Character Design & Digital Art Demo in Adobe Illustrator (

Learn character design and digital art painting in Adobe Illustrator

Created by: Michael Austin

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • Digital paint in Adobe Illustrator
  • Design a lighting and color palette for your characters
  • Design complex textures easily in Adobe Illustrator
  • How to create brushes that effectively allow you to paint details Adobe Illustrator

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Overall Score : 84 / 100

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Course Description

Resolution free digital art!
Are you looking to start your career as a character designer? Are you looking for a way to hone your digital art skills? In this course, you will learn how to digital paint in Adobe Illustrator. I'll walk you through the entire process from start to finish.
The techniques I'm using in this video series can be carried over into many other painting applications. The methods I'm using are particular to Adobe Illustrator. This video will focus primarily on how to digital paint in the broadest sense so we can apply the knowledge to any other process as we see fit.
Digital painting in Adobe Illustrator allows you to adapt your character designs for many uses and sizes. Since vectors are scalable and do not pixelate when resized.
Just imagine the implications.
In this course, you will learn:
  • how to get started digital painting
  • how to create brushes
  • how to build line art and texture
  • how to work with highlights and shadows
  • how to develop a value scale with vectors
  • and much more!
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Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn the secrets of digital painting in Adobe Illustrator

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Instructor Details

Michael Austin

I have more than ten years experience working with character designs, illustrations, and game art. I specialize in digital painting, vector art, 2-D animation, and concept art. I will break down the creative process for you in easy to follow and digestible steps, that will allow you to apply your newfound skills immediately.



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HOLY COW. I have intermediate experience with Illustrator, and I thought I was pretty good already --But within the first 5 MINUTES, my mind was blown.This guy is a gold mine for character design. His SVG's are PAINTERLY. Like, WHAT?I would absolutely recommend this course to just about anybody - Fair warning, you will need AT LEAST a foundational understanding of illustrator to keep up, because he's a bit fast-paced, and his explanations are a bit muddy at times. However, the instructors' experience and insights make the course worth every cent.

Una excelente eleccin, me encanto el curso y creo que me sera increiblemente til

Need to be honest here from a customer point of view. As much I like the concept arts from this guy and really appreciate the tips for the brushes, the overall presentation has many flaws.1- Sound qualityThe sound quality is not consistant at all and after such a long time posting your course, you should at least rework it. You don't need to remake all of it, just play with the volume level to make it more balanced.2- Lack of technical informations as a beginner courseI am kind of comfortable with Illustrator but you go way too fast when using tools / settings and don't explain anything on how to get there. I was able to follow you while rewatching some parts but a beginner will be lost so bad.Add some sections about tools, menus and settings please.3- Shadows and highlightsThis one is more on the artistic side. As much the final results still look slick, I have to say than the shadows and highlights bugs me. Where are the lights sources? Why do you put highlights under boobs when the light source come from the top? It could be the reflected light but it is way too strong.A good tip to help you out is to draw the lights sources and "light reflectors" next to your sketch before coloring.4- Keep it clean (suggestion)When you look at final result, there is some many vectors. Maybe you should add a section on using pathfinder to clean your work. It is an annoying job to do but it if you want to print out your stuff or share, this is a must. Also, since it is helping deleting useless vectors, it will be faster to render.5- Misleading informations in the course descriptionIn this course, you will learn:how to get started digital painting (not at all, you barely show anything like shortcuts or menus. You need to know Illustrator before using your course)how to create brushes (True! Great tips by the way)how to build line art and texture (Yes and no! It is not totally true verbally but if you look closer when you draw, yes it is true)how to work with highlights and shadows (Yes but bad ones, see above)how to develop a value scale with vectors ( Need work on it, too messy)and much more! (not really much)As I said at the top of the message, this is on a customer point of view and this is why I sound harsh.On the artistic side, I must say I really like the concept arts especially the alien'ish one at beginning.

Very useful content. For a 5 please fix the sound and the subtitles. Or at least one of them.

Sim, muito mais do que eu esperava!

Some instructions were not quite clear, so I played back the a particular section of the video 6-8 times to get the right results from the exercise. so far so good, now I need to practice it.

I regret enrolling into the course. The instructor haven't planned he course's contents, he doesn't explain things in sequence nor can I understand him, its like he is talking to himself.

excelente curso, tcnica simples e eficiente. recomendo!

Nice, very good


I'd say this is perfect course if you want to learn how to _paint_ with Illustrator (line art, coloring, highlights and shadows, details etc.). This really hit the spot for me because I had no idea you could do this kind of stuff in AI. This course is for beginners but I'd suggest you learn the basics of Illustrator beforehand. There is not that much of explaining the tools etc. (which was perfect because I was already somewhat familiar with AI).One minor flaw/downside is that the sound quality/volume in some of the videos is not that good.All in all, really nice course. Thank you!