The Best Courses to Learn Node.js in 2020

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Best Free Course

1 )

Introduction to NodeJS (2017)

This Microsoft edX course aims to be an ultimate beginner guide for Node.js web application development. It is taught over 20 hours and split into a 4- to 5-week curriculum. It covers the essentials of Node.js development and also offers a verified certificate.
    • Content is truly accessible for newcomers to Node.js. Its designed to be a first look at the platform and uses application-based learning to develop skills.
    • Projects focus on popular concepts like web scraping and blogging APIs.
    • Course does a great job of covering Mongoose for database management.
    • Course is for newcomers to Node.js, not newcomers to application development. It assumes working knowledge of JavaScript essentials and is really designed for intermediate-level developers.
    • Course feels short for the type of material covered.
    • Overview of Node.js is brief.
NodeSchool Workshoppers
Best Practical Course

2 )

NodeSchool Workshoppers (2014)

Workshopper is an open-source set of learning modules run through NodeSchool. It provides a self-guided, offline resource for learning about Node.js. It covers the essentials of using Node.js, with substantial supplemental resources for JavaScript development. In all, it is an extensive resource that is available to aspiring developers that is crafted from a peer-mentor perspective.
    • The content starts simply but ultimately is rich and full of adjacent information that can help develop students as successful JavaScript developers.
    • Over 40 elective courses add a robust experience that deeply cover an exhaustive list of skills and tools that aid Node.js development.
    • In-person workshops are potentially available to add face-to-face interaction and enhance learning.
    • The workshop by itself is simplistic and covers very little. Supplemental information is necessary to make the learning valuable.
    • Getting started with the online workshop is clunky.
    • Some workshops are not available offline, and they are not clearly marked. If youre trying to primarily work offline, these workshops will sneak up on you.
Best Crash Course

3 )

Node.js Crash Course (2019)

Traversy Media is at it again, this time with a crash course in Node.js. The single video course takes right at an hour and a half, and it delves into the core concepts of working with Node.js. It teaches users how to create an HTTP server from scratch, and in so doing, walks students through the fundamentals in a real-world setting.
    • All of the code is available for download, allowing users to get as deep into it as they like.
    • Course does a great job of getting into the root actions and understanding to complete tasks covered in the video.
    • Tutorial covers a shocking amount of ground in a short span without being overwhelming.
    • Information is a bit disorganized. You may have to go through the entire tutorial multiple times to grasp some concepts.
    • Content has not been updated. Newest version of Node has some subtle syntax changes that can challenge users.
    • This is a content blitz. Some users will have to go back, slow down or repeat to really grasp it.
Best NEW Course

4 )

Getting Started with Node.js - Full Tutorial (2019)

This tutorial is a single video designed to take students from an introduction of Node.js all the way through application development and debugging. It takes right at 2 hours and 30 minutes, and it covers all of the basics of the Node.js environment. It is supplemented with hundreds of professional programming articles and a number of additional external resources, making for a robust learning experience.
    • Content is extremely focused, enabling for greater clarity than peer instructional resources.
    • Samer Buna is a renowned educator and mentor. His presentation is among the best.
    • Course is ultimately a great resource to prime users for the vast supplemental information, making it an invaluable resource for beginners to move towards mastery of Node.js.
    • Though it claims to be a full tutorial, it is really just an introduction. Mastery of Node.js is too complicated to be conveyed in a single video.
    • Supplemental information is substantially more advanced than the presentation in the video.
    • Works best when taken alongside additional Node.js introductions.
Rithm School Node and Express.js Fundamentals
Best Text Based Course

5 )

Rithm School Node and Express.js Fundamentals (2017)

Rithm School offers this free course on Node and Express. It focuses on the basics to empower users to create built-in modules and build and deploy their own applications. It is broken into 13 sections that take a combined 8 hours to complete. As is the Rithm School way, the course heavily emphasizes practical application to ensure that students can thrive on their own upon completion.
    • One of the most honest courses, this really does serve as a genuine introduction to Node concepts.
    • Course relies on substantially less on students having a strong JavaScript background than comparable courses.
    • Course does a great job of combining Node and Express lessons for a more complete look at building server-side applications.
    • As an introductory course, the lessons stay light. Fast learners will itch for more information and move to more advanced courses quickly.
    • Udemy version of Rithm School's same course offers more resources and information.
    • Even though course is built around hand-on experience, it does a substandard job of empowering students to complete an original project of their own design.
Node JS API Development for Beginners

6 )

Node JS API Development for Beginners (2019)

Udemy crafted this three-hour course to break the ice between beginners and Node.js development. It takes a friendly, overview glance at the fundamentals of Node. It covers the basics of what Node does and how. It then moves into writing and utilizing functions. It also includes bonus lectures that help students get into MERN stack and using their newfound Node skills.
Server-side Development with NodeJS
Best Advanced Course

7 )

Server-side Development with NodeJS (2016)

Coursera and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have partnered to bring you this course on server app development. It is part of a larger program that teaches multiple specializations in full-stack development. This course, in particular, focuses on all things server-related. It covers building web servers, databases and app development with Node.js.

8 )

Node JS Tutorial for Beginners (2016)

The Net Ninja built this YouTube tutorial series to bring novices into the fold of using Node.js to develop server applications. It spans 37 video lessons and about 3 hours of total content. Through that content, students learn the essentials of Node functions and features, MongoDB and deployment of apps. It walks through the full processing of developing a to-do app to ensure that students have a firm grasp of real-world applications of the lessons covered.
Node.JS Video Tutorials

9 )

Node.JS Video Tutorials (2010)

This web series takes a deep look at asynchronous programming. It spans 16 episodes of video lessons. They cover essential information in server hosting, HTTP APIs and various tools, tips and tricks for application development. It offers a unique look at server applications and management, and it can empower Node developers to quickly learn their way around the biggest and most common challenges in Node development with ease.
Build a Node.js Project from Scratch

10 )

Build a Node.js Project from Scratch (2014)

As the name implies, this is a book tutorial crafted around walking students through a Node project. While explaining the fundamentals of Node, it exposes students to Express, Bower, npm, Gulp, Grunt and more. The book spreads the lessons into 10 chapters, each with a number of core concepts. Overall, the book serves as a workshop and tutorial that teaches Node development from a firsthand experience.
Node JS: Advanced Concepts

11 )

Node JS: Advanced Concepts (2019)

Get advanced with Node.Js! Learn caching with Redis, speed up through clustering, and add image upload with S3 and Node!

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