C# Basics for Beginners: Learn Coding with C# (Udemy.com)

Learn C# Fundamentals in 2 Hours and Jump-Start Your Career in IT. C# Programming Basics Explained for Beginners

Created by: Victor Gorinov

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Learn the fundamentals of C# and .NET Framework
  • Learn the basics of Programming with C#
  • Work with primitive and non-primitive types
  • Work with conditional statements
  • Work with loops
  • Debug your code
  • Write clean C# Code
  • Work with date and time
  • Work with Classes and Objects
  • Work with Arrays
  • Understand Object Oriented Programming with C#

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

Start Learning C# from Scratch!
Learn C# Fundamentals in 2 Hours, Not Months!
This course is for beginners or people who want to refresh their knowledge in programming with C#.
C# is very intuitive and easy to learn programming language, which can be used for many different purposes, such as:
  • Building Web Applications
  • Game Development
  • Mobile Development (iOS and Android mobile applications)
  • Desktop Applications
  • Windows client applications
  • Windows services
  • Backend services
  • Blockchains and Cryptocurrency
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices and much more
In the beginning of your C# learning experience, programming will be hard and that's why you should not try to learn everything at once.
In this course you will learn basic coding skills with C# and all the information you need to transfer to the IT field.
As a complete beginner you need to focus on the Fundamentals and build a solid foundation of your basic programming skills.
In this C# course you will get the best step-by-step training with real life coding examples and exercises.
You don't need anything to start with the course. We will start from absolute zero.
First - We will Install Visual Studio - this is the environment where we write our code.
Next - You will understand the
basics of programming (doesn't matter the programming language).
After that I will teach you Fundamentals that you need to start with, such as:
  • Variables
  • Methods/Functions
  • Classes
Next - We will start writing logic in our code, using:
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops
  • Inheritance (Basic OOP Principle)
And we will finish with more complex programming, introducing you to:
  • Enums
  • Properties
  • Interfaces
  • Debugging your code and more

If You Are Someone Who:
  • Want to Learn Programming with C#
  • Want to have Better Career Options
  • Want to make More Money at Your Job or as a Freelancer
  • Want to achieve Financial Freedom and Enjoy Life
Enroll in the Course Today and Get Started!

This course comes with a 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee, so if you aren't happy with your purchase, I will refund your course - no questions asked!
You will also get:
- Support and Answers to All Your Questions During the Course
- Lifetime Access
- Certificate of Completion

Now go Ahead and Click the Enroll Button.
I'll See You in the First Lesson!
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn programming
  • Anyone who wants to change his career and enter a high paying job in the IT field
  • Beginners with no coding experience who want to see if programming is their thing

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Instructor Details

Victor Gorinov

My name is Victor Gorinov and I am a Software Automation Engineer and Online Entrepreneur with multiple streams of passive income.

On Udemy I'm teaching 2 different types of subjects.
1. IT Courses - mainly focused on Programming for beginners with C# and Quality Assurance Automation.
2. Passive Income Courses - teaching different ways of making money online as a digital entrepreneur.

My passion is finding different online business models.
I have always been fascinated by the endless possibilities that we have in our time and the opportunity to reach millions of people with a single click of your mouse.

I am currently working for myself and making money with freelancing, affiliate marketing, investing, selling private label products on Amazon and much more.
I'm passionate about helping others achieve their financial goals, which leads to less stress, more free time for yourself and your family and overall having a better life.
If you are someone who:
- Want to learn Programming with C# from Scratch
- Want to enter the IT world, but doesn't know from where to start

- Want to Make Money on the Internet
- Want to Create Passive Income
Want to build an Online Business
- Want to have More Free Time
- Want to W



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By David Rolfe on 3 weeks ago

First lessons had me a bit confused, but that's not your fault, I need a tutorial on the how to setup the VS debugging options so I can get the same results as yourself (had this same issue with my college, so it's definitely "Me" problem.Very concise instruction, I have been able to speed through some sections as they are less "jargon-heavy". Homework tasks are do-able, to a point. Had to go elsewhere to find tips on odd/even printing.

By Manuel Borges on 4 weeks ago

Great introductory course to programming for TRUE beginners. Using C# was a good idea due to the similarity to Java (Android), C/C++ (Linux/Unix/Windows), Objective-C (iOS), etc because those are the most used languages to build serious applications today. The teacher, even though not native english, has a great fluency and makes the course interesting and everything is easy to be understood. Keep up the great work.

really great... topic declaration,explanation and timing is awesome...those short keys are really useful....thank you sir!!!

By Avdhesh on a month ago

This course is really informative for me.

Buen curso si necesitas aprender C# bsico o rememorar algunos conceptos. Est muy bien explicado y se comprende todo con claridad.

By Frederik Aun on 4 months ago

One of the first C# courses I took on Udemy and I had no problems. Everything was explained and I learned a couple of new functions as well. Thanks

By Renan Nowak on 5 months ago

It's a really nice course. I felt like in some parts it was way too basic, as an example, in the Conditional statements homework, he could've showed why "Switch" wouldn't be better than if and else.But i do recommend it.

By Leonardo Marquez on 4 months ago

So far so good! easy to understand and explains everything pretty well! What I would have liked is to add a sort of project that uses some of the elements that we have learn along the course like how the homework assignments were to sort of challenge us to see if we understand what we have learned.

By Adarsh Raj on 3 months ago

I have just completed the course and I really enjoyed learning throughout the course. Thank you for the course.

By Jorge Ledezma Zeballos on 3 months ago

Me encanto la claridad y la simplicidad del disertante. Aprend

By Maksym Davydenko on 6 months ago

Great job on explaining the basic stuff about the C# programming, it is definitely a good starting point for a lot of enthusiasts, and even for those that already know something about coding and they just want to do a quick recap. Thank You again for the course.

By Konstantinos Kapellakos on 4 months ago

An excellent course and an excellent and very communicative instructor.Thank you!