Digital Pet Paintings Using Photoshop (

Learn how to turn ordinary photographs of pets and animals into beautiful painted art pieces.

Created by: Lori Jill

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Prep your images for a painting
  • Use and have a better understanding of Photoshop's brushes and brush engine.
  • Use many of the other tools that you will need in order to paint in Photoshop

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Overall Score : 94 / 100

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Course Description

This course will take you through all of the steps to create unique paintings from your pet photographs. Step by step, I break down all the things you need to know and understand in Photoshop to move your images out of a photographic appearance into a more painterly one.
Although, I do break everything into simple steps a basic understanding of Photoshop is highly suggested. This course is perfect for intermediate to advanced users.
Not an artist? Never painted before? That's OK.
You CAN learn to paint digitally and with a lot less expense and mess!
Whether you are a professional photographer looking to rise above your competition by offering paintings as a unique product to your clients, or you are simply a hobbyist who enjoys editing images creatively, you will find everything you need here to get started and create amazing art. After completing this course you should be able to turn any pet photograph into a digital painting that you will be proud to show your family and friends.
Digital art can be created from just about any image, even low resolution ones from phone cameras. As a matter of fact, there is no requirement at all to even own a camera in order to benefit from this course.
In this course you can watch me paint as I go over everything I'm doing, step by step.
In the supplemental material sections, I have included the image I use throughout the course for you to download and practice along side me, but you will learn the skills needed to create a painting out of ANY pet image.
Enroll today, I'd love to help you learn this fun way to create art!Who this course is for:
  • Photographers who wish to do more with their images
  • Artists who wish to learn how to paint using digital medium
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to create a digital painting from a photograph
  • Not recommended for Photoshop beginners

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Instructor Details

Lori Jill

My passion for teaching is fueled not only by my love for photography, Photoshop, art, and business but more importantly by the excitement it gives me to be able to help others succeed and obtain their goals.
I have been involved in education and training quite literally my entire life. As a child, I was raised by two teachers and their passion for helping and educating others has been happily inherited.
Although the focus of most of my training and workshops is on the art of photography, along with post processing techniques, I have also found a lot of enjoyment in sharing my knowledge about business and marketing as well.
After about 15 years in a prosperous corporate career as a trainer and manager for two very large companies, I went to work for myself.
In pursuing my passion for photography I opened a small boutique photography business about 10 years ago. This has allowed me to acquire many skills, not just in photography and post processing, but also in things such as running a small business, marketing, and selling.
Today, I organize and teach 1000's of students throughout the United States. I teach on both the aspiring and professional photography level and most recently decided to move some of my training on-line.
I find that the teaching and coaching aspect of my business has become the most rewarding thing that I do today! I still love the art of creating and I believe I will grow old photographing the world and the people in it. But



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I have been searching and searching for someone who teaches this process in Photoshop. Lori Jill is an excellent instructor!

This is exactly what I needed. I want to paint a horse for print competition. I feel that this gave me the information that I need to get going.

I learned some good techniques for turning a photo into a digital painting. I appreciate that she provided the brushes/smudge tool settings that she used in the video. I'm going to try painting my aunt's dog now!

excellent match. It was recommended by fellow photographers. It really allows me to take my images to another level. Will keep watching various bits as I progress

I have the 2018 version of Photoshop, which seems to have a different layout, different selection of brushes and different icons.

Really good intro to the art of digital under painting. Brush module is a bit dated now as thats something that has dramatically improved in Photoshop. Very clear instruction and easy to understand if you are already familiar with Photoshop

She does exactly as promised; teaches a "cloning" style of painting in Photoshop. I am left confused about the process but did pick up some good information. The setup section was a little confusing. I'll have to watch it again. But overall, not a bad video.

This was a wonderful course. She is excellent at explaining and showing the painting process. We have a lot of dog parks in my area and I know the owners would love to have art like this of their dogs. The only reason I gave the course 4.5/5 stars was because I would've liked to watch her add some colors into the dog's fur during the smudging section. Otherwise, this course was fantastic and worth every penny. Thank you!

The course was great! I have learned more about brushes in Photoshop which I seldom use before. Although I have expected a manual approach to paint pet portraits, like painting from scratch, I appreciate the process that was taught in this course and I will try it soon. Thank you! :)

Easy to follow the concepts. Now it's practice, practice, practice!

excellent match for me.

So far this is the best course I've found for beginner mixer brush painting. The smudge painting was an added bonus at the end. I'm excited to get started on my own paintings!!