Build A Complete CMS App Using Angular 5 (

Master Professional Development in Angular By Building a Real World App. Learn Firebase, Angular CLI and Material Design

Created by: Eduonix Learning Solutions

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Learn to build a professional App using Angular 5
  • Master technologies such as Firebase, Git and Angular CLI
  • Get expereince in full development lifecycle
  • Learn how to use Angular in your personal projects

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Overall Score : 84 / 100

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Course Description

Ifyou want a no-nonsense course that dives right into Angular 5, butalso covers the fundamentals, then look no further. This course ofepic proportions was designed to help students become familiar withAngular 5, with or without experience of older Angular versions.

Thecourse combines theory and practical applications to bringyou the most perfect tutorialfor learning Angular 5. Startingat the very beginning, the instructor breaks down the fundamentals ofAngular 5 and the proceeds to take you step-by-step tobuilding a complete application using Angular 5 from scratch.

Thelatest version of Angular 5 revamps a few things from the olderversions including improved build optimizer, Universal State TransferAPI and DOM Support, improvements to the compiler, improved supportfor the decorator, Internationalized Number, Date, and CurrencyPipes, improved zone speed, improved CLI and so much more!

Thecourse will start by going over Angular 5 documentation, includingcovering some important concepts such as forms, validation, routing &navigation, etc. You'll also go over other important fundamentalssuch as components,directives,pipes,services,classes,guards,interfaces,enums,etc.

Inaddition to the basics, we'll also cover a number of differenttechnologies such as AngularFire Tool component, CloudFireStoreincluding how to add, edit, modify and delete collections inCloudFireStore, Visual Studio Code Editor, Angular CLI, MaterialDesign & Material Icons, Integrating Auth Indication andAuthorization and so muchmore.

Butthat's not all, the course also includes building a complete samplewebsite from scratch along with the instructor. In this project,you'll learn exactly how to use Angular 5 to build a sampleTechnology Blog Website thatcan fetch data from the back end and integrates some of these amazingtechnologies.

Atthe end of this course, youwill not only be familiar with Angular 5, but you'll also be ableto build your own website from scratchas well as have a completefinished website on your porfolio.

Enrollnow and master Angular 5 with this comprehensive course!Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn to develop professional software using Angular will find this course very useful

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The course fulfills my expectations. I've learned a lot. Maybe some content wasn't explicitly explained but thanks to that I had to search for information and learn more

Absolute waste of your money! Low quality wit slow pace and allot of mistakes.Please do not zip in to file node_modules so I don't need unpack 61 000 files and if you can upload final solution will be nice.

La transcripcin al espaol es malsima y debes saber ingls para entenderle al profesor.El contenido es muy bueno y se puede adaptar fcilmente a Angular 7.

all is reproducable, but i think, you could avoid duplication of material module and navbar

only writing something but doesn't explain it enough, also very very slow talking, only moving cursor around somewhere but when working on an important part only, copying and pasting, not explaining, or sometimes you can't see it even. Using a compiler thing like visual studio code ,and it is doing something automatically , but if u use an editor , you have to find it manually because mr instructor doesn't explain its dependencies, only writing something with helps of visual studio code. Also a lot of wrong codes, because he changed some codes before the video but you don't know where he changed. A CRM is very good example , but his teaching style is really very very very very bad. I gave 2 point only for CRM , not for lecture. Lecture style = 0.

The course was good but it could be better. The instruction had such a low energy.

A lot of what is shown is not explained, so if you are coding and copying as the lecture plays, there is a lot of unfamiliar code syntax and imports that are glossed over, so you feel you've just copied the code but have no idea what it does in places.

este um curso baseado em exemplo simples de CRUD e nunca um curso com um CMS da vida real como foi vendido que seria. Gostaria de receber meu dinheiro de volta porque meu interesse era um CMS com angular, e esse curso passou longe disso. Como fao para receber minha inscri�o no curso de volta?Fico aguardando suas instrues.Obrigado

Nice Content, to the point explanation, absolutely loved it

Absolute waste of your money!

his scenario always worki had problems importing json file which was not explained

Very good.