Digital Marketing Tutorial For Beginners

Simplilearn offers this one-hour tutorial via YouTube. Its a brief overview of the core concepts of digital marketing that teaches enough to help students venture forward in one of the most prolific industries of todays world.

Produced in 2019

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Course Description

digital marketing Awards Best Crash Course

This Digital Marketing course video will go through all the major methods available to market your content. This video covers the different forms of digital marketing available to you, like search engine optimization, content marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, native advertising, email marketing and online PR. This video also focuses on how each of these marketing types work along with some of the popular tools that are used for Digital Marketing with the help of examples and practical demos. So, let's get started and step into the world of Digital Marketing.



    • It is short and sweet. At 1 hour and 17 minutes, it’s hard to find a shorter professional tutorial that is worth completing.
    • Simplilearn offers a host of supplemental resources that expand learning considerably.
    • With supplemental resources, students can gain proficiency in many marketing execution tools.
    • At 1 hour and 17 minutes, tutorial leaves a lot of information uncovered.
    • Video pace is slow.
    • Video has a short garbled section near the 9:30 mark.



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By NatureWorshipper on 02/11/2020

Thank you so much for this video. Its so helpful and I hope Ill be a successful digital marketing executive one day.

By Bridget Bartlett on 11/03/2019

Great info! Thank you!! I was actually able to quit my fulltime job to do affiliate marketing after about 7 months focusing on Facebook. But, I am learning, I could have saved myself a lot of time and work if I started on YouTube.

By basil1love on 01/22/2020

Thank you for this video I am new to digital marketing. I like the way you have painted the landscape of digital marketing to understand its power.

By Deepu Nair on 02/02/2020

Thanks for the basics. I want to improve and become master in this. Provide more advanced vids with real time examples.

By Adeni Guy on 01/31/2020

Thank you for this informative video it shows the head lines of each platform for what you can use it .....I am as new to DIGITAL MARKETING

By Samir Arora on 03/16/2020

Excellent. Very comprehensive.

By J.D. de Len on 04/12/2020

Great content. One observation, you talk as if you were annoyed to do this video, like you recorded this 10 times