CS193P - Developing Applications for iOS

Stanford turned this CS class into a YouTube tutorial. It covers an entire semester of working with iOS 11 and Swift 4 split into 20 individual lectures.

Created by: Paul Hegarty

Produced in 2017

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Course Description

ios swift Awards Best Free Course

Stanford's CS193p course, Developing Applications for iOS, explains the fundamentals of how to build applications for iPhone and iPad using SwiftUI. Most recently offered in Spring quarter 2021, the lectures were given to Stanford students in an on-line format due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Stanford is in the process of making these on-line lecture videos available for all via YouTube (two per week).On this site, you will be able to find materials that were distributed to students during the quarter such as homework assignment write-ups and demo code. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any of the same kind of direct support we gave our students (on-line Q&A and office hours with teaching staff, homework grading, etc.), but the materials posted here should still be helpful in understanding the lectures as you watch. As we emphasize to our students, doing the homework assignments is absolutely essential to learning the material in this course.SwiftUI is brand new, having only shipped a few months before this course was taught. Thus it may well be that by the time you are watching it, some of the course's content will already be out of date as updates to SwiftUI occur, requiring some adjustment as you watch. That is normal for new technology.The material in this course was not developed with the involvement of, nor was it vetted by, anyone at Apple, so it should not be perceived as "the truth" for how to develop using SwiftUI. We've done our best to understand this technology ourselves in the short time it has been out and then share what we've learned. Enjoy!



    • Students can receive a Stanford education for free. Well, at least this one course.
    • Course is taught by Paul Hegarty, a world-renowned CS instructor.
    • Course covers an exhaustive list of iOS 11 and Swift 4 development topics.
    • iOS is currently on version 13 with 14 close behind. Some of the concepts are dated.
    • Swift concepts are not fully up do date. Methodologies work but some tips and tricks don’t.
    • Course is only videos of the Stanford class. Does not include any of the materials used.

Instructor Details

Paul Hegarty

Paul Hegarty is a Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University.



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By Ravi Kondapalli on 01/16/2013

The TAs were incredible and Paul Hegarty is a master Professor. It was a great course and I'm now a professional iOS developer. Just go for it! Its iTunes U after all, you can always go back to basics or there's always Stackoverflow if things don't seem quite nice.

By Sam Bodanis on 12/20/2012

CS193p is definitely doable although I found the beginning quite difficult. However, once you get past the second assignment you should be fine, that was the point where it started making sense for me. The couse isn't at all algorithmically challenging, its more about remembering which functions to call and when. It was the amount of new material that I found difficult as opposed to the complexity of it.

By imsumapples on 09/05/2017

This class has been the foundation for most of the iOS engineers I know. It teaches you how to fish. Paul Hegarty really does an amazing job at giving you a solid foundation of best practices. He also always updates his course material after WWDC, so you aren't learning irrelevant material.

By ViditM15 on 07/02/2018

I've completed this myself and it's a wonderfully done course. It teaches you iOS development by creating a little card game called "Concentration". Although know that you should be a bit proficient in object oriented programming before you can take this course.

By crnkovic on 02/12/2017

I just started watching the 2016 version and this guy is just amazing. He knows every single detail of the Swift langugage. I highly recommend this for learning Swift.

By Scott Baggett on 06/02/2018

As a programmer coming from many other languages to Swift over the last month or so, these lectures have been an absolute pleasure to watch. You cleared up quite a few syntax issues that I've been wondering about (internal/external param names!) and I love the pace.

By adarsh dev on 05/08/2018

its an awesome tutorial for me ! he explains every stuff out there! thank you professor so much!

By milose on 07/25/2019

Great lecture, very concise and informative at the same time.

By Bartosz Szyma?ski on 05/05/2018

You're awesome lecturer, I wish I could cooperate on university with person like you. That's amazing how's your every click and every word is well prepared and fully considered. Sheer pleasure to watch your lectures and learn from them.

By Derek Yap on 04/25/2018

This is a great video thank you! I'm a beginner trying to learn how to use Swift and it's really helping to go through these lecture videos and the reading assignments (I found them on Github.com).

By MasayoMusic on 07/01/2019

Really enjoyed this lecture. I've only had experience with Python and transition to Swift has been rough .Your explanations of all the little details really as well as potentials gotchas has been very useful.

By Gary Smith on 08/26/2019

A tribute to the teaching standards at Stanford. This is an excellent lecture. I am an experienced programmer looking for an introduction into Xcode and Swift. This is perfect for my needs.