Samer Buna

Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

Most Recent Review

Quite good, you could have gone more rapidly in the initial basic part, and you could have given some example of the latest things, but all considered, it's a good job.
- Review by Davide Bagno

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Instructor Bio

Samer Buna is a polyglot coder with years of practical experience in designing, implementing, and testing software, including web and mobile applications development, API design, functional programming, optimization, system administration, databases, and scalability. Samer worked in several industries including real estate, government, education, and publications. Samer has also authored several technical books and online courses about Node.js, React.js, GraphQL, and Ruby on Rails. He is passionate about everything JavaScript, and he loves exploring new libraries.

Samer Buna's Core Subjects

  • node js
  • react native