The Best Courses to Learn Android Development in 2020

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Best Free Course

1 )

Android Basics: User Interface (2015)

Udacity offers this course on understanding design and layout in Android. As part of a master series in Android programming and development, it serves as an initial introduction to familiarize students with the basics of the operating system and developing for it.
    • This is one of the easiest and friendliest introductions into programming and development you can find anywhere.
    • You can try the free version of the course before you decide if you want to commit to the degree program.
    • Paid add-ons are worth substantially more than most paywall-restricted learning supplements. They include mentorship, certification and career assistance.
    • The free course covers virtually nothing. All of the hands-on resources and external help are part of the upcharge, not to mention certification.
    • The bulk of concepts in the course hardly require a course to learn. Unless this is being taken as part of the certified master series, it is a potential waste of time.
    • Allotting 2 weeks to complete such simple learning seems inefficient.
Learn Android Application Development
Best Practical Course

2 )

Learn Android Application Development (2018)

Udemy hosts this 27-hour course to introduce developers to the core concepts of building apps for Android. Its a simplified but powerful look at a step-by-step approach to making android apps and mastering the many tools attached to the process.
    • This is where you can get your initial start to developing for Android. If this is your first foray, youll still be fine.
    • Despite being beginner-level, the course offers considerable depth of information and skill development.
    • Course does a great job of focusing on the most universal tools and lessons for app development.
    • While being aimed for beginners, students with programming, and especially Java, backgrounds will have a much easier time.
    • Students have mentioned frequent issues with video quality. Images can be blurred at times.
    • While the course is available in multiple languages, it was designed in English. Alternative language translations can have issues.
Best Crash Course

3 )

Android Development Course - Build Native Apps with Kotlin Tutorial (2019)

This single-video tutorial teaches new Android developers to use Jetpack, Firebase, Room, MVVM, Navigation, LiveData and Coroutines. It shows how to use these tools to make applications, and it covers the generic app-building process in detail. After three and a half hours, users will go from novices to knowledgeable developers.
    • Unlike most single-video tutorials, this has a great table of contents with timestamps that allows users to jump around as they need.
    • One of the best introductory overviews to Android development on the internet (the first 18 minutes of the video).
    • Strong focus on best practices to help new developers avoid devastating habits.
    • Tutorial crams a lot of tools and resources into a single video. Would probably be easier to understand if the information was more segmented in a video series.
    • Despite the name, overall Kotlin emphasis is minimal.
    • Course by itself is not enough. Students who want to succeed at Android development will need to seek out additional resources.
Android Full Course - Learn Android in 9 Hours
Best NEW Course

4 )

Android Full Course - Learn Android in 9 Hours (2019)

This 8.5-hour course is designed to teach Edureka Android development from scratch. It is example focused, and walks students through the full task of building an entire app. It is designed for both beginners and professionals, and the entire course is available as a single video.
    • One of the most exhaustive Android courses for beginners. While it covers coding techniques and tools, it also talks about breaking into a career of Android development.
    • Information is extremely well-organized, especially for a single-video tutorial.
    • While the single video is a full tutorial, its part of a master series by Edurkea that deeply expands app development knowledge.
    • The course claims to be for professionals, but experienced developers will only benefit from a few of the lessons included.
    • The 8-hour video is a 6-week practical course. Thats not the most efficient way to partition information and study.
    • Course is in English but designed for developers in India. Its a strange pairing.
Android Development Tutorials
Best Text Based Course

5 )

Android Development Tutorials (2012)

Vogella hosts this deep lesson on Android development. While it starts with an introduction to Android, it quickly expands to cover vast topics on all things related to development. If you want a single resource that can provide a lifetime of information, you can find it here. It might be fairer to call this an encyclopedia of development tutorials rather than a class.
    • This is a deep dive on Android programming. In terms of sheer volume of information, its hard to beat.
    • Despite the vastness of information, its well-organized and easy to find what you want to learn.
    • All source code is available for free. Considering the number of examples throughout the tutorials, this is a massive resource of source code.
    • Even though information is presented in lessons, this is closer to a textbook series than a tutorial.
    • The scale of learning available can be intimidating and overwhelming.
    • There is no instructor or accessible community. Youre on your own here.
Advanced Android Developer Course
Best Advanced Course

6 )

Advanced Android Developer Course (2018)

This deep dive aims to take experienced Android developers and teach them the means to expand their skills and knowledge. It currently holds 24 unique lessons, and it is frequently updated with the latest information any developer would need to stay on top of the game. In all, Codelabs has compiled a persistent resource that every Android programmer can value.

7 )

4 Android Material Design Tutorial (2014)

This streamlined tutorial from Slidenerd skips the wide overviews and approaches. Instead, it zeros in on setting up material design. After only 10 minutes, viewers will understand how to get started with Android Studio and Appcompat v7. With access to the themes and resources of Android Studio, developers can launch an app easier than ever.
Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems: Part 1

8 )

Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems: Part 1 (2019)

The University of Maryland and Coursera partnered to provide this introductory course on Android development. Students will develop an app from scratch, and in so doing, they will gain knowledge and experience in java, Android Studio and Activities. The entire course is 26 hours in length and split into 4 weeks of study.
Learn Android

9 )

Learn Android (2016)

This unique tutorial on Android development offers students 105 carefully crafted lessons on building apps for Android. What starts with a basic explanation of what Android apps are, ultimately culminates in the production of revenue-generating apps that come in multiple versions. Over all, this tutorial covers the broad scope of topics necessary to get beginners through the process of developing a unique app and into the world of app development.
Android Tutorials

10 )

Android Tutorials (2018)

Coding in Flow created this list of tutorials to aid aspiring Android developers in their journey to app creation. Built from a perspective of someone with at least some coding background, this tutorial is designed for experienced developers to transition into Android development with minimal pain. It ultimately covers 21 topics, each with a number of independent lessons. In all, the tutorials are extensive and thorough. Upon completing them, students should feel confident in their Android development skills.

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