C# Programming Tutorial

Caleb Curry created this YouTube series to teach programmers the essentials of C#. It starts at basic concepts, but after 100 videos, it delves deeply into intermediate to advanced topics. The entire series is about six and a half hours, and it will take students on a true journey of learning and discovery, using C# as the mode of transportation.

Created by: Caleb Curry

Produced in 2018

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Overall Score : 88 / 100

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Course Description

This is the start of a series on C# programming using the .NET framework. This course will go over all of the main programming principles to succeed as a software engineer or software developer. We will talk about object oriented programming, data types, generic programming, control flow structures, and more!

Instructor Details

Caleb Curry

Caleb has a passion for video and education. He has been creating videos for many years. He first started creating classes 5 years ago. Since then, Caleb has created over 500 educational classes over database Design, programming, web development, and more. He has also done classes over Audio Production, social networking, Music theory, and a wide variety of interesting topics.



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By R Rath on 12/5/2019

Interesting, I viewed a C++ vids and this series is okay, I find it is making assumptions and not showing steps..

By Amir Mohammad Jalili on 12/15/2019

I'm a fan of this tutorial.I am also using a paid tutorial but you explain stuff that no one else does

By Louis Pavlick on 12/9/2019

In my opinion, the information is presented too quickly, without a solid description of what is actually happening inside the program as it executes.Beyond that, you are a good instructor. Thanks and keep up the good work.

By Snyzz on 2/2/2019

Amazing ! I watched an entire introduction to C# course on the Microsoft Platform and nowhere these fundamental logic's were explained and it helps a lot!

By Antwuene on 5/13/2019

Your videos has helped me so much during my 4 years at uni. You provide the best tutoring videos in computer science on youtube!

By Glorious Dude on 8/25/2019

Thank you a lot sir for making these such GREAT, ENTHUSIASTIC, INTERESTING, HELPFUL, CLEAR and EASY TO UNDERSTAND and professional Programming Tutorial videos for everyone. As a very beginner, your videos had helped and taught me a lot!

By James Brandon on 10/13/2019

This is an excellent tutorial! I needed to refresh my memory

I love the tutorial from start to finish but i think when you get to classes, you should split some of the content. I know you erase the methods & adjust the same classes. Which is fine but from the people watching the videos we are actually keeping what you did prior. for example, every time you adjusted the user class dramatically & just erased it i would create a new user class. I lost you once i got to video 71. To much clutter. Again amazing amazing tutorial series. I can not stress that enough. Im just trying to avoid having multiple user classes