Android Development Tutorials

Vogella hosts this deep lesson on Android development. While it starts with an introduction to Android, it quickly expands to cover vast topics on all things related to development. If you want a single resource that can provide a lifetime of information, you can find it here. It might be fairer to call this an encyclopedia of development tutorials rather than a class.

Created by: Lars Vogel

Produced in 2012

What you will learn

  • Android fundamentals
  • Fragments
  • Network access and asynchronous processing
  • Advanced user interface development
  • Services, Broadcast receiver and notification
  • Dependency injection, testing and tools
  • Building applications
  • Location API and google services
  • Sensors and Touch
  • Library projects
  • Special topics

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Course Description

android development Awards Best Text Based Course

Android Development Tutorials - Android, Activity, Intent, ADT, Services, BroadcastReceiver



    • This is a deep dive on Android programming. In terms of sheer volume of information, its hard to beat.
    • Despite the vastness of information, its well-organized and easy to find what you want to learn.
    • All source code is available for free. Considering the number of examples throughout the tutorials, this is a massive resource of source code.
    • Even though information is presented in lessons, this is closer to a textbook series than a tutorial.
    • The scale of learning available can be intimidating and overwhelming.
    • There is no instructor or accessible community. Youre on your own here.

Instructor Details

Lars Vogel

Lars Vogel is the founder, CTO and CEO of the vogella GmbH company. He is one of the core developers of the Eclipse platform project and a contributor to several other Eclipse projects. He loves to share his knowledge by writing online tutorials and books and is a regular speaker at international conferences.



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By zttt on 12/15/2015

Covers everything you need with really simple examples.

By MegaLeon on 06/16/2013

Vogella's tutorials: another series of tutorials, great for starting (first tutorial I've followed) but encapsulates some of the more coplex subjects as well - almost on everything.

By prom85 on 02/21/2018

All his advanced tutorials are well explained and helped me when I was looking for some general tutorial in a special case.

By Jon Y on 07/20/2017

An awesome series of step-by-step tutorials for Android. I like Vogella because it lets you go at your own pace and because the tutorials are simple and easy to follow.

By Sushma N on 04/12/2015

Once your basics in java are good , is a very good site to start learning android. .