4 Android Material Design Tutorial

This streamlined tutorial from Slidenerd skips the wide overviews and approaches. Instead, it zeros in on setting up material design. After only 10 minutes, viewers will understand how to get started with Android Studio and Appcompat v7. With access to the themes and resources of Android Studio, developers can launch an app easier than ever.

Created by: Vivek Ramesh

Produced in 2014

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Course Description

Learn how to practically implement Google's new material design in your Android apps running on Lollipop and pre-Lollipop using the appcompat-v7 library modified for the API v21 including new widgets such as ToolBar, RecyclerView, CardView and animations such as Ripple, Activity and FragmentTransitions

Instructor Details

Vivek Ramesh

Vivek has taught 100000+ people so far on his channel slidenerd which is rated as one of the topmost sources in the world to learn Android or IOS and other aspects of mobile development and general programming by several online blogs and forums. He has made several hundred videos on YouTube over the years and many of them are at the top of the search results on YouTube and Google. Vivek has real world teaching experience and a degree in IT Engineering. with more than 10 years of coding experience. He has also won several coding challenges in the meantime.



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By Rad on 03/23/2019

That's a very good tutorial. Fast with very good explanation. I've seen the problems with gradle many times and this is one of the best explanations of that and the material design.

By mentholblack on 03/18/2015

I came from a C# background and he made it easy to understand android. It's a little convoluted but the material design playlist is pretty good.

By Yus Neli on 02/26/2017

He is talking like we are in a football competition. I love the content but, I need to turn the volume off maybe.

By Sdiri mohamed salah on 05/12/2016

Thank you so much for your valuable information. I think it will save me a lot of frustrations.

By Lumas Sc on 04/23/2017

I'm just start learning about create mobile application. This is very very very very great video, it's very useful.

By Channa Jayamuni on 09/21/2017

Your tutorial contains lot of important methods, examples and different ways to do samething of Android development, it's awesome. But I expected more material design methodologies which is rare of tutorials.

By krishnendra pundir on 03/26/2017

There is no doubt that if slidenerd wouldn't be here ,learning android would going to be a much difficult task especially for me.Your contribution is great and it cannot be expressed in words.

By Prashant Patel on 02/22/2015

Awesome tut man. I completely redesigned my app using your tutorial and Now, With more customization in material is just awesome.

By SQLite Android ORM on 03/03/2015

Wonderful tutorials, you are the best. Thank you for your effort and patience.

By Aditya Narayan on 04/16/2015

This by far the best Android tutorial I have seen, it was fun and informative, and the best thing is it teaches the latest shit.