Git Smart: Enjoy Git in Unity, SourceTree & GitHub (

Learn version control with git, SourceTree and GitHub from scratch using Unity games as the example. Best practices.

Created by: Ben Tristem

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Learn the key concepts of the Git source control system
  • Install git on Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Install the slick visual tool SourceTree on Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Be aware of other visual tools including GitKracken and GitHub Desktop
  • Use .gitignore files intelligently to track only what matters
  • Create "feature branches" to allow you to explore new ideas safely
  • "Push" your work to GitHub or BitBucket for backup & sharing
  • Understand how to use the command line when necessary
  • Understand more about how the tool you use really works by watching file changes
  • Be prepared to collaborate on your project with others professionally

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

Want to learn Git without falling asleep? You're in the right place!
Learning version control can be tricky and boring, we're here to make it easy and fun. Using game development as the example project, we'll be showing step-by-step how to get into git (get it?).
By the end of the course you'll have an indispensable tool, that will allow you to...
  • Protect your valuable work using git version control.
  • Explore creative options using Atlassian's SourceTree & the terminal / command line.
  • Backup efficiently to the Internet, specifically GitHub but GitLab and BitBucket are mentioned.
  • Learn all the common version control workflows that you'll need day-to-day.
  • Lay the foundations for collaboration with others.
You won't only be learning the science of version control, but the art too. For example you'll learn common usage patterns that keep your live simple, and even how to setup your online portfolio to show your work in the best light.
Your instructor Ben Tristem is the founder of GameDev tv, and has taught 100,000s of students to code and use creative software from scratch, so you're in good hands. No prior experience of version control, git, or coding required.
We'll be covering Windows, however MacOS and Linux users can also follow along with a little modification.
Let's dive in and get this mini super-power learnt in no time!Who this course is for:
  • Anyone specifically interested in learning Git
  • Anyone interested in using "source control", or "version control"
  • Unity and other game developers who want to version their work
  • Freelancers and creatives who want to learn a super-solid new tool

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Instructor Details

Ben Tristem

Hi, I'm Ben. I have a degree in computing from Imperial College London, and a physics diploma from the Open University.
I started working for myself at the age of 15, and never looked back. I explored careers as varied as being a commercial pilot, stunt-man, rock climbing instructor, and more. None of these provided a continued challenge, and stable income in the same way technology does.
After building and selling a home computer support business, I became an angel investor and business mentor here in Cambridge UK. I fell in love with teaching game development through one of my investments, and I now spend all of my time sharing my passion with people like you.
I can't wait to help you experience the fulfilment, and financial freedom, that having a deep understanding of technology brings.
So why not start learning to make games with me and my team now? Click the world link to see all of my team's courses.
See you soon!
Ben GameDev tv was created by best-selling Udemy instructor Ben Tristem to help anyone learn how to develop, design, and sell indie games. Our team supports Ben in making and maintaining high quality courses that are engaging and entertaining for our students.
GameDev tv offers comprehensive courses on Unity, Blender, Unreal and coding in C#, C++ and more. Looking to learn about a topic that we don't cover? Visit our community page and let us know.



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I'm not a Unity user, however I found the course interesting. Ben is enthusiastic and I learned several things about Git which I previously was not aware of.

It does a good job of explaining the concepts of each git command, which will help later on when you try to learn the actual command line. If the command line equivalent was presented with the GUI commands or as a document you could download, I think that would be helpful so you could relate the choices in the sourcetree gui with the actual command that gets executed. Since my usage of git is on Linux, windows GUI commands aren't terribly helpful to me, but that is specific to my use of git.

Super Kurs um die Grundstze der Versionskontrolle zu verstehen und welche Anwendungen und Cloud-Lsungen es gibt die dies untersttzen.Zum Vermitteln der Ausbildungsinhalte benutzt Ben Sourcetree, geht aber auch auf die TERMINAL-Befehle ein. Als Cloud-Lsung nutzt er GitHub.Die Kapitel sind klar gegliedert und mit entsprechenden Ressourcen-Links hinterlegt, was ein Nacharbeiten und vertiefen erheblich erleichtert.Mit UNITY hatte ich bis dato noch keine Berhrung, dies hat aber meinen Lernfortschritt nicht negativ beeinflusst.Fhl mich fr meine eigenen Projekte in BLENDER, WEB-/ App-Design, was die Versionskontrolle betrifft, gut aufgestellt.Was Methodik und Didaktik betrifft ist Ben einfach spitze!Ich empfehle den Kurs uneingeschrnkt weiter.

Really good short, well paced course on using Git, especially Git with the Sourcetree GUI front-end. I appreciated the Unity specific section at the end. Clearly explained what various Git/source control basics were, when and why to use them, and how demonstrated how to use them. Things I would have liked to have seen: what workflow method should a single dev use vs a small team? (how many branches) Show creating a Pull request when contributing to a public repo. And I would have really liked to have seen CLI/Terminal equivalents for the topics (especially the PRIRP basics) since it seems everything else assumes CLI use of Git. Would be nice to also show integration with VSCode / VS Studio since we may use Git in non-Unity situations and they have plugins too. But if you've not used Git before it's a good foundation with many helpful bits, such as Cherry Picking, dealing with Conflicts, enabling LFS, etc. Thanks!

Great course, fun, entertaining and with an alternative way to approach to understand version control. It makes it easy to understand not only the tools but also the workflow. If you are new to Git, this course will give a solid understanding and later you can go and read the Pro Git book and other sources that describe it deeper with much more confidence since you are no longer trying to understand Git from scratch.

Was using Git Bash before, but really like the interface of SourceTree. Barring any problems, this will be go-to from now. thank you!

It was a good match for me, but partially. Using Unity game engine in the examples was a bit confusing and more difficult than it should have been. Just generic code files would have been perfect. Otherwise, excellent and engaging presentation style and clear speaking voice.

Great explanations and a really fun way to learn git. Perfect for my intentions to improve the workflow with version control and Unity!

As already the instructor said through the course "Once you start to use Git, you won't start another project without it" this is entirely true and this course teaches to you the basics of how to use a GUI for Git but also some simple terminal commands thanks to Sourcetree.Whatever you want to work if it is a simple project, a game, a blender model etc you always want some sort of control of your work.This course surely helped me understand the basics of git. Thank you very much.

Ben, and make game development with unity incredibly simple. They have done the same fantastic job with source control for unity. I will be referring to all of the knowledge I learned in this course daily from now on in my game development workflow.

I am half way through the course and loving it. I have learned so much and haven't fallen asleep once, which is a great compliment to the teacher and the course. This is so well explained and demonstrated plus easy to follow along with. Great teacher! Just finished the course and I am so glad I got this. I had struggled so much trying to figure out git on my own but this made it so easy to understand. I put the other courses on hold while doing this and I am equally glad I did that since this will help so much with them. I can't say enough, this course is great and well worth it.

I needed to learn Git to collaborate on a Unity project. This was the perfect course for that. I feel like even the little details got engraved in my brain. And when I'll forget something I'll know exactly where to go.