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Hi, my name is Alan, and I have almost thirty years of experience in teaching various subjects and have held senior management positions at several blue chip and Times Top 100 companies. I now specialise in consultancy, interim work and teaching here on Udemy.
My love for Excel began soon after the program was released. Back then, we really only used it for typing tables in our production planning department. If you can believe it, I was taught to then calculate with a calculator and TYPE the answers into Excel...you'd be surprised how many people I meet who still do this.
There were two turning points for me in my journey. The first was a chance conversation with one of our accountants when I was complaining how slow it was to keep having to flip between worksheets to see different bits of data. He introduced me to VLookups and a new world of possibilities opened up for me...
...I found that I need never have huge paper accountancy pads (remember those?) and a calculator to produce a production plan again! Suddenly, I could produce my plan in 15 minutes, rather than the day and a half it used to take. I began delving into other features of Excel, and finding ways to incorporate them into the planning "system" I had created, and remember this was back in the day when the internet hadn't been invented :)
Through trial and error, I refined my Workbook until I coul

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I couldn`t imagine that Excel can do so many things: making Log, making directories, reports!! I love it!! Explanations are clear. Alan answers any question very quickly.Macros in Excel doesn`t scare me anymore.Thank you, Alan!
- Review by Irina Nikolaeva

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