The Complete E-Commerce Bootcamp - Build a Shopify Shop (

Start successful selling with Shopify today and learn how to use Google Analytics, Mailchimp and Facebook Ads on top!

Created by: Thomas Wiesner

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • Know exactly how to setup and run your own Shopify Store!
  • See how Google Analytics helps you to improve your Store and Customer Experience
  • Have hands-on experience how to make great Product Pictures and Banners using completely free tools online
  • Use tools like Mailchimp or Facebook Ads to market your store better

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Course Description

  • You always wanted to sell online, but don't know where to start?
  • You have great products, but more sales would be nice?
  • In this course we will show you everything you need to know about selling your products online!
We show you how you can setup your shopify store and start successfully selling - right from your chair! This includes:
  1. Branding & Marketing
  2. Setup of Shipping, Payment and Taxes!
  3. How to add compelling Blogs and Pages
  4. Free Tools for great Product Pictures
  5. Product Placement, Picture and Description Guides
  6. Accounting and Bookkeeping for Ecommerce
  7. Google Analytics, MailChimp, Facebook Marketing and more!
  8. Domains and Customer Emails that work!
  9. Don't wait any longer, start right now
Our course is vastly different than most other courses out there - we do not promise overnight success, but we show you a way how to build a steady online shop business that works. Our course is not made for dropshipping, but for all small businesses out there looking for a way to start online sales successfully and easily. You can start your own shop today with this course - no installations, no developers, no servers necessary. With our course and Shopify you just need some time and you're up and running.

First we give you a complete branding and marketing guide. You will learn everything you need to know that your customers are happy and love your store and your products.
Then we show you exactly how to setup products, shipping, taxes, blogs and pages. You will learn how to connect and extend your store with apps. And we show you exactly which apps make sense and how to install and configure them. In our great lectures about products we show you our guidelines for successful product descriptions.
You will make great product pictures and product banners with free tools on the web. We will guide you through the usage of those tools so that marketing your products becomes a breeze!
But this is just the beginning!
In our later sections we show you how you can save hundreds of dollars by preparing your accounting and bookkeeping the right way. Your accountant will be happy and you finally understand all this accounting language.
Then we guide you in a complete section about Google Analytics through the tools that help you better understand your customers. You will learn how to setup and reach goals with ease!

Don't wait any longer and don't look any further.
With Shopify there is nothing to install and you can start selling your products right away! From the Shopify-Website:
"Shopify is web based ecommerce software. This means there's no installation required and it works with all operating systems (including Windows and MacOS). We host Shopify so you don't have to worry about installing, upgrading or maintaining any software or web servers."
Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered.
If you ever thought about starting or increasing your sales online - start here and start now!
Enroll now!

Who this course is for:
  • It's perfect for Ecommerce Beginners - Learn everything to make the successful sales - From Zero to Hero!
  • You own a small Brick&Mortar Shop? Want to increase the revenue by selling online? This course teaches you all you need to know!
  • If you have digital goods such as videos, mp3s or images you want to sell online, then this course will give you the right introduction

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Instructor Details

Thomas Wiesner

Hi, I'm Thomas.
I am a senior back-end developer and systems architect. I have around 20 years hands-on development experience in various languages and systems. I have a CS masters degree. I am working since 2016 with Ethereum and have in-depth applied knowledge of Blockchain technology.
There are 8 best-selling Blockchain developer courses which I authored or co-authored. I was also part of the team creating the industry standard CBDE (Certified Blockchain Developer Ethereum) Certification program.
I am currently consulting and training Fortune 500 companies in Blockchain technologies and Ethereum development. I am also a product manager for a financial forecasting SaaS company with global reach.
And I can't wait to share my knowledge with you!

The Mission and Vision of The Courses
My courses should teach everyone how to develop fast, accurate and performance driven. I want to cut through the noise and show you workflows that work. I like "show don't tell".
I love to get in touch with my Students. I run multiple platforms for Blockchain Enthusiasts or Senior and Junior Developers.
I'd be happy if you connect with me on LinkedIn or subscribe to my Blog or YouTube channel. I'll push regular videos there as well and write about blockchain and tech related topics. Find the links in my Profile by clicking on my name.
-- ThomasI have nearly 20 years professional experience as a Chartered Certified



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Simple but effective

I'm understanding the content OK, so far

I had zero experience coming into this course, but was interested in pursuing a self-interest in e-commerce. The breakdown and cohesively taught course made it relatively easy to understand the basics of e-commerce while building upon that foundation. At the end of the course I feel confident enough to open a proprietary e-commerce business and/or pursue a career in this field. Thank you for the knowledge!

Es bueno. Espero den ms tips sobre cmo armar y mantener un negocio de venta online y hacerlo rentable.

If you want to open your online store, this covers basically all the general information to do so, they have very good tips, however there are details that they dont cover totally and you will have to seek for professional help.

I found the information lustful as a beginner. I found several small areas that I had not set up correctly.

This course is outdated, and it never describes the VERY essential issue of how to build the right shop structure?!And on top of that, it's now been over a week since I asked a question in Q & A - but I never received a reply, which is really inadequate and unsatisfactory?!So I simply can not recommend this course to anyone.

I like how it's going step by step in small informational videos .Also like how it is trying make do some work which it needs more of the interaction for me to actually apply this skill I'm learning is important also make the quizzes harder

Excellent content, just wish the screen sharing when doing other online presentations/ sharing was in English so I could understand more.

This course is extremely jam packed with every bit of info you could possibly need in order to manage your way through your own shopify store. I'm barely starting out with my store, and I'll admit I knew a good portion of what was taught in this course, but there were crucial sections and lectures that did fill in the holes where I didn't know how to work something on shopify. I definitely recommend this course if you want to get into eCommerce, and want to use shopify as your platform.

Great basic introductory course for Shopify. I had never used the platform before and the course was really helpful and easy to follow.