Getting started with JavaScript (

Learn JavaScript Variables, Loops, Functions, Conditions, Objects, Arrays and more. Intro course for Beginners

Created by: Laurence Svekis

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • write JavaScript
  • add JavaScript to web content
  • apply variables, functions, arrays, loops and conditions

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Overall Score : 88 / 100

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Course Description

JavaScript is used everywhere on the web, its easy to get started with and tools needed to create it are on most computers right now. Learn the core fundamental concepts of JavaScript.
This is the first step in learning how to write JavaScript code. Within the course you will find the basic foundations of JavaScript explained. This is a beginners course and does require some basic understanding of HTML and how webpages are created.
This Course is designed for Beginners who want to learn about using JavaScript. Get started with JavaScript in under 1 hour.

Learn about how to add JavaScript to your web pages
  • How to apply JavaScript
  • Variables and operators
  • Functions and how to use them
  • Working with arrays and objects
  • Add logic with conditions
  • Loop content to save time
JavaScript is an essential part of any webpage, users expect more from your web content. JavaScript provides the next level of web interaction. Develop a solid understanding of JavaScript with the core concepts, to better and advance with JavaScript coding. Learn JavaScript step by step guidance to understanding what and how to use JavaScript.
Course is designed to get viewers started with using JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the basic languages used to create powerful web experiences. The course will take students from the very basics of JavaScript teaching how to begin to implement script.
Taught by an instructor with over 18 years of web development experience. I'm here to help you learn about JavaScript and ready to answer any questions you may have.
You will be surprised at how easy it can be to code JavaScript!Who this course is for:
  • anyone who wants to learn the basics of JavaScript
  • anyone looking for a starting point to learn JavaScript

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Laurence Svekis

I'm here to help you learn, achieve your dreams, come join me on this amazing adventure today

Providing Web development courses and digital marketing strategy courses since 2002.
Innovative technology expert with a wide range of real world experience. Providing Smart digital solutions online for both small and enterprise level businesses.
"I have a passion for anything digital technology related, enjoy programming and the challenge of developing successful digital experiences. As an experienced developer, I created my first computer applications in 1990, and my first website in 1998. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and want to help you share in the wonderful opportunities that the internet provides."
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the course content is very less recommended for begineers

I have gotten a lot more for $10 on Udemy, i.e. entire 40 hour courses on using Spring/Java etc. This would be a good $3 entry course, doesn't really touch on some useful/common built in JavaScript functions.

This course was really helpful and its great for beginners. And I think there should be more content of introduction to JavaScript with more complex examples and explanations.

I was hoping to learn more of the Java commands and experience with things only Java can do. This is sort of like a complete beginners guide to any coding, as functions, loops, expressions and variables are basically the same in any language.Good course for anyone who has never coded before in any language.

Good course, good pace and clear explanations. It's maybe assumed a too high a level of knowledge already acquired when explaining objects, loops, functions, etc. Putting them into context would also help.

a couple of minor stuff :brackets doesnt install out of the box on ubuntu as libcurl3 has been broken down in two packages, thus will require ignoring the dependances for the installotherwise , creating a file then naming it after editing it is a bit cumbersome . As I use Vim as a text Editor, i usually name the file as I create it.

A lot of pausing and rewinding required. Some practical examples/exercises at the end would be good. However, since it was free....

I enjoyed the style and examples, I feel more confident.The wrapping us was too quick and without any next steps that students may want to follow to make more progress

I found this basics of JavaScript amazing and a lot helpful

le cours bien organiser, et le voix est claire, merci pour ce cours

If you can elaborate more in how to create the file. Example: it should be saved as all files, most people won't notice that.