Git Going Fast: One Hour Git Crash Course (

Learn the key concepts and basic workflow for Git and GitHub with this easy to follow, top rated, bootcamp-style course!

Created by: Jason Taylor

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Learn the key concepts of the Git source control system
  • Step through the entire basic Git workflow
  • Configure SSH for authentication
  • Create and use a remote repository on GitHub

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Overall Score : 88 / 100

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Course Description

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Git Going Fast: One Hour Crash Course
This course is designed to cut academic theory to just the key concepts and focus on basics tasks in Git in order to be productive quickly. Students can expect to learn the minimum needed to start using Git in less than an hour.
Recent Course Updates
  • October 17th: Added Updates and Errata section
Course Outline Course Introduction and Overview provides an introduction to this course and the Git source control system. Key concepts and the basic workflow are discussed. Setup and Configuration provides step-by-step instructions on how to setup Git for Windows and Mac OS X, how to use Git's help command, and how to setup the minimum required configuration to start using Git. In Working with Git Locally, we walk through all the commands needed to start a new project managed by Git (or enable Git for an existing project) all the way through making commits, including common file operations like moving and deleting files. We also cover how to exclude the wrong files from accidentally being committed and how to review your repository's history. Going Remote covers publishing the locally created repository (previous section) on GitHub. Starting off by setting up SSH authentication, creating the remote version of our repository, linking the local repository with the remote version on GitHub, and finally sending our changes up to remote repository. Course Features Presentations provide audio/video training of conceptual ideas. Since few like slide-ware presentations, slide-presentations are kept to a minimum. Screencasts provide a video of the instructor's computer system with any actions, commands, or screens displayed and narrated. There is a total of 56 minutes of video based training in this course (Presentation + Screencasts, excluding Promo Video). Following each lecture or group of related lectures in the demo sections of the course are Command Listing lectures that serve as reference and reminder of the commands used in the previous lecture(s). Each Command Listing includes the exact listings used in the previous lectures and a reference guide for newly introduced commands. All commands used in this course are available through the Command Listing lectures. The four Quizzes reinforce the key concepts by testing your newly learned knowledge throughout the course. Several attachments throughout the course provide supplemental information, illustrations, or other reference material. Moving Forward Students can checkout my last lecture on other Git related resources. The instructor is available for simple questions by email and can provide customized paid instruction upon request -- go the the author's profile for contact.Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in using source control and specifically Git
  • Software engineers, developers, and programmers new to Git

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Instructor Details

Jason Taylor

With nearly 20 years of programming and software development experience, I started out teaching myself programming while in High School. I put myself through college working for a local Internet Service Provider as a programmer. Before finishing college, I developed and sold an award winning website to a Dot-Com start-up. After college, I have worked at several companies ranging from start-ups to large enterprises focusing on Java and client-side technologies (HTML/CSS/JavaScript). Throughout my career, I have opportunity to learn many software development best practices and exposure to several version control systems.



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An excellent course, but I deducted a half-star because he doesn't explain some of the command-line switches very well. For example, the -u in the "push" command, the switches on the SSH command, etc. I like knowing what these things mean, not just "type this..." Still, excellent info, and incredibly helpful for a GitHub newbie, but it would have been five stars had those things been explained. Thank you, Jason!

There is no alternative , its all basic idea only . In beginning quiz answer was advance tutorial , but its all about basic . I am using windows and all tutorial was in MacOs

I enjoyed it, quick and to the point, giving enough background information and showing clearly the steps to do.

Is a little hard to learn so fast, but his methodology fits well on that approach: with appropriate exercises done repeatedly, it's perfectly possible to learn Git in this course. Well done!

learned alot. i've been seeing this git thing since 2011. Been a developer for more than a decade and i started my career only using svn and tfs. Come-in time, I need to learn git comes. I looked for a decent tutorial and I stumbled to this learning. This is a good jumpstart course, basics on git. Thanks for making this Video.

This course is very good for absolute beginners. I totally recommend starting with this before you go to an advanced level with git and github.

The training is really keeping it down to the basics, but never falling short of giving all the necessary information to get started! I've been using GIT for a year now and wanted to walk trough the basics to make some order in my knowledge - and this course totally delivered! I'm now ready to move on to a more advanced level.

It was a helpful course for getting comfortable with git basics as i use git on a daily basis. thank you for such a good course.

Best course for first trials in GIT, I did learn what I needed.Thank you.I will delve into others when i've time

Which there was some https information as well as the ssh walkthrough just because the ssh might require global passwords which all developers might not have access to within a global company.

Designing it for 1 hour is good. It has good amount of hands-on. Briefing about 'remote repository' little early in the course, with the details later, would help more.

Great course, love the command line overview sections (mate is mentioned a lot, would add the comment more often for non Mac users)