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470 Best + Free Unity Courses & Certification [2020][UPDATED]

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Introduction to C# Programming and Unity
Best Course Overall

1 )

Introduction to C# Programming and Unity (2018)

Developed by the University of Colorado, Coursera hosts this resource for learning how to develop video games in C# and Unity. It is the first of a five-course series, and it aims to be a true introduction for beginners. Part 1 can be completed in 19 hours.
    • The course is free and very beginner friendly. Anyone who has dreamed of developing a video game can start here.
    • By focusing on a fun project, the course helps students stay enthusiastic as they begin a journey deep into computer programming and game development.
    • Course does a great job of whetting appetites and priming students for further learning.
    • The course does not stand alone. It is only an introduction to the 5-course series and will not teach enough by itself.
    • Course brushes up against math and traditional coding. While neither are prerequisites, students with absolutely no background in either will have a harder time.
    • Acquiring C# console and Unity can prove prohibitive to students who are unprepared.

2 )

Getting Started with Unity (2019)

Who better to teach a computer resource than the developer? That's the idea behind Unity's Learn program. The tutorial series walks beginners through the steps necessary to create their first video game and even livestream it.
    • Learning focuses on real-world experience. The completely hands-on approach is compelling and effective.
    • Entire introductory platform is free to access.
    • Great way to foster interest in computer science and using Unity.
    • It's a fairly self-structured experience. Students can get lost in the materials without a clear path to follow.
    • Completely skips theoretical fundamentals. It might make programming fun, but some lessons are staples for a reason.
    • Designed for all ages. Anyone with a computer science background should not start with Unity here.
Best YouTube Tutorial

3 )

Make a GAME (Unity) (2013)

This 27-video series on YouTube covers all of the basics of crafting a video game in Unity. It goes through the most elementary aspects of Unity and concludes with you finishing a full game project. It was developed by Brackeys and can be completed in roughly nine hours.
    • Anything available on YouTube is completely free and infinitely repeatable. It's always a pro.
    • Course makes a strong effort to guide true beginners through the development process.
    • Lessons are very easy to digest.
    • Entirely GUI-based game development. This is not a place to learn coding.
    • Number of views rapidly dwindles as you get into the series, suggesting that completing the course is harder than it seems.
    • Videos were filmed on an older version of Unity. Some discrepancies may come up.
CS50's Introduction to Game Development
Best Free Course

4 )

CS50's Introduction to Game Development (2018)

This course by Harvard University is part of a professional certificate program, and the lessons are split into 12 weeks. You can complete the entire course with roughly 70 hours of application. It covers the fundamental designs of classic games that include Super Mario Bros. and Flappy Bird.
    • Course is the 2nd in a series. For a more complete learning experience, the entire series can be studied for free.
    • Project-focused learning ensures that anyone who completes the course will have made their first video game.
    • Course can be taken for college credit through Harvard University.
    • Professional certificate costs $150.
    • Course is designed at an intermediate level. Beginners cannot start here.
    • Course is only free if you do not want college credit.

5 )

How to make a Video Game (2017)

Brackeys developed this 11-part YouTube tutorial to walk beginners through the entire process of developing their own game. It is built for absolute first-timers. The entire course takes roughly an hour and a half to complete, and it will cover everything you need to know about Unity to get through your first simple game.
    • Course is extremely beginner friendly. It skirts many of the frustrations that plague first projects by keeping things simple.
    • Course have millions of views, suggesting that it has successfully helped many newcomers tackle their first video game development project.
    • Brackeys has great energy and flow in his presentation.
    • YouTube does not provide consistent interactions with the instructor.
    • Tutorial does not get deep into development concepts and resources. It keeps things strictly at the beginner level.
    • Tutorial only covers Unity. Other game development resources will not be found here.
Create with Code

6 )

Create with Code (2019)

Unity Learn is a hands-on, interactive tutorial system that helps beginners familiarize themselves with Unity tools. It walks first-timers through the process of developing simple games, and it even covers livestreaming finished results. It's designed to be user friendly for ages 6 and up, making it a truly accessible tool for jumping into game design.

7 )

How to make a 2D Game (2018)

Brackeys is at it again! This short video series is split into 9 parts. It walks students through the entire process of 2D game development in Unity. It covers all of the fundamentals, including controls, lights, camera and more. In less than 2 hours, it gets students from their first experience with Unity through everything needed to make an initial 2D game.
Beginner Guide to How to Make a Game with Unity

8 )

Beginner Guide to How to Make a Game with Unity (2017)

BitDegree offers this introductory course on game development with Unity. Upon completing the 17 lessons, you can apply for a certificate. The course walks users through Unity basics and applications, getting all the way through object control, lighting and color.
Rapid Gameplay Prototyping

9 )

Rapid Gameplay Prototyping (2018)

This official course created by the makers of Unity gets past the basics and enters into expert-level use of Unity. It's part of Unity's Expert Gameplay Programmer Certification, and it is intended to prepare students to pass the certifying exam. It involves a deep project working on a 2D infinite platformer, and by the end, students will achieve high-level mastery of the concepts of the course.
Creating Virtual Reality (VR) Apps

10 )

Creating Virtual Reality (VR) Apps (2017)

Developed by UC San Diego and hosted on EdX, this course helps students down the path to professional certification in VR development. It is designed on a 6-week schedule, with a total commitment of roughly 40 hours. At the end of the free course, students can apply for the verified certificate (for a fee).

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