How to make a Video Game

Brackeys developed this 11-part YouTube tutorial to walk beginners through the entire process of developing their own game. It is built for absolute first-timers. The entire course takes roughly an hour and a half to complete, and it will cover everything you need to know about Unity to get through your first simple game.

Created by: Asbjorn Thirslund

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • Getting started with Unity.
  • Unity resources: camera, collision, game mechanics.
  • Score and user interface.
  • Level design.
  • Finalizing your game.

Quality Score

Content Quality
Video Quality
Qualified Instructor
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Course Depth & Coverage

Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

Want to make a video game but don't know where to start? This course is a step by step guide to making your first game!



    • Course is extremely beginner friendly. It skirts many of the frustrations that plague first projects by keeping things simple.
    • Course have millions of views, suggesting that it has successfully helped many newcomers tackle their first video game development project.
    • Brackeys has great energy and flow in his presentation.
    • YouTube does not provide consistent interactions with the instructor.
    • Tutorial does not get deep into development concepts and resources. It keeps things strictly at the beginner level.
    • Tutorial only covers Unity. Other game development resources will not be found here.

Instructor Details

Asbjorn Thirslund

Asbjorn Thirslund has years of experience with video production and social media in general. He built the Brackeys network including the Official Brackeys YouTube Channel from ground up. The network has since become one of the fastest growing tutoring networks in game development. He also writes editor extensions for the Unity engine.



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By Justin on 12/15/2019

I just finished going through this first series and I MADE A GAME! Its about a minute long and has little more then what is in these tutorials and i love my little game. Thank you!

By Anders Taje on 9/2/2019

Wow! Love your videos and tutorials! Your likeability helps alot too :)

By TheGamingzombie1 on 1/12/2017

Thank you so much for making these videos, they have helped me so much learn to pursue my dreams of being a game developer! They're super easy to understand and the things you go over are very exciting to learn about!

By Dacommenta on 11/16/2018

So I have been following Brackeys for 18 months now and I started with no knowledge at all. I feel like I can do anything, just released my first 2D game called "Doodle Trump" to the playstore, with level design, advertising integration (minimal ads), physics, mobile controls, UI, list goes on forever. This channel is fantastic and worth going through each an every video like I did.

By Brian Lopez on 8/3/2017

Its rare to find tutorials that are so clean and understandable. Keep doing what your doing because its awesome

By IdesOfMarch on 10/5/2016

I've been going through this and it's super helpful, but it's too fast! I can only follow along so quickly and I find myself having to rewind to copy your coding or follow your cursor over and over.

By Light Apollo on 1/26/2019

I managed to be from a noob at Unity to actual okay, which is something big, cause it takes me forever for new stuff to get inside my head! Thanks a lot man!

By Calvin Bastian on 11/1/2017

Honestly, thank you so much! Your explanation is quick enough to get the gist of it, but thorough enough for beginners to understand! Again, thank you so much!

By Jaime Medina on 9/21/2018

I'm an experienced developer (business apps) learning Unity and have been very frustrated by the extremely poor quality of tutorials out there. This is very clear, simple, and very very practical. Thank you!!!

By Atomkey Sinclair on 5/4/2019

Probably the best tutorial I have seen in ages. Fast, to the point and no confusion.

By Pable Today on 4/20/2019

Freaking amazing tutorial. I loved every bit of following it.

By Shahroz Khan on 2020-09-19

This was the first course I saw in order to become a game developer and it rekindled my passion to create is sad to see him go so soon...but hopefully we may see him someday...wish you luck brother.