Game Development/Art - Create a 2D Action Game with Unity/C# (

Game development & Game art/animation. Create a 2D top down shooter using Unity 2018, C# and Ps/Gimp.

Created by: Noa Calice (aka Blackthornprod)

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Learn how to sketch and paint 2D game characters.
  • Create awesome 2D game animations using Unity.
  • Make a player character that can move around an environment and shoot projectiles.
  • Program some cool AI behaviors for various enemy game characters using C#.
  • Code a customizable enemy wave spawner.
  • Make a multi staged boss fight using state machine behaviors.
  • Make multiple weapons and power ups.
  • Learn how to make great main menus and responsive UI.
  • Create epic particle systems and sound effects.
  • Be able to make an entire game from A to Z using Unity, C# and some 2D application like Ps or Gimp. And then publish that finished product on Itch io, Newgrounds or Gamejolt.

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Overall Score : 86 / 100

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Course Description

In this game development course you'll learn how to create a commercial quality 2D action game using Unity, C# and a 2D application like Photoshop or Gimp (whatever 2D drawing tool you have installed on your computer).

Here is a list of the key things you will learn by watching this course :
First of all you'll have a stronger understanding of what it takes to actually finish a game from A to Z in Unity!
You'll learn how to sketch and paint 2D game characters, then import those creations inside of Unity, rig them and finally make game animations such as run cycles, attack animations, idle animations and more!
Learn how to make a player character who can move around an environment and shoot projectiles by programming in C#!
Create various enemy game characters : a melee monster that runs fast towards the player and leaps at him to attack | A spooky necromancer that summons small, vicious skeletons that chase after the player | a dangerous bat that shoots dark fireballs at the game's hero!
Understand how to use state machine behaviors to create a multi stage boss fight in Unity!
Make multiple weapons the player can equip and use against the game's various foes. As well as a health pickup !
Create cool looking effects using Unity's particle system and 2D sprites!
Create fun sound effects using Audacity and then implement those inside of your game!
You'll learn how to make a nice main menu with responsive, animated UI!
Create smooth scene transitions using UI panels and animations!
Publish your finished game to Itch io, Newgrounds or Gamejolt!

Why learn from us ?
Me and my brother created this course to share our passion for making games and help others bring their unique visions to life !
We've been teaching aspiring game developers how to use Unity, code with the C# programming language and make game art and animations. Our tutorials have been viewed by thousands and are very popular, every day we get dozens of developers thanking us for helping them out on their own game dev journey !
We've not only made tons of tutorials but we've also created plenty games using Unity, both 2D and 3D !
So we know what it's like to create a complete, polished experience from A to Z, and really want to equip you with the right tools and knowledge so you can do the same !

Who this course is for:
  • A beginner/intermediate game developer interested in learning how to create a fun, commercial quality 2D action game from A to Z using Unity and C#.
  • This course is also for those curious about programming AI using C#.
  • Someone wanting to learn how to draw and animate 2D game characters using a 2D application like Ps or Gimp and Unity.
  • This course is NOT for complete beginners having never touched Unity or C#. You should have understood the basics of both Unity and C# if you wish to properly follow along and get the most out of this course.

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Instructor Details

Noa Calice (aka Blackthornprod)

Hey, I'm Noa Calice, an indie game developer having made a dozen games both 2D and 3D using Unity and C#. I've recently completed my first commercial game: The Dreadful Whispers which can be played on Steam.
I'm also a teacher, having made hundreds of tutorials on my Youtube channel called Blackthornprod, where I teach aspiring game developers how to use Unity, code and make awesome game art and animations.
I've developed a strong passion for teaching and sharing my knowledge with others, I want to help you the best I can acquire the skills you need to bring your unique ideas to life !
Join me on this adventure !



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By Tori Crossman on a week ago

An extremely easy-to-follow course, makes code and design concepts fun to learn. I enjoyed it immensely, and it was nice that it was for a recent version of Unity so I didn't have any confusion from obsolete methods. Blackthornprod never disappoints!

By Vidar Erik Vidarsson on 2 months ago

One of the if not the best tutorials out there. I hope they will make more tutorials like this,cheers !!

By Derek Lai on 3 months ago

Overall, I liked the course and I think it was a well worth the time and effort!The only issue I did have with the course was that I felt the instructor was teaching poor design and coding practices.I feel that if I continues developing in the same was as the course was taught, I'd end up with a lot more problems in the long run.With that one important issue aside, I really did like the course and think it really opens people up to the world of game development.

By Walter S. Ragland, Jr. on 5 months ago

This course was amazing and just what I needed to start getting my projects off the ground. The lessons are a little fast-paced, but still easy to follow if you slow things down a bit and rewatch. Also, I LOVE the art tutorials! Most of the time when creating something, I`ll have a tendency to be "too neat" but while designing my template game using this method, I`ve actually found a new art style that I really like!This course is great for beginning programmers and game designers to advance level designers alike!Well done and I look forward to any additional courses that you will be releasing in the future!In the meantime, I will continue to build on what I`ve learned here to create a fun game with my kids!

By Yusuf A R on 4 months ago

Alot of good knowledge and techniques, only reason i cant give it 4 or 5 stars is because some parts where done extremely rushed and poorly explained. Even some off screen code change and they dont even acknowledge or mention it when they do.All in all its worth, just try to get a better understanding of some of the stuff elsewhere after naturally.

By Adnano A on 2 months ago

Great cute little visuals to make watching it JUCY! :PNice small tasks to follow along.I would recommend to make notes along the way as i did not and will forget a LOT!What is miss ist that you Noah implemented 2 kinds of particle-effects which are not teached:- feets- bullet-trails.One important thing. These here are not best practices on coding. So know how it can be done quickly but also learn it in a way which makes your code easy to read by looking at further tutorials. :DSry not a native speaker. I will improve! :D

By Nikolay Matanski on 4 months ago

The course is great, but the art sections don't show how to draw with a mouse. It should have at least 1 video explaining the basics of drawing with a mouse in Photoshop (shape tool, pen tool, etc.). The code, especially the math-related code, is not well explained. I think there are people that won't understand even with an explanation and others that will understand easily without one, but still a math explanation is a must in the code sections. Or at least add the Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, Analytic (Cartesian) Geometry and Numerical Analysis (lerp, aka linear interpolation) to the course requirements. Also the code style is not the best (using public fields instead of [SerializeField] private fields).Otherwise, great course. The final product is good and all of its parts (art, sound, enemy design, code) are somewhat explained. Probably you should've added obstacles (lava, spikes) to the level design and the game would've been even more complete.

By Gearid Reilly on a month ago

Through this course I learned about using the sprite editor to split up spritesheets, I also learned how to create different enemy types. This course gave me an insight to state machine behaviors.I feel that some parts of the code could have been written better but overall I feel that this course gives a great insight to making games for beginners. I enjoy the little drawings that are shown throughout the course, I feel it shows the thought process of the teachers. This course provides some good advice for game development such as adding the little features such as screen shake and particles to enhance the user experience.

By Nicholas O on 7 months ago

I made a really fun game! My only suggestion would be to pause on script typing parts and maybe talk about them more or possible changes that can be made. This would let us absorb the script more, and make it easier for us to manually pause when we have to look at and type the script out.I used all I learned in my very first GameJam too! Thank you~~~Please make more games, Like a platformer, a space shooter, endless sidescroller, roughlite, etc.

By Sam Sam on 2 months ago

One of the Best Unity courses, I have ever taken.

By Jordan Sposito on 5 months ago

It's a bit of a let down, i've had plenty of experience coding but this is still too quick. The art components are really bad, not helpful at all. It feels like a bunch of really short rushed YouTube videos you could find with a quick search. 2 stars because i did learn something but there is far better free stuff on Youtube and the internet in general. Another star because its cheap.

By Olivier Raveneau on 2 months ago

Comme pour le cours dbutant des mmes auteurs, la vitesse des explications risque de rebuter certain. Les pures dbutants doivent s'aguerrir avant d'attaquer ce cours. Les puristes du code bien crit regretteront le recourt systmatique aux variables publiques aux dtriments des [SerializeField] et l'absence de singleton entrainant des FindObjectXXX, le seul singleton sera pour la musique. On aura droit un hritage, pas forcment adapt un environnement orient Component et qui nempchera pas beaucoup de copi/coll. Et en mme temps, des nombreux petits scripts parfaitement rutilisable exploitant justement bien l'aspect Component. La qualit du code est variable. Tout ceci empche d'atteindre la cinquime toile.Passons aux compliments, malgr que ce soit mon huitime cours sur Unity, j'ai encore appris de nombreuses choses et quelques bonnes ides de conceptions. Le cours ce concentrant sur un seul jeu et menant a conception de A Z, des graphismes l'animation de ses ralisations, en passant par le son et une trs bonne chose. Les Phases de conception graphique ne pourront tre suivit 100% que par des personnes ayant de bonnes base sur Ps/Gimp, j'y reviendrai sans doute plus tard aprs un cours sur Gimp.Conclusion, si le cours dbutant vous mettez un pied dans Unity, celui vous permet d'y mettre le deuxime.Vous pourrez crer des jeux de mme dimension, mais pour la taille au dessus, il faudra mont d'un cran en code et architecture.