Build a Complete Registration and Login System using PHP MVC (

Add registration, login, remember me, account activation, password reset by email and more using the PHP MVC framework

Created by: Dave Hollingworth

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • Let new users sign up for a new account
  • Validate the users' registration data, both on the server and in the browser
  • Store passwords securely in the database
  • Allow users to log in using their email and password
  • Restrict content to logged-in users only
  • Use sessions for handling logins
  • Use cookies to optionally remember the user's login
  • Allow users to securely reset their own passwords when they forget them
  • Let users update their own profile details
  • Use a CSS UI framework to easily add styling to a project

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

Learn the basic concepts, tools and functions that you will need for user authentication using a PHP MVC framework.
Add registration and login to the PHP MVC framework we built on the "Build a PHP MVC Framework From Scratch" course.
  • Let new users sign up and log in
  • Store passwords securely in the database
  • Restrict content to logged-in users only
  • Use sessions for handling logins
  • Use cookies to optionally remember the user's login
  • Allow users to securely reset their own passwords

Build Registration and Login using Models, Views and Controllers

Most websites and web applications need user authentication. Once users sign up to your site, you can tailor content specifically to them, and restrict content to logged-in users only.
By developing user authentication using an MVC framework, your code will be easier to write and maintain.
All the concepts you need to know to understand why the system is developed the way it is are explained in detail.

Content and Overview

I designed this course to follow on from the Write PHP Like a Pro: Build a PHP MVC Framework From Scratch course. At the end of that course you had built your own PHP MVC framework. If you want to add user registration and login to that framework, then this course will cover all you need to know, starting from where that course left off.
Starting with the basic concepts of authentication, this course will take you through all the steps needed to build a complete registration and login system, one piece at a time.

Beginning with the PHP MVC framework from the previous course, each lecture explains what you're going to add to the code and why, building up the project step by step. At the end of this course, you'll have built a complete registration and login system using the PHP MVC framework, ready to use in your own projects.
Complete with working source code at every stage, you'll be able to work alongside the instructor and will receive a verifiable certificate of completion upon finishing the course. Also, at all times throughout the course you have access to the instructor to ask for help with any topic related to the course.Who this course is for:
  • This course is for those who want to add authentication to the PHP MVC framework
  • This course is NOT for you if you're not familiar with MVC

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Dave Hollingworth

Hi, I'm Dave Hollingworth. I'm an IT trainer and web application developer. I've been programming for over thirty years, and teaching IT since 1999.
I've developed enterprise-level applications on platforms ranging from mainframes to mobiles: from my first web application, a quotes system created for a major insurance company back in 1999 - the first of its type in the sector - to interactive learning management systems for online language learning.
I've taught courses ranging from basic use of email to advanced web application development, both online and in-person. I've been teaching on Udemy since 2012.
I'm passionate about technology, and love teaching it! I believe it's possible to explain even the most complex subjects in a simple, straightforward way that doesn't confuse the student.
I look forward to welcoming you onto one of my courses!



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Excellent course. Fantastic example of MVC framework application. Dave's explanations are clear, concise and he carefully guides you through tricky corner-cases. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in seeing an MVC application in action. I have quickly bought all his courses - I only wish he had more!

Dave is one of the most accomplished instructors on Udemy, if you are looking for a comprehensive course, about Authentication system using the PHP MVC architecture, this is the course for you ---Beforehand I would absolutely recommend that you get yourself comfortable using PHP. Great!

Dave is a really good teacher, and I really like how quickly he was able to respond I believe that is very important. however, this course was way out of my league. I did get to do the things he did, and he helped me a grate deal, but I do not understand what is going on and how to modify this to make it my own.

Just love the calm and clear teaching style. Found it very useful and it helped me a lot to understand how mvc works! Looking forward to rebuilt a project of mine on this new plattform! Just Thank you Dave!

I came to this course as an additional input during my studies. However, rapidly this course overcame the course taken in the classroom. The trainer makes it as easy and clear as possible. If you are beginning your developer career, or if you are a professional looking for clarification of concepts, this is the right course for you. No need to say about the trainer. Always helpful and committed, answering fast to the students questions and issues. 5 stars

Incredible Teacher! Ultra smart presentation. After a lot of courses, this one is the one I've searched for a long time.Speech is clear even if english is not your mother language.Mr. Hollingworth is prompt to answer in the Q&A section, and very efficient.Thank you so much for this course!

A must for those who want to get started or learn the MVC framework. Really, really good and calm explanations by Dave. 5/5, easy.

The instructor is excellent. I also did the course before with the MVC framework.However, this course was okay until I had done half of it : I must say the "twig" template and the "vendor autoload" function I don't care for. They are more of an hindrance than anything else. This is more or less what I expected, since that was in the first lesson.For the second half of this course I am quite disapointed that we cannot really follow and apply the demonstration without purchasing a domain subscription with mail gun.The instructor is skilled and pleasant, that is why I registered in a second course. But I really would prefer being told before taking the course that third party tools would be promoted. This really made the experience unpleasant. I will not finish this course.

Wow, this course covered a lot of ground, and in a lot of detail. Thanks, Dave for delivering an excellent class. - Here's where I had problems: installation - I've taught HS classes on php mysql using xampp, so I appreciate what it provides in an educational setting. I had problems getting access to phpmyadmin on Windows10 because xampp conflicted with other apps I have running. I did also have similar problems with Ubuntu18 Linux - on a Virtual Machine - and I don't yet know if that's my fault for using a VM instead of a physical machine. I don't recall if xampp caused the same errors on my Mac, I but deleted all xampp installs when I couldn't run them on all 3 platforms. Next problem: overview and re-cap, you had us code, modify, change, often, so more conceptual overviews and especially an outline of the desired "end-result" would really help me understand better. My learning style is 99.9% visual, not normal, but it overviews, graphics, etc., help me a lot. - Next, why are the"resources" downloads ~100 files all named with the same name, and not just provided in 1 download file, with names from our instructor - coordinated with sections of our lessons? Right now I have ~100 separately downloaded files, renamed by me while guessing about their appropriate name, in case I want to refer back to these? Our instructor developed the course, videos. downloads, etc., why throw all his/her inherent away just so you can make our lives difficult? - Please, really, get a clue about fixing your interface: resources downloads should be organized into 1 download, message my instructor deserves front page button or pull-down, your interface has cost me hours of time. - Next, (more) cudo's to our instructor, you even included install instructions for Bootstrap integrated with Composer.. + a few useage examples. I had no idea how to do this, thanks. - Next, additional classes? - Howto: 1. install Virtual Machine Lamp-Stack. 2. install VM NGNIX, 3. howto integrate NFS - ISCSI on 127.0.0.x host Interface with "housted" VM's to minimize network traffic ( I recently implemented a subnet between my Linux server and NAS, with a big reduction on network traffic), 3. howto about routing and subnets... These things would help me, they're not criticisms of your excellent class. Best regard and thanks, Ed

Clearly Dave is a seasoned developer, I'm really really enjoying the course.Thanks Dave!

Another clear and well-pitched course, covering a lot of ground and many useful techniques.

Just amazing! It is the second course that I take with Dave, and I've no regrets. His didatic is amazing, his support and avaiablity are out of this world. He goes beyond the average, shows security tips and code patterns that other instructors just ignore. I'm definitely satisfied with the course content, and I would be very happy if he launched new courses!