Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D (

Design & Develop Video Games. Learn C# in Unity Engine. Code Your first 3D Unity games for web, Mac & PC.

Created by: Ben Tristem

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Learn C# from scratch. A powerful modern language.
  • Get experience using Unity 2017 - a very versatile 3D tool.
  • Gain an excellent general knowledge of video game design.
  • Make 2.5D and 3D games in Unity.
  • Transfer your knowledge to .NET, other languages, and more.
  • Learn how object oriented programming works in practice.
  • Develop a positive attitude to problem solving.
  • Practical exercises EVERY VIDEO to build actual skills.
  • Learn good coding and design patterns.
  • Learn to use source control, a valuable tool for working in small teams.

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

unity Awards Best Paid Course

The projects in the course use a mix of Unity 2017, 2018 and 2019. All sections are 100% compatible with the newer Unity 2019 and 2020 software updates.

This is the long-awaited sequel to the Complete Unity Developer - one of the most popular e-learning courses on the internet! Completely re-worked from scratch with brand-new projects and our latest teaching techniques. You will benefit from the fact we have already taught over 350,000 students programming and game development, many shipping commercial games as a result.
Unity is an incredible 3D package used for making video games, architectural and medical imaging and more. The challenge is that it's big and complicated to use, especially for complete beginners to coding and game development. We make learning to code easy and fun by leading you step-by-step through the process of creating exciting games.
The projects in the course use a mix of Unity 2017, 2018 and 2019. All sections are 100% compatible with the newer Unity 2019 software updates.
This course has full professional-produced English closed-captions.
If you're reading this you probably already have everything you need to get started. Unity is a free download. With regular access to an internet connection you'll be able to engage in our thriving community. Even if you have no experience with coding, or with 3D packages, we will guide you through everything from first principles. Starting slow, then building on what you learn, you'll soon have a very solid working knowledge of Unity.
Don't take our word for it, please see the amazing reviews students have taken the time to write. We are proud to be transforming lives, and equipping 1000s of people with valuable new skills. We would love you to become one of them now.
The course is project-based, so you will not just be learning dry programming concepts, but applying them immediately to real indie games as you go. All the project files will be included, as well as additional references and resources - you'll never get stuck. There are "talking heads", powerful diagrams, quality screencasts and more.
For each demo game you build you will follow this process...
  • Be challenged to build the entire game yourself.
  • Be shown step-by step how to build it.
  • Be challenged to apply, and re-apply your knowledge regularly.
Prefer to focus on 2D? Check-out our Complete Unity Developer 2D course. Want something a little more advanced? Check-out our epic Unity RPG course. Want to get certified, get a job, or learn environment art - we've got you covered. The green leaf logo is your sign of quality.
You will get full lifetime access for a single one-off fee. The creators are qualified and experienced coders and avid gamers, so are able to explain complex concepts clearly, as well as entertain along the way.
What this course DOESN'T cover...
Here are some things we will not be covering in detail...
  • Art asset creation (assets provided but not made on-screen).
  • Advanced performance optimization.
  • Editor plugins or modifications.
  • Physics engine modification.
Anyone who wants to learn to create games: Unity 3D is a fantastic platform which enables you to make production-quality games. Furthermore these games can be created for Windows, MacOS, iOS (even iOS 9), Android and Web from a single source!
Note: access to this course comes with an optional, free community site where you can share games and connect with 1000s of other students.
Dive in now, you won't be disappointed!Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn to code the fun way - by making games.
  • Existing coders (especially C#) who want to re-skill to game development.
  • People who want to learn to make their video games, learning code as they go.

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Instructor Details

Ben Tristem

Hi, I'm Ben. I have a degree in computing from Imperial College London, and a physics diploma from the Open University.
I started working for myself at the age of 15, and never looked back. I explored careers as varied as being a commercial pilot, stunt-man, rock climbing instructor, and more. None of these provided a continued challenge, and stable income in the same way technology does.
After building and selling a home computer support business, I became an angel investor and business mentor here in Cambridge UK. I fell in love with teaching game development through one of my investments, and I now spend all of my time sharing my passion with people like you.
I can't wait to help you experience the fulfilment, and financial freedom, that having a deep understanding of technology brings.
So why not start learning to make games with me and my team now?



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By Paulo Eduardo Pedrini on 3 weeks ago

This course was great for me and i have learn a lot of things that i thought i couldnt learn... I really appreciate the warm way that Rick and Ben teach about game design and programing. Also the section that i most loved was the Realm Rush - Tower Defense introducing Pathfinding Algorithms and the new section Zombie Runner - First Person Shooter introducing new tools that help me make a cool level design. I am looking foward to do more of your courses.

By Jovan Kostic on 3 weeks ago

Great Course for beginners. You start from scratch and go all the way up. What i have missed at the end you dont have a completly finished course only the knowlegde (if you do all the challenges) on how to go and make a game on your own but only with the help with documentations, forums, etc, but anyway like i said it's great for completly beginners, would recommend it.

By Rodney Kahane on a month ago

I went from having some C# experience and knowing almost nothing about Unity to being able to make a playable game. The instructors did an excellent job and I purchased their follow up course. Would recommend.

By Peter Kristl on a month ago

Pretty good course far above my axpectations. I learned a lot about 3D Unity game making. And hey, in this course you don't do only one game, it's like 4 of them. I would be surprised if you wouldn't learn anything.

By Makarerk Boonyaleephan on a month ago

Great course for 3D game development. I appreciate and enjoy the fun with this course.

By Abu Bangurah on 4 months ago

Ben and Rick's teaching style can sometimes be a little dry, but you'll learn Unity and C#. You'll go from having the faintest idea of Unity to being able to code your own games with ease. You'll get the programming and the game design knowledge you need to make your games and become a capable Game Developer/Designer. The only compliments I have are challenges section, I wish most challenges were clear on some videos because I felt some of them were a bit vague or it was my lack of understanding of the video. I also wish we went more into porting into games into mobile just like Ben or Rick promised during the Relm Rush section. I also recommend you learn C# to get a better idea of how you'll use it with Unity and it's documentation. But overall good course if you want to get interested in Game Design/Development.

By Olivier Raveneau on a month ago

Ce cours tait mon huitime sur Unity. Je l'ai suivi jusqu' la section 5, la 6 tant sur Unity 2019, j'ai suivi deux autres cours sur des versions antrieurs. Notamment le cours des mmes auteurs sur la 2D.Les points forts des cours de sont toujours les mmes. Des vido courtes qui se concentrent sur un sujet la fois et ou l'on vous donne des challenges pour vous inciter pratiquer. Les cours sont orients projet, un projet par section. Le cours fait aussi la part belle au Game design.La faiblesse du cours est la mme de tout les cours pour dbutant, la faiblesse du code. Faiblesse est un grand mot, car il est plutt d'un bon niveau mais dans la limite fix par les auteurs. Refusant d'utiliser les champs static, limitant les singletons, et pas d'interface. Comme dans tout les cours dbutant, on atteint un plafond de verre. Pourtant, il y aura des choses assez complexe d'abord dans ce cours, et beaucoup de scripts, mais sans les outils, on se retrouve avec un fort couplage entre les scripts et des FindObjectOfType.Au final, et malgr tout les cours sur Unity que j'ai dj fait. J'ai appris beaucoup de choses trs utiles.Un des tout meilleur cours dbutant sur Unity. Il est un petit cran au dessus du cours 2D des mmes auteurs en terme de difficult.

By Alan F Morrison on a month ago

yes as usual, Rick and Ben you are amazing Lecturers! I have learned so much about Unity, C# - have also experimented with blender and imported some models I made into Zombie Runner however, unfortunately for me - I broke the Carbine Prefab and couldn't restore it through source tree so couldn't really finish ZR. Anyway thanks - will be doing the RPG course next.

By Peeyush on a month ago

after taking their 2d game development courses there was no doubt about which course should i choose for 3d. And i was right to choose this course. They make complicated codes so easy to understand. Plus their way to keep student interest intact even in the boring part (only few) is admirable. Thank You for this course.

By Krzysztof Forysiak on 2 months ago

I found this course by, one could call it, mistake.Got here through a link from another course, got hooked but my inner self told me I don't need another Unity course.I don't know if it was something in the Ben's/Rick's approach in the promo vid or if it was course content but I decided to give it a shot.Best decision ever. This is NOT "yet another course on Unity". This is THE course on Unity you need, believe me.And to think I was *this* much from not buying...Madness!

By Alen Smajic on 3 months ago

The course is very friendly to not experienced users and people who are just new to programming. The learning flow is just perfect. Myb I would have liked some more polished games at the end but Im totally fine with that what is offered by this course.

By Zak Warren on 2 months ago

This course was a lot of fun. Ben and Rick's enthusiasm and passion for developing games really shone through and made the course much more interesting and engaging to progress through.