Build an Advanced 2D Platformer game in Unity (

Stretch your Unity skills further by building a feature rich 2D Platform Game

Created by: Gary Groves

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • By the end of this course you will know how to create a sophisticated 2D Character Controller in Unity ready for inclusion in a feature rich 2D or 2.5D style platform game.

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Overall Score : 84 / 100

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Course Description

Have you ever wondered how games like Hollow Knight, Ori and the Blind Forest and Super Meat Boy are made? Have you wanted to create your own advanced platformer style game?
In this course we will build a feature rich Player Controller in Unity 3D for use in a 2D platformer style game. The aim of the course is to take you step-by-step through building a player character with multiple abilities that can be easily enabled or disabled to create Metroidvania style gameplay.
We will create a platform game in which the player can:
  • Double Jump
  • Wall Run
  • Wall Jump
  • Crouch and Creep
  • Power Jump
  • Glide
  • Stomp
This course will be further developed over the coming months and further down the line videos on Enemy AI, game logic, environemental effectors, 2.5D graphics, shooting and melee mechanics and building for mobile devices will all be added to the course.
Also I will be taking on board requests from participants for particular features they would like to see added to the project.
Some prior experience with Unity and/or programming is desirable as we hit the ground running in this course and dive straight in to building our own custom scripts.
Course files are included which will allow you to follow along at your own pace and help you create your own amazing games!
GaryWho this course is for:
  • This course is aimed at those with prior experience of Unity and/or programming principles who wish to develop their skills beyond the basics.

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Instructor Details

Gary Groves

Hi, my name is Gary and I am managing director of Strange High House Ltd. a computer game development company in Moray, Scotland. I deliver face-to-face training sessions focussing on a wide variety of digital skills from animation, 3D modelling, web design and game development. Many of my classes are delivered face-to-face as evening classes and I work directly with young people not in education or employment to provide digital skills training.
I also lecture part time in Interactive Media at Moray College UHI specialising in game development, 3D modelling and animation.



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By Patrick Guffey on 2 weeks ago

This course does not go too slow. I was expecting a lot of "This is a variable" and a lot of other basic explanations. This course made it clear it was for people who already had coding experience, but explained what wasn't so obvious clearly so far.

By Marius Tanase on 3 months ago

Very productive, lots of relevant features implemented. It is a shame that the course is not finished and has not been updated in a very long time. Hopefully it will be finished eventually.

By Diliup Gabadamudalige on 3 months ago

The course is quite good and well presented. The lecturer speaks well and clearly and no time is wasted in explaining the relevant code. The Lecturer was missing for a while but responded to a message on his Facebook page. I finished the course but is a little disappointed as this course, up to this point has been extremely well crafted but due to some unknown reason, not been updated nor completed for over one year. What a shame. I would have given this 5 stars but however good it is, an unfinished course can't be given 5 stars. If the lecturer completes the course, I will surely change my rating. Yet I learnt a lot of things in one course. Thank you.

By Guy Holvey-Clark on 6 months ago

There's a lot of very specific content covered which is great if you are looking to soup-up your platformer. Personally I found his coding style very poor, he's all over the place and doesn't keep things tidy. Doesn't help that he clearly plays with code between videos. Functionally it stays the same but empty lines are added ands removed meaning when he jumps about rapidly in the code, you can't reference his line numbers. If only he provided code at the end of each video! He also goes back and corrects things from earlier videos... I would have thought he had the code down before starting to record the course!? You stare at the screen wondering why he done something only to find out days later you were correct all along.I think a bit more time could be spent at the outset to explain the mechanics of everything and how it all comes together; the code grows erratically and only near the end of the player section do comments and regions get added so we can take a step back and see the overview. If you stick with it all becomes clear though, I just wish I hadn't spent hours feeling like I wasn't really learning anything. Certainly isn't a waste of money, if you want these abilities in your game, this will show you how to do it.

By Guillermo Surez on 9 months ago

It is a good course for beginners like me, who seek to learn Unity. I need more details about animations, the particle system and collision detection. Please Continue the course!

By Kitaguchi on 9 months ago


By Christian Vasquez on 4 months ago

The course was more than I expected. I was looking to complement what I already knew and add some new habilities to my character controller, but it also delivered insight on other things and details that would have been hard to find unless having the same problem.I didn't gave it 5 stars because it ends abruptly. I hope it gets continued soon.

By Leah Spring on 6 months ago

I really enjoyed this course and got a lot of good tips and tricks from it. It is a shame that the course content has not been completed as I would have loved to be able to finish following along with it, I would have given 5 stars if it was complete.

By Frederick Robinson on 2 weeks ago

very good so far I hope it the same for the rest of the course

By Jayson Bailey on 9 months ago

If you want to make a 2D platform game, this course is a decent start. However be warned, he never finished the course. It ends with unfinished code and quite abruptly. In addition to this, he has a lot of sloppy code. Since I paid $12 for it, and I'm writing a 2D platform game, I actually still find it worth it. Just very unprofessional. :(

By Yazan Annab on 5 months ago

it is a great course, cover more than any other courses i have seen on Udemy. i definitely recommend this course as you will learn a lot from it and see a different approach to how things are done.

By Charles Trickey on 2 months ago

This is a great course so far. Most courses take 10 hours of video to do what you cover in 10 minutes. Great for intermediate to advanced users looking for something to take their platformer to the next level!