Complete React Hooks Course 2020: A - Z ( Scratch to React ) (

React JS Hooks way ( Latest & Comprehensive) : Redux , React Router, Testing with Jest, Build Component Library

Created by: Hemil Patel

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • React Hooks from scratch
  • Learn React Hooks way
  • React Hooks advanced level

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

This is a modern and comprehensive React JS course that focuses on only the latest version of React with hooks ( "no classes"). We will cover the following:
  • Fundamentals like JSX, component communication, events, fragments, Higher Order Components, and more.
  • Built-in hooks like useState, useEffect, useReducer, useContext, useDebugValue, useMemo, useRef, useLayoutEffect.
  • Build our own custom hooks.
  • Global State Management with Redux and Redux thunk
  • React Testing with Jest and React testing Library
One of the best feature of this course is its simplicity. All the coding samples are very easy to understand. I prefer to use realtime use cases to explain concepts. Who this course is for:
  • Beginner React developers
  • React Developers moving to latest version of React

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Instructor Details

Hemil Patel

I have 20+ years of programming experience. I have deep knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React and Ember JS. I love to teach programming using vert simple and real-world example. I also candidates on how solve coding problems to have maximum success. I love learning new technologies regularly and making youtube videos.



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I definitely learned a ton from this course and have been recommending it to fellow developers.

Good class! The instructor goes through everything quickly and doesn't explain a lot of the reasons for doing what he's doing, so it wouldn't be as good for someone who is just getting started. However, it was just what I needed to see how you would use hooks on a new project instead of just converting an old project from classes to hooks. I'm still not very clear on how you know when to use some of the hooks and why.

TL;DR:This course covers all the concepts you need to know in order to quickly learn and get productive with React and it covers them all in a concise manner. Techsith explains them by breaking them down into short and easy to understand code examples as usual and we keep building onto them throughout the course. By the end of it, you will be comfortable using hooks even with async Redux actions in your projects.Longer Version:This course covers all the built in hooks but also teaches how to write your own custom hooks from scratch. It covers handling events, HOCs, Router, Redux + Thunk + Mobx with examples. It also explains how life cycle of components changed for good with hooks (it is less complex now). I especially liked the Redux part since it was very thorough and easy as I always had problems with Redux.It covers unit testing React components with Jest, type checking and 2 fun projects to solidify all the concepts we learnt. It also shows how writing reusable components is necessary since it makes maintaining code easier in the long run and also saves our time.

Hemil is such a good teacher. He explained the fundament very detailed and easily. I love this course, especially for the beginner of react!

Top notch, good stuff, very relevant in 2019... dont be fooled by the short amount of course hour video, its very well packed with short good examples, and if you try to understand it well, it will take a while but worth it.

Your delivery of content and examples are clear. I would consider this course as an initial kick starter that helped me to understand the concepts of Hooks. This course is useful and met my expectations in understanding the hooks clearly.

I was looking for a course refresh in React, and I saw this course, which uses latest React features like Hooks. Perfect opportunity for someone with React experience to try it out.

The course is ok. It does the basics ok. That said , the examples in this course are not consistently well explained, course is not well structured and it is not concise.The examples aren't all clear - For example in the custom hook usePrevious lecture , it is not clear why a ref is used , and how that ref uses closure to keep the prior value. The real issue here is that there is no attempt to explain why a ref is used or how any of this works. There is a lot of just follow my code , vs explaining the code.Not well structured - UseEffect is used without any explanation prior to #29 where it is first really explained.Not concise - There is a lot of time in this course dedicated to him typing out examples vs other tutorials where the author pre writes the examples , and walks through them saving a lot of time.Overall , given the above, I am just not confident that what is in this video is helping me learn whats going on in hooks or best practice regarding hooks.

The course is fairly short but sweet! Hemil seems to cover the most important topics and explain the concepts very well. Not having previous experience with React, I wish he would have provided some examples of using React classes for comparison. But overall I am happy about choosing this course instead of a very long one that focuses on some specific project development.

il primo corso che prendo su udemy e sono rimasto molto soddisfatto dell'esperienza e per quanto riguarda il prof molto bravo a spiegare. Excellent! :)

Hemil is extremely great explainer. From my point of view he has very good pace. I mean he's like not hurrying up at all, of course he is speeding up sometimes, but only when it's really needed to wake someone up (if he is very fast) and to play with attention or just to move much closer to something more interesting. Hemil is well thinking over wordings (It makes understandable english for everyone who is not fluent it yet perfectly).As a good teacher he try to stay in one logic line always, not to do many things at one time. Good concentration on every little detail, fast feedback in case of misunderstanding something and clear explanation in order to fill any gaps in a knowledge React / Javascript, thanks very much to him for all of this at once!I'm pleased and I think that all my React code would be written on Hooks soon and I believe that would be covered with tests on React Testing Library as much as possible.

Expecting complete Hooks ? got a lot of other things - which are now of no use.