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Workshopper is an open-source set of learning modules run through NodeSchool. It provides a self-guided, offline resource for learning about Node.js. It covers the essentials of using Node.js, with substantial supplemental resources for JavaScript development. In all, it is an extensive resource that is available to aspiring developers that is crafted from a peer-mentor perspective.

Produced in 2014

What you will learn

  • This first lesson in every platform introduction: Hello World.
  • Fundamentals of development with Node.js.
  • How to make effective I/O.

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Overall Score : 88 / 100

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Course Description

node js Awards Best Practical Course

These workshoppers focus on essential skills for working with Node.js.
Youll need Node.js on your computer to get started with each of these. Then use npm (it comes with Node) to install each module with the command below it. Once installed, simply type the workshoppers name to launch.You will also need a Text Editor, if you don't have one already, you may want one for editing code. A few options: Atom, Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, Brackets.Problems with the workshopper? Try installing the latest version of Node.js (v6.2.0 or higher), or ask a question in the discussion.



    • The content starts simply but ultimately is rich and full of adjacent information that can help develop students as successful JavaScript developers.
    • Over 40 elective courses add a robust experience that deeply cover an exhaustive list of skills and tools that aid Node.js development.
    • In-person workshops are potentially available to add face-to-face interaction and enhance learning.
    • The workshop by itself is simplistic and covers very little. Supplemental information is necessary to make the learning valuable.
    • Getting started with the online workshop is clunky.
    • Some workshops are not available offline, and they are not clearly marked. If youre trying to primarily work offline, these workshops will sneak up on you.



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By thdnunes on 04/15/2019

A bunch of open source lesson modules focused on essential skills for working with Node.js and on popular libraries or styles of writing Node.js. 100% free, colabprative, self-guided, and most of them work offline.

By Piyush Katariya on 09/02/2017

NodeSchools learnyounode is quite good to get started.

By DaAwesomeP on 06/12/2014

Node School is a great place to ask for help, learn through awesome tutorials, contribute your own lessons, and even go to events IRL.

By Zaidar on 08/04/2014

Really helpful, because it help to better understand nodejs by programming real world exampke, and that's what you need to get good at every thing. Practice practice and practice.

By JacksonBates on 06/09/2016

The map suggests using the nodeschool module learnyounode, which is ok, but that wasnt nearly enough information for me. I had to pour over hours of You tube videos before it started to click.

By SlobberJockey on 04/04/2018

I tried out the Learnyounode lesson and was quietly impressed, but some of the other electives are a bit lacking in substance.

By markussss on 11/24/2014

i've had a lot of fun with both learnyounode and functional-javascript-workshop. i find this to be a really cool way to learn something new. first get a challenge that i don't know how to solve and a few pointers to where to look to gain information to be able to solve the challenge, and a really cool way of verifying if the solution i came up with works or not.

By sketch_ on 08/06/2015

LearnYouNode is a great starting point in my opinion.

By imTgv on 09/16/2018

I found the tutorials on Node School pretty good to get familiar with the basics. In Workshopper list you can begin by doing the learnyounode and how to npm.

By DefiantBidet on 08/28/2018

interactive, goes over basic stuff, based on tests so you get the concept of testing your code - which is super important.

By Quincy Larson on 06/22/2015

3 Reasons Node School Rocks 1. It's free 2. It's open source - which means anyone can keep it up to date (unlike outdated closed-source paid resources) 3. Even though it's an NPM module, you can do the entire course in your browser

By mauricioandrian on 08/02/2016

I think it is not suitable for beginners and Im completely lost with Node JS before, during and after the learnyounode tutorial. Every single time, I had to look for the solution and still couldnt figure it out how it works. There are TOO MANY parts moving (http, tcp, streams, pipe, request, response, async, callbacks, ports, to name a few).