Get your Unity animation Game Ready with Moho Pro (

How to import 2D animation into Unity 3D and build a keyboard controlled walking character, in under 40 minutes!

Created by: Paul McGrath

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • Import 2D animation into Unity
  • Create & Save a basic scene in Unity
  • Create a character using their animation
  • learn how to set up their animations in Unity's Mecanim system
  • Mover the character around the scene using the keyboard

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Overall Score : 90 / 100

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Course Description

Im an animator, but I also dabble a little in games and I know from bitter experience that it can be really hard to do some basic movement in game engines without a little help. So I thought i'd pass on a few Hints, Tips & Scripts, that can help other animators interested in games test out their work in a practical way.
If your an animator or designer interested in games, this course is for you,
were going to ...
  • Export our animations from whatever program you use, my preferred one is Anime Studio Pro, but as long as the one you use lest you exports .PNG's were good to go.
  • If you don't have animations to work with, no problem I've supplied files for you to work with.
  • Only 5 short video's and you will have your 2D character strutting back and forth your monitor in 45 minutes.
We'll take it slow and if at any point you get stuck, i'm an email away.Who this course is for:
  • Animator's or Designers interested in using Unity 3D
  • Not for experienced Unity Users

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Instructor Details

Paul McGrath

Paul McGrath is an Animator from Dublin, Ireland. He studied animation in the renowned Ballyfermot College in Dublin, but has yet to be nominated for an Oscar like some of his peers.
After graduating, he went to work for Shepard Films in Dublin for a few months and then moved to LA to work as SFX designer for Hyperion Films. Back in Ireland, he continued specialising in SFX design for Shepard Films, after which he co-founded Kavaleer Productions. He wore several hats in the company from making tea to producing and everything in between from 1999 to 2003, when he went to Australia for a change of scenery and a break from the rain. There he worked for Liquid Animation, moving swiftly up the ranks he got to make tea in Australia too. He has also worked as a freelance animator for many years. Since directing a 3D segment for Leticia's live-action short Shift, Paul just couldn't stay away and eventually a couple of years of eventually- they got together and decided to set up Whackala to pursue their own projects and ideas.
Paul has also taught animation and film production for many years in three different colleges in Dublin.
Most recently Paul has branched into game design, and extensive use of Fungus. He has taught Fungus courses on behalf of the creators in numerous workshops in Dublin, Ireland.
He still make tea as well.



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By Christian on a year ago

Kurs war so weit ganz ok. Schade dass er nicht selber Programmiert hat. Auerdem passt der bergang zwischen Walk und Idle nicht ganz, was nicht daran hngt, dass er gerade aufgenommen hat.

By Sai Mounik on a year ago

its really nice course to learn and it has very interesting topic but we have to do hard work in this course and in this coursre i have confused a lot what do but still i know only some thing about this course thank for teaching this course

By Luis C Gamio C on 2 years ago

Good basic course, it goes straightforward to the point. There will be some concepts that will not be very clear, but you can figure it out, and also, as the instructor said, there are many ways to animate a character.

By Mario Draxl on 3 years ago

Everything was easy for me to understand, although I never before made an animation. Now I know the basics and I will try it with an own character.... Thank you for coding !

By By Jove on 3 years ago

Clear and straight to it if you want to learn the essential process of bridging getting your 2D animation cycles to having them working together in Unity. Easy concepts and steps to follow as presented here. I know almost nothing about game making, so I wouldn't have known even where to start. But with this tutorial it's very direct and on point. It certainly helped me avoid getting overwhelmed by all the features Unity offers. A very good starting point after you have your animations made. And it's something you need to know how to do.

By Jrgen Sauer on 2 years ago

Ich habe so bewertet, eil alle Informationen enthalten sind, die ich brauche.

By Shawn Towne on 3 years ago

Fantastic class! Clear and easy to follow instructions. Was able to reproduce the lessons with own art. Thank you!

By Mark Hayden on 3 years ago

Does as advertised. A quick and simple tut on how to get your animations into Unity and get them moving using Mecanim. Ideal for beginners!

By Michael Kerr on 3 years ago

The author made no assumptions, explaining what was happening at each step. Although I have performed many of these actions from watching other resources. I did not truly understand exactly what I was doing until watching this tutorial. Thank you for making it clear. I will use this lesson a great deal.

By Elise Fachon on 3 years ago

This was a really fun and quick course for absolute beginners, great explanations. I've never opened unity, and it was really easy to follow.

By Denis on 2 years ago

There's an issue in your animator, it doesn't change animation until the animation plays completely. That's why you got "walking" animation while the character is idling and "idle" animation while it's waling.

By Bennett Fonacier on 3 years ago

Nice. I was able to follow your steps to get the character idling and walking in Unit 2D.