Level Management in Unity (Udemy.com)

Build a scalable, reusable menu system and save data from Unity

Created by: Wilmer Lin

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Build a scalable, re-usable Menu system from scratch
  • Save and load persistent data to and from your Unity application
  • Master Generics and the Singleton design pattern

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Overall Score : 98 / 100

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Course Description

Are you ready to level up your game dev skills?
In this course, we will:
  • start with simple demo Unity project and add a front-end menu system
  • learn techniques for building re-usable UI components and transitions in-between Unity scenes
  • learn the fundamentals of saving and loading persistent data locally from your application
  • create C# scripts line-by-line and learn how to architect game components cleanly and logically
Level up your Unity skills!
  • learn the Singleton design pattern
  • use statics and Generics to avoid repetitious code
  • explore PlayerPrefs and JsonUtility to save and load data
When you complete the class, you should have a full set of source code to build your own menu system and to save/load persistent data!
Learn from 40+ videos broken into small 10-15 minute lessons. Power through 6 hours of lectures and save weeks of coding!
Join the ever growing ranks of our class and see what you can build today!
Note: the videos were originally recorded with Unity 2017.3 but the project files have been upgraded to version 2018.2. Though there are cosmetic UI differences between Unity 2017 and Unity 2018, you should be able to follow along with the lectures using the latest version of Unity. Who this course is for:
  • Beginning to intermediate Unity developers who want to improve their game dev skills

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Instructor Details

Wilmer Lin

Wilmer Lin is a 3D and visual effects artist with over fifteen years of industry experience in film and television. He has trained tens of thousands students over the course of a decade.
Now an independent game developer and educator, Wilmer helps aspiring gamedevs learn technical art and the craft of programming, using Unity3D, Maya and Photoshop.



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By Aron Thompson on 3 weeks ago

Amazing course with precise and clear style of teaching. It was what I hoped it would be and more. Title might not say it explicitly but it covers data persistence (saving and loading), transitions and a lot more. Make sure to check section titles.

By Tony Mbatia on a month ago

Well taught and very useful course that has touched in depth on the core skills needed to manage levels, architect code so that it is easier maintained,persist data as well as encrypt it and how to design UI layouts within the editor and hook them up to this streamlined code back end.I highly recommend this to any one looking to take their Basic Unity skills to the next level.Thanks Wilmer. great course!

By Troy Scott on a month ago

An amazing course that could be considered essential for any game that needs a menu (most!). The best part is that you can expand upon the knowledge/code/menus learned here to make even more intricate menu trees.The one thing I had to look up outside of the course was keyboard navigation support (maybe this will/has been added). Really all you need to do is google "Unity First Selected Button".Thank you, Wilmer, for a great course!

By Brenda on 3 months ago

The course is extremely well explained. It is also very much a course for beginners, but still plenty to learn if you are closer to intermediate. Great course!

By David Williamson on 3 months ago

I started with a decent working knowledge of the concepts, and even my own framework, and this course provided valuable techniques/concepts/ideas to port into my framework.

By Daniel Ahn on 3 months ago

Wilmer is one of the best Unity teachers I've ever learned from, and I've learned all over the internet....highly recommended.

By Giannis Akritidis on 4 months ago

I really loved this course, scene loading, menu system integration and saving/loading persistent data in a way that the end user cannot tamper with it, make this my favorite course in unity so far.I really like Wilmer's teaching style: good explanations, excellent pacing and no needless refactoring except for teaching purposes.This is a course that the techniques I've learned are easily transferable to many unity projects and i expect to use them again and again. Excellent 5/5.

By Michael Dunleavy on 5 months ago

Great course.The course is described as a Level Management course but goes into detail about creating a full menu system, saving setting and moving between scenes/levels

By Austin Throop on 5 months ago

I really enjoyed this course and I like the teaching style that the instructor uses. I have also enrolled in a couple other classes by him that I will be completing soon. This class has been a crucial step into my journey in game development and I'm glad Wilmer put the time and effort into making this course. Thanks!

By Keith Maksimik on 6 months ago

Another winner from Wilmer! This course was exactly what I needed to learn to properly handle menus, scene management and game data persistence. I have some knowledge of the subject from other courses but the highly professional level of coding and techniques I learned this time will definitely become the basis of a package I will export to use again and again in most (if not all) of my future games. SO much better than just buying an asset that I might not be able to easily modify to my needs.Kudos to you, Mr. Lin and please keep the courses coming...

By Danny Govantes on 3 months ago

Wilmer is one of the best instructors all over the world.

By Gideon Egger on 6 months ago

I really like Wilmer Lin's style of teaching: he has a great balance of explanations, challenges, and reviews. I also really like the iterative approach he takes: instead of asking students to build (and understand) all the functionality of the various scripts right from the beginning, he has them start with the basic concepts, and then refine and refactor piece by piece. Overall, this is the best and most useful Unity course I have taken on Udemy.