Go From Zero to Hero with Node.js (Udemy.com)

A practical guide to building high-performance server-side applications with Node.js and projects in Node.js

Created by: Packt Publishing

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Build, test, and deploy web applications with Node .js, Express, React, MongoDB
  • Build a voting and shopping app with MERN stack
  • Create backend APIs using Node .js and interact it with React frontend
  • Communicate from a server to the client with EJS
  • Learn how to use the four common HTTP requests
  • Work with WebSockets and Socket .io to create a messaging app
  • Upload images, video files, and documents on-cloud storage using AWS Microservice S3

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Course Description

Node.js is a JavaScript framework for writing server-side applications. Its non-IO blocking technology makes it perfect for creating highly scalable web applications built around user interaction. Node.js is a performance efficient server-side platform which makes writing backend code, simple and fun. If you're a developer who wants to explore the practical side of building server-side applications, then go for this course.
This comprehensive 2-in-1 course enables you to build, test, and deploy modern web applications with Node.js, Express, React, and MongoDB. You will build 3 projects using the MERN stack to get to grips with these technologies. In the first project, you will build a voting application, focusing on server-side tasks with Node.js and Express and then communicating from the server-side to the client with EJS. In the second project, you will learn about WebSocket API and real-time communication to develop a messaging application. In the third project, you will learn to create APIs with Node.js for developing a backend for shopping application and then build the entire app using MERN stack. Finally, you will explore microservices and cloud storage with AWS for deploying the applications.
Contents and Overview
This training program includes 2 complete courses, carefully chosen to give you the most comprehensive training possible.
The first course, Node.js in 7 Days, will give you a firm basis from where to get started and work on your own projects with Node.js. Each section is followed by a hands-on, practical assignment as homework to help you readily implement what you've learned in a functional manner. From learning the basics move on to create a Web Server. Learn the newest method for asynchronous development thus advancing your knowledge in getting familiar with Authentication. Finally, you'll debug and test Node.js using common tools.
In the second course, Real World Node.js Projects, you will learn a broad range of skills to build high-performance real-world applications with MERN Stack. You will start by developing a voting application, focusing on server-side tasks with Node.js and Express and then communicating from the server-side to the client with EJS. You will then learn about WebSockets and real-time communication, which will lead on to developing a messaging application. You will also discover microservices and cloud storage with AWS and upload assets, such as images, video files, documents, and more. Finally, you will create a Node.js API and interact with it using the very popular library, React to create a shopping application and connecting it to the backend API using the MERN stack.
By the end of this course, you will have adapted to using a broad range of Node.js skills and JavaScript technologies to create highly performant, full-stack web applications with MERN stack.

About the Authors:
Dave Irvine is responsible for leading a small team of Node.js and React.js developers to create a fully realized holiday and employee record-keeping system, along with a visitor management system. He is a keen JavaScript engineer with a passion for the entire tech stack, from the server power cable to the mobile in your hand.
Mohammad Hunan Chughtai is a software engineer from NYC who has developed several courses with Packt Publishing. His primary interest lies in programming in the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js), and also use some other technologies such as Amazon Web Services, React Native, PHP, Java, and Ruby on Rails.
Dimitris Loukas is a software engineer currently part of a growing start-up building a revolutionary referral marketing platform with Node.js, Angular, MySQL, Redis, and Docker. He also develops trading software applications using C#, Aurelia, and TypeScript. He is an author at Packt and has developed many video tutorials in C#, .NET Core, and TypeScript. He has worked for two startups in the past, is active in the open-source community, and loves taking up small side-projects. He has developed microservices using C# and Node.js and has also mastered Angular, Aurelia, and Vue.JS. He is an early adopter of .NET Core and is fascinated by modern JavaScript and where the web is going.Who this course is for:
  • This course is for web developers who want to create amazing real-world applications using Node. js.

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