Android Development Working With Databases Using Mysql & PHP (

In this complete course students will learn android development by working with databases using Mysql and PHP

Created by: Joe Parys

Produced in 2016

What you will learn

  • Use online databses to store android application data
  • Develop android applications that uses MySql Databases
  • Use JSON to retrive data from the database
  • Learn how to set up an online database for android application

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Course Description

Welcome To Android Development: Working With Databases Using Mysql & PHP
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Here Is Everything You Will Learn In This Complete Course:
  • How to set up online database for your android application.
  • How to connect your android application to an online database.
  • How to save data from android application to an online database.
  • How to retrieve data from an online database to your application.
  • How to use JSON to retrieve data from database to your application.
  • How to perform JSON parsing.
  • How to write PHP scripts to establish connection to the database.
With the right mindset, understanding, and application of the teachings in this course, you will instantly begin to move towards becoming an Expert Android Developer!
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Joe Parys & Ashutosh PawarWho this course is for:
  • This course is for intermediate and advanced application developers
  • This course is not for complete beginners who do not know the basics of android, android development, Java, and PHP

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Joe Parys

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This course is well done and exaustive about backend service with Android Php and MySql . There is also parsing data in Json that makes the course complete .

The guy uses the term BASICALLY 150000 times in every video, he doesn't explain the uses of each method just reads the code outloud

Definitely got what I came for, I now know how to connect my Java driven Android App to PHP then PHP to MYSQL query within DB, also taught how to use JSON to retrieve formatted data from the table into Java. After this course, you'll be in a more than great position to simply expand your PHP, MYSQL and Java URL syntaxes to achieve even more in using PHP/MYSQL to store data for your Android applications..A few notes that I hope help others who finish this course:1. I could not get Xampp to run Apache at first because the default port of 80 was in use by something, it's an easy fix to switch the port to 8080 instead, so google it. 2. IF you change the Apache port from 80 to say 8080, the URL in your URL object in Android App must include the modified port # like so:URL url = new URL("http://ip_address:8080/database_name/php_file_name.php");3. To connect to xampp server on your localhost, your URL object in Android app needs correct IPV4 address. Open CMD as admin, type "ipconfig" and use either of the 2 results that say "IPv4 Address . . ."4. Note the instructor's comment in Section 9 video 1 that you CANNOT connect your actual phone/device to the server if server is on localhost, this is because although you can successfully connect to say a local TCP port using IPV4 on actual device you cannot access a local URL on a device, you need to host Database on publicly accessible server.5. When connecting your phone to public server, as far as I understand as of android 9 unless you use a host that provides an https instead of http url , you'll need to define android:networkSecurityConfig within your manifest file, full explanation here One functionality of the app I'm surprised the instr. left out is how to define in your android app SPECIFIC select/query statements, (i.e: instead of select * from table, select * from table where name = $[some POST data provided by the Android application]To achieve this:PHP file:1. create object to hold name from Android app $name=$_POST["name"];2. change sql_query to select email from table_name where name = $name;Java/Android app:1. Simply follow steps in tutorial to create an OutputStream from the HttpURLConnection object, passing in the desired name from the database. Use BufferedWriter to write out that name.2. Directly after writing out per step 1 above, create an InputStream based off of the exisiting HttpURLConnection obj, and basically follow same steps in tutorial to read back the query's results and you'll ONLY get the row which contains the name specified by your Android app, (possibly by something user typed into an additional EditText widget.)Once you learn the above as well I'd say you're basically good to go ;)

Hello, the course is very good and clear but a bit ancien because android studio grow very quickly and this course need to be updated.Thank you...ELIAS

I changed my review and i am 100% satisfied with the course not that is because later on the content become clearer.

Not exactly what I was expecting, as it doesn't cover complete CRUD. But still,helpful.

Course is good and meets the goals that the author promised at the start but he didn't done it by himself, someone else made the videos and the most annoying thing in videos was the instructor was repeatedly saying "BASICALLY" even multiple times in single sentence, rest is good (y)

i learned new concepts and i think everything was explained clearly.

This is the best course if you really want to learn backend working of the database in an android application.

Great course! Thank you!

This course provides a great overview of Android development.

Author doesn't respond to questions