Become a Junior Java Software Developer (

Complete practical and conceptual Java programming course for beginners

Created by: Tim Short

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • Be comfortable with writing and designing Java applications
  • Apply core concepts of object-oriented programming to a project
  • Build holistic, real-world practical applications from the ground up
  • Write common algorithms covered in computer science courses
  • Talk confidently about Java programming and object-oriented programming
  • Network with recruiters, hiring managers, and tech professionals
  • Walk into your first job interview and code review with confidence
  • Invitation to participate in internship through SDET University!

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Overall Score : 88 / 100

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Course Description

Finally, a complete Java software development essentials course that includes real internship opportunities for qualified students!
I not only teach the core topics of Java, but also covers necessary analytical skills like Algorithms and practical skills like reading and handling data from files, and job-specific skills like building a Student database and analyzing the criteria of passwords.

This course was developed by a combination of developers, recruiters, and business managers that together outlined and curated a curriculum based on the hiring needs and requirements in the industry. Designed for individuals looking to kick-start a new career in software development, this course starts at the beginning assuming no previous knowledge in programming.
  • All relevant slides and notes
  • Practical training
  • Conceptual lectures
  • Learning assignments
  • Mini assessment quizzes
I focus on keeping the training practical and applicable to a real-world project. While learning the concepts is important, you must demonstrate your knowledge by being able to write programs, analyze what's happening behind the scenes, and have a working understanding of basic algorithms and computations.
While not created based on Oracle's certification program, this course will help prepare you for the Programmer Level I Exam to earn the Oracle Certified Associate certificate.
  • Get comfortable with controlling the flow of programs
  • Understand and apply the core concepts of object-oriented programming
  • Know the different data structures and practice traversing through arrays and collections
  • Master the common algorithms in computer science
  • Learn topics conceptually and practically to ace your job interview
Who this course is for:
  • Career-changers looking to start from scratch
  • Recent graduate looking to get job-specific training
  • Current student looking preparing for the job market
  • QA / manual testers looking to transition to automation

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Instructor Details

Tim Short

Over 10 years experience throughout the IT software development and business delivery services. This breadth of exposure and experience has allowed me to create a simple, clear, relevant course to prepare students for industry-relevant skills.
Software Developer - I have been a free-lance contractor for dozens of software and web applications since high school years.
Trainer - I have conducted corporate training and department transformation programs for top brands around the world, including Disney, Accenture, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Cox Enterprises.
Recruiting and Business Services - I have helped provide clients with training solutions and talent resources to meet requirements in their projects.
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I have learned more from this java course than any of the other I have done on Udemy. I think it is because the instructor keeps things simple and explains the concepts well.

This course has been helpful for me regarding increasing my Java knowledge for professional advancement.

Le programme m'a laiss sur ma faim parce que je n'ai pas eu d'information sur le programme de certification d'Oracle, niveau I. sinon c'est bon dans l'ensemble, j'ai revu de choses que je connaissais dj, j'en ai dcouvert de nouveau et surtout j'ai pratiqu travers le exercices. Merci

This course was excellent. I really enjoyed the exercises and learned a lot about java programming.Thanks Tim!

I enjoyed the course. I especially enjoyed working through the assignments and tweaking them to add features or do them in a slightly different way. It was also nice to see a little of his debugging process. I don't feel confident that I can pass a technical interview immediately after completing the course, however, I feel confident in that I know what I need to do in order to be a competitive candidate. Overall, a great glimpse of what is needed to do/know to be a junior java developer.

The class is well-structured. For someone that does not have a lot of experience, it will help him/her to understand the basics and start writing some code to practice. A con is that sometimes the video is getting blurred so it makes my eyes to get tired.

I do not know how even it became bestseller... I am sorry for his time and my time. Although I watched all the videos and did assignments, I did not get any certificate that was promised!

Good course to take if you have some previous programming experience in another language. Not recommended for complete beginners.Overall good structure and pace, although in my opinion overall too short. Coming from another language I really missed a chapter about how Java casts variables and objects to methods (by value or reference). Had to look it up midway though the course to be able to make sense of some things. And frankly, the chapter about Git is a mess. Gets directly into the 'how', but completely skips the 'what' and the 'why'. Tim even says in the intro 'This probably goes over your head right now', but then never explains it later.

Yes, it is a good tutorial for beginners. Tim explained it in a simple way so new learner can understand better.

This course wasn't what I thought it would be. Luckily for me I already have a solid foundation with Java or I don't think I would have been able to follow this course. There are a lot of basics that are not explained that we are assumed to know. This shouldn't be listed as a beginners course. Maybe a refresher course. With that said, I did get a lot out of it when I view it as a refresher course. The algorithms and collections where the best part of the course.

So far so good. Assignments are good and also the explanation is crisp and to the point.

It moves very fast and doesn't explain in easy to understand ideas. Goes straight into examples without trying to explain what the idea or concept is first.