Git for WordPress Developers (

Automating WordPress Version control

Created by: Richard Miles

Produced in 2016

What you will learn

  • Set up Git for a WordPress theme
  • Maintain WordPress plugins in Git
  • Automate, manage and migrate a WordPress database with Version control
  • Effectively manage WordPress file uploads in a version controlled environment

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Course Description

There are a few simple truths that remain consistent despite the pace at which technology advances in the web development industry.
One of which is version control.
In this course I would like to take you through how to properly navigate, Git a system of version control for every aspect of your WordPress site including themes, plugins the database and uploads.
We will also dive into the command line moving away from graphical user interfaces, so to leverage the power of git and bash scripting.
In this course we will be covering how to:
  • Create a Free Account on Github
  • Install Git on a machine
  • Setup Version control on a WordPress site locally
  • Some basic bash scripting for git and WordPress
  • Properly link a local git repository to Github
  • The logistics of pushing and pulling to Github using nothing but the command line
  • How to properly setup javascript, css and task management dependencies for version control in WordPress
  • Write a portable bash script that can automatically download and install plugins as well as import and export a WordPress database
  • How to link a WordPress site to a Content Delivery Network for free, to simplify upload management and speed up your site dramatically
All while within the paradigm of using Github effectively in a collaborative environment
I have no doubt that if you are a WordPress developer and you are not currently using version control everyday that this course will be a massive additional bonus to your skill-set.
Who this course is for:
  • Intermediate - Senior WordPress Developers

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Instructor Details

Richard Miles

Richard is a Web Developer from Cape Town. He is passionate about learning and implementing new technology in the world of API's, web and mobile application development. With a focus on WordPress and Django. Richard is also a BMUS graduate who enjoys gaming, galavanting around Cape Town and craft beer.



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The content is very relevant to me, I like the bash script section the most.

Extremely complete!


Gave me some ideas regarding theme development on a team using version control but did not answer some basic issues. I'd have to say this is a good course for a lone developer rather then team-based developing.

By Team on

Not much information on setting up github or cygwin in terms of what options to choose and install. Could expand on this to ensure the user installs all requirements

This is a High-quality course. Richard Miles covers GIT for use by Wordpress developers in a clear and concise manner.

Not worth it

Yes, It was what exactly what I was looking for.

Very clear explanations.