and blend ranges.Could perhaps have included some info on stacking and stacking operators?

Great course, really covers all areas of the programme and helps to use the software in a better way. The explanations help to understand the principles behind the changes and allow a better understanding than just clicking along with a specific tutorial.

Great class. very detailed, just what I needed to learn this software and all its features. Well worth it!

This is an outstanding course.I had no idea so much control was available over every element of a photo. I also appreciate the humor and thoroughness of each lesson. I would rate this course 6 stars if I could

This is an extraordinary course to lay down the foundations of Affinity Photo. I've enjoyed every bit of it and Simon makes it thoroughly interesting and amusing. Great introduction, I will certainly be looking into his other courses.

A fantastic start for Affinity Photo newbies, but also a great refresher for those who are knee deep into it. This course is a tremendous value and Simon provides a very fun experience with his gentle wit and likable delivery. He doesnt just teach you, he brings you along for the adventure.

Overlaying hints explaining version-sensitive dialog box changes would make this tutorial less frustrating for newbies using the latest version

My first Udemy course completed and thought it was great. Lost my way on a few sections but replaying them a few times helped. Some things were over-explained but in other cases the explanations behind why you do certain things was helpful.

This course is excellent, Learning layer masks and how to use the correctly. Thanks. As the course continues, it becomes more and more difficult to grasp. But the author does a very good job showing and explaining each new step clearly. After a little practice with each new step, I can see I have learned a lot. This course is excellent, thanks for providing it. I am very pleased. I will refer to it in the future, thanks.

Super Kurs, auch wenn man keinerlei Vorkenntnisse in Affinity Photo und wenig bzw. keine Vorkenntnisse in anderen Fotobearbeitungsprogrammen hat. Ich persnlich habe in der Vergangenheit bereits ein wenig Erfahrung mit Adobe Photoshop sammeln knnen, bin aber nie 100% warm geworden mit dem Tool. Privat nutze ich inzwischen nur noch Affinity Photo und wollte die Software besser kennenlernen, um mehr Kontrolle bei der Bearbeitung meiner Fotos zu haben. Die Anforderung erfllt der Kurs perfekt - man lernt nicht einfach nur vordefinierte Bearbeitungsschritte, sondern es wird auch vermittelt, wie genau sich die einzelnen Funktionen auf ein Bild auswirken und bekommt ein Gefhl dafr, wann welche Methode besser geeignet ist.Aufbau und Tempo des Kurses sind perfekt, um parallel die Schritte in Affinity nachzuvollziehen, Sprach- und Videoqualitt sind exzellent und es gibt immer wieder Updates, wenn neue Versionen der Software verffentlicht werden. Was will man mehr?Ich bin mehr als zufrieden und kann den Kurs wrmstens empfehlen!