Automated Software Testing with Python (

Learn about automated software testing with Python, BDD, Selenium WebDriver, and Postman, focusing on web applications

Created by: Jose Salvatierra

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Everything you need to know about automated software testing with Python (and how to enjoy testing, too!)
  • Common pitfalls and best practices when writing automated tests
  • How to write complete system tests using Python and tools like Postman
  • Automate your application testing by setting up a continuous integration pipeline using Travis CI
  • Browser-based acceptance testing using Behave and Selenium WebDriver

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Overall Score : 84 / 100

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Course Description

Welcome to the most comprehensive course on Automated Software Testing with Python on Udemy.
Testing automation doesn't have to be painful. Software testing is an essential skill for any developer, and I'm here to help you truly understand all types of test automation with Python.
I'm Jose, software engineer and founder of Teclado. The focus of this course is on testing for the webwe'll be working with REST APIs and web applications, and technologies such as unittest, Postman, and Selenium WebDriver.
What will you work with?
This course is jam packed with all the latest technologies for you to use professionally and in personal projects:
  • The unittest library, Python's standard automated software testing library;
  • Mocking and patching, two essential tools to reduce dependencies when testing;
  • unit, integration, system, and acceptance testingall types of testing to have you fully covered;
  • Postman for easy collaboration and testing while developing;
  • Selenium WebDriver for automated browser tests;
  • Git and Travis for continuous integration of your project.
Fundamental Software Testing Skills
We will cover every fundamental software testing skill that you need to know in order to get a job testing or to apply these skills in your existing projects.
From things like mocking and patching using the unittest library, which reduce dependencies and turn complex tests to simple ones; to looking at all types of testing: simple unit tests to large system tests and even customer acceptance tests.
The Testing Pyramid
The Testing Pyramid says you should have a lot of unit tests, slightly fewer integration tests, even fewer system tests, and as few acceptance tests as possible.
Throughout the program we work on this concept, making sure that we have full coverage of every component of our system with unit tests. Then we test the dependencies using integration tests. Finally, we cover the entire system and its assumptions using system tests. Of course, we'll also look at what acceptance testing is, how we come up with acceptance tests, and some of the best ways to write acceptance tests for a web application using Behavior-Driven Development and Selenium WebDriver.
Automated Browser Testing with Selenium WebDriver
Selenium WebDriver is extremely powerful, particularly when coupled with the efficient and tried-and-tested approach recommended in this course. We'll design our acceptance tests professionallyjust the way you'd do at a software testing job. We'll use page models, locators, and step definitions to structure the automated tests in a reusable way. The customers will be able to come up with acceptance tests that you can easily translate to code.
We'll also learn about implicit and explicit waits with Selenium WebDriver and Python, a key concept to speed up runtime of your acceptance tests.
Continuous Integration
We also cover how you can take automated testing much further in your projects.
By implementing a Continuous Integration pipeline that runs your tests whenever you make any changes, you'll have much higher quality in your projects and not let any pesky bugs pass you by. We'll look at putting our projects in GitHub and liking the CI pipeline with them.
I'm really excited to guide you through this course!
Join me in this automated testing journey. I'll see you on the inside!
Who this course is for:
  • Advanced students who want to learn about testing their Python applications to build more complete solutions
  • Professionals wanting to learn more about automated software testing in their workplace
  • Automated software testers and software developers

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Jose Salvatierra

Hi, I'm Jose! I love helping students learn to code and master software development. I've been teaching online for over 6 years, and I founded Teclado to bring software development to everyonemy objective is for you to truly understand everything that goes on behind the scenes.
Coding is extremely rewarding. As you learn, things start to click and make sense. You can join the dots of all the things that weren't quite clear before. I'm here to make that journey quick and painless!
I can help you with Python and JavaScript issues, particularly in web and backend development. I'm experienced with programming libraries and frameworks like Flask, React, React Native, and AngularJS. I've worked extensively with UNIX systems, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and advanced system architecture design.Teclado was founded by best-selling instructor Jose Salvatierra to bring software development to everyone. We create and develop great, informative, and fun courses for you to advance your career and acquire new skills.
Excellent quality, superb student support, and on-demand topics mark our courses. We hope to see you on the inside!



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By Didac Cornet Arbos on 2 weeks ago

Very useful base knowledgment for testing automation in Python for start developing you own and as much as you want unitests. Also has helped me to rediscover Postman (for complementing automated tests) and great intro to Selenium.

By Ilnar on 2 months ago

So, my expectations were much higher than I got. First of all there's no practice tasks with automatic testing. Maybe there're some limitations from the Udemy platform, but nevertheless. There are some practice tasks on introduction to python chapter, but course is not about python. The second problem is that you'll learn some very basic aspects of testing with unittest library, but not pytest. Also mocking topic is really poor.I would recommend this source for developers who is new with testing. But not for developers, who already has any kind of experience with testing frameworks.

By Sergio Ocaa Glvez on 2 months ago

Interesting first-approach to testing using Python, maybe lacking a bit of rationale at the beginning but author is stressing the use of tests everywhere so I cannot complete that much :-)

By Shah Amanat on 3 months ago

I am falling behind but Jose is trying his best to explain. Few of the sections could make it more interesting for newcomers but still great what we have.

By David on 5 months ago

Knowledgeable tutor, course slowly builds up your knowledge, starts with basics of python, moves into practical examples to introduce testing, improves the frameworks and tests to become more industry standard.

By Vy Nguyen on 5 months ago

I love this course! Thank you for giving us many useful explanations throughout the course

By Vlad Chankseliani on 2 months ago

Do not start this course unless you:- Have more than basic experience of coding with Python- Have experience with writing applications using Flask- Have experience with setting up databasesToo much in this course comes "as is" without much explanation. In order to test something you first need to clearly understand how your app works. This is the main drawback of this course - it is really tough to understand why and how our app for testing is created and how it works.I must admit that part of writing tests is clear enough so if you have experience in writing applications using Python and Flask and just want to figure out how to properly test them - this course is for you.

By Hima Gotlur Muralidhar on 3 weeks ago

Firstly, the explanations given are so confusing and incomplete. If I have to learn stuff by myself I could not be taking this course. The instructor needs to improve his teaching skills. Also please mention in the course requirement, that the course is not explained for Windows user. Really disappointed!!

By Regina Gurung on 5 months ago

Although my newman part didn't work from PyCharm, I learnt a lot from this course. I did have to fix some of the Selenium bit as well but this was because I was using a different version of chromedriver and Python3.7. Good course and I would recommend it.

By Kevin Chemutai on 4 months ago

the lessons keeps getting harder to understand

By Paige Miller on 3 weeks ago

This course is an intermediate one, and I'm a beginner. I hope that all the Python intro will be used later in the Selenium sections, which is the main reason for taking the class. The instructor is upbeat, articulate and engaging.

By Andy Shao on 2 months ago

Very clear explanation, and with good pace.