Complete PHP and MySql Course: From Beginner to Professional (

Only Course you need to learn Complete PHP and MySql and go from Beginner to Advanced in 7 Hours!

Created by: Usman Raoof

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Create Dynamic Websites
  • Create Database using phpMyAdmin
  • Interact with the database using PHP
  • Implement Sessions and Cookies
  • Handle files with PHP

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Overall Score : 86 / 100

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Course Description

Become Expert in PHP & Mysql only in 7 Hours.
This is the comprehensive PHP course on Udemy. You will learn everything from the basics to more advanced PHP programming using real world examples.
This Dynamic Web Development with PHP and MySQL training course will give you a working understanding of these important technologies and show you how to use them to create your own impressive websites.

When used in combination, there simply isn't a better way to construct sites that involve complexity, large volumes of data, and the flexibility to make adjustments and changes over time. This course goes step by step through the basics of each technology, and then gradually shows you how to build the necessary components. It goes through installation of PHP and MySQL technologies on your local machine as well as hosted servers, explains basic tags, commands and constructs, and helps you build and work within a solid back-end database.
Who this course is for:
  • This Course is for those who want to learn php.
  • This Course is for those who want to create dynamic websites.

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Instructor Details

Usman Raoof

I'm a Software Engineer and a Web Developer and worked for many companies so far. I'm also a Freelancer and a Digital Marketer.
I have 37,000+ Students. My students who learned web development and Digital Marketing from me are now working for bigger companies and some are Entrepreneurs.
Following is what my students are saying about me:
"Usman gives a simple, but clear example. I've learned from this class as I wanted." ~Harlan Brewer
"Very good java Gui course especially for beginners, really liked the teaching style of Usman, I was always wondering how it would be possible to create the graphical stuff in java but you made it extremely simple for us, definitely gonna take your other courses, recommended" ~Dami Salim
"Perfect, one of the best courses I've taken. Straight to the point without a lot of wasted time. This was exactly what I needed" ~Christy Amy
"very easy to understand and showing each step from scratch. Thank You Usman" ~Rahul YHG
Join me and Adventure into my Web Design and Web Development World. You won't regret it!Fahad's deeply involved in Web Development and Internet Marketing, He loves to code in PHP, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax and some other tools. He is a passionate web developer who creates web applications and websites from absolutely scratch. He also Make Money Online since 2009, and managing several websites from his living room, He



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I have absolutely no knowledge on this, yet I understand very clearly thanks to the amazing tutor.

Yes, very detailed and well explained. Cannot say it will make you professional after the course but beginner level is covered very well and it is a very good point to start from. You can become Professional only after some real life experience.

Having some previous experience with php and mysql, I thought the course was avaerage. I guess it's a good introduction if you are a beginer, but there is no way you would be an advanced programmer after this course.My own personal experiences of each section were;The Fundamentals section was okay - indeed, there were one or two topics I found helpful.The Form handling section was pretty basic.The Sessions and Cookies section was pretty basic.The File Handling was a good refresher for me.The Database section was very, very basic. It only covered the basic principles of dB management, and by no means could be considered comprehensive (which in my opinion is what would be needed if it you are expecting to be able to call yourself dvanced ). That said, it covered the basics pretty well.Overall, an average course.

The overview is seems to describe what I needed, although some topics could have been better explained

The way the course is taught is excellent. simple to understand, highly informative and covers a great scope from beginner to intermediate levels. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to have a great base understanding of PHP if they have never studied the language before or to revise your current skills.


Didn't really enjoy the course, the instructure rushed into many of the topics and in the case of the database didn't even show how could we search for a record from the browser.

Good for beginners.These course is for real beginners.Nice and understandable course.An extended course with real examples with php combined with mysql can help persons after these course.

By Mai on

Thank you for the course, I've just finished it.very good course for beginners. I strongly recommended for all who wanted to get involved into the web developer field.Thank you Usman.

Instructor speaks very fast and in mono tone. But is otherwise understandable.There aren't any assigned exercises or quizzes but it covers all the basics needed to program in PHP.Over all very good.

I think this is a great entry level course that hits on some more advanced topics. For some one to truly grasp the more advanced loops they will have to do more experimentation on their own.

Really good and clear. though I have some PHP experience the course covered some things that I wasn't aware of.