Just Express (with a bunch of node and http). In detail. (Udemy.com)

No MERN or MEAN... just Express js. For those who've learned a bit about the most awesome node framework, and want more.

Created by: Robert Bunch

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Express. That's (mostly) all we cover so when you finish, you'll know it!
  • Set up an Express server that can do anything Express can do!
  • Operate that Express Server as a REST API
  • Use that Express Server to render your front-end web pages with EJS, PUG, & handlebars
  • Understand the basics of HTTP and the request/response cycle

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

You have some notion of what Node, Express, and http are or you wouldn't be here. Node and back-end JavaScript have taken the world by storm, [SOME BIG COMPANY] moved to node and it changed the world, blah blah blah. One of the first things you're going to learn in any node course is about the Express module. But how much do you really learn about it? How to render a page in one template engine? How to make a get and a post route? Most MEAN and MERN stacks students I've met learned Express in a few breaths and then moved on to MongoDB, MySQL, Angular, React, or whatever was in the rest of the tech stack. What is http anyway? Should I even care? It's easy to get 2 inches deep and find you've accomplished your task, but in fact have no idea why it works or how you'd go further. That, in my opinion, is no good for someone who wants to be a great developer.
I've had a lot of students ask for a course on just Express js because they were either overwhelmed when they learned it, or they can't find any detail on it to go further than beginner knowledge. That's what this course is for. We will go through the various pieces of Express in detail so you can know why it behaves the way it does and get the most out of it. Express 5 is currently in alpha, so when it hits beta or full release, and as questions come up, the course will expand accordingly!
Note: this course is not a quick path to launch a webapp with Express/Node. You can get that in 10 minutes in many other places. This course is meant to take a longer, deeper look at what Express js actually does.
I've been using Express since V.2, in 2012 and have seen it do just about everything. It is one of my favorite node modules and consistently one of the most downloaded on npm. There are other awesome technologies that patch into Express that get easily missed. This course will naturally lead into other things like websockets, webRTC, etc. Prepare for one of the most awesome node modules on npm!

  1. Environment Setup (skip if you have node installed already)
  2. Before Express... - TCP & HTTP, making an express-less node server
  3. Express 101 - Making a basic web sever with Express
  4. Express 201 - Middleware and Rendering
  5. Express 301 - Req & Res revisited, the router, and the express generator
  6. Rendering Project
  7. API Project
  8. Passport (jwt & local strategy still coming)
  9. Best Practices (Coming...)
  10. Supplemental - connecting to various DBs (very basic - only for those already familiar with a database)

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner node developers who want to learn Express but overwhelmed by full MERN or MEAN courses
  • Beginner node developers who need a review of JUST Express js
  • Developers who want to go into the various pieces of Express in a little more depth without having to look at the docs
  • Developers interested in using node as a webserver or using web sockets with Express

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Instructor Details

Robert Bunch

Robert Bunch has been a developer since 2004, having built complex applications for small tech startups to major companies. Most recently, he has been a code school instructor since 2015 where he's worked directly with students applying his passion for teaching and development. His ability to break down the complexities of code and demystify the magic trick, have had immense success as told by his students. He earned a computer science degree in 2001.



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Very thorough course on using Express. I'm a front end developer who knew the very basics of Express, but I feel confident now in making my own full stack apps using Node.js and Express. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn Express really well.

I feel the course did a good job of covering different aspects of Express.js, and feel the instructor did a good job of starting with the background of how transport protocols, HTTP, and HTTPS work.I think the way the instructor handles exercises could be a little better. I am glad that the instructor includes the exercises in the body of the videos. Based on experiences with other instructors, I find it helpful if the instructor mentions that an exercise is going to be coming up. I think it would also help if there were more exercises, and the exercises were larger. For example, instead of "see if you can figure out how to get this parameter", try asking students "get this parameter we are passing in and send it back in the response".Otherwise, I feel this course was well designed, and very helpful in conveying the subject.

Thanks for making this course simplified and easy to understand. No jargon and big words, to the point no wasting time. Clear and concise topics presentation.

Waiting for the next course on MERN stack, hope to see how we connect all those technologies ... hopefully we can see multer and file uploads, user auth , those things we covered in isolation in Express and React, with mongoDB + mongoose, great work Robert.

Ridiculously awesome, Lol. I, personally enjoyed the course. I knew express little bit ahead of this course but learned lot of new things and best practices. I found it little easy but it is perfect for beginners and new bees. Instructor is knowledgeable in the subject and good at explaining things. I'd highly recommend this course who wants to learn express. Thank you!

Phenomenal course, lots of content covered in a relatively short period of time. Express truly is a versatile backend framework, I took the other course on socket.io (also based on Node) and I'm excited to build apps with both technologies. If you wanna go full stack you should definitely give this a try.

Excellent course! Good teacher. I took this course as a complement for other node.js courses and it delivered. I went through that material in my CS classes and that was a good way to refresh the memory of it from back then.Good material, good presentation, good use cases, not an end point for knowing Express, but a serious step in that direction.Thank you, I had a good time with Just Express :)(ps english = '011'rd langage )

The concepts are being explained with proper background. The course provides the various ways to perform the same thing and helps us decide which is the better one which is utmost necessary as we will have to develop later on.

Great course. I knew Express somewhat, just the basics but thanks to this course that knowledge has increased a lot.

Hi Robert, I have done a number of courses on Udemy as well as other sites and I have to say that this was by far the best to date. What I really appreciated is that you take the time to explain the concepts before you get into the code, something many other courses fail to do. As a result you actually understand what you are writing when you code, rather than just follow along. Thanks for greating a AAA+ course. I'd highly recommend it to other students interested in building a solid understanding of Express!

Great course, I learned so much about Express and middlewares. I went from 0 to hero. Highly recommended.

A few things about this course that may help someone in the future. Note the date in case this course gets updated and this review is no longer valid. I'm on a mission to absorb everything I can find on Express and MongoDB/mongoose so when I queried the site for intermediate and expert courses this appeared under intermediate. First I'll point out this isn't technically an intermediate course this is a beginner course on Express. Personally I would think anyone looking to get into Express should understand Node and that they should feel comfortable in Node but that might be me. The first three courses I did watch on maxed playback.Onto the reason for the rating.-1 star: The whole course it was mentioned the importance of securing API keys and he even went on to mention in the last video there are scrapers just looking for keys on Github. I think there is a missed opportunity here to teach the importance of env files and how it's important to not push keys to a repo. Even a simple use case for something like dotenv with a .gitignore is better than nothing in Express 101, 201 or 301.- 1/2 star: This might be due to completing a lot of the other courses or since I've already gone through every LinkedIn course on Node but the repo is just a dump of everything. I would have preferred a branch approach where I could code along and if my code failed I could reference the source files for comparison from that branch. This approach would also help if I ever forget something and need to come back and do a video, for example passport, I could download those starting files and code along with the video. Wouldn't even have to use Github some other authors just provide a file download for that lesson.-1/2 star: Maybe this is another personal preference but over the time taking the course I recall him mentioning the importance of not overloading a file and separating certain routes. I think this same logic should be applied to middleware. The author dumped all middleware into the same files as the routes when I think it would have been better to create a directory and then require the middleware into the route. I think this is a best practice so feel free to take it as personal preference.I do like to ask a few questions to see if the author will apply. Some Udemy course I've taken the author is MIA for some time and that can be reflected in the Q&A but the questions I did ask the author responded within 24 hours so that should be noted. This review can be changed and the cool thing with Udemy courses is authors can modify their course so it be nice to see that implemented.I think the author has a lot of potential to make an awesome true intermediate or expert course. I've only taken one other course on Udemy that does truly feel like an intermediate/expert course but I would love a singular, full blown project, from beginning to deployment that covers Node, Express, MongoDB, mongoose, Handlebars, passport, stripe, Jest, ESLint and Heroku and the author is welcome to ask what I'm referring to. I will be following the author to see what other courses they create.