Node JS Tutorial for Beginners

The Net Ninja built this YouTube tutorial series to bring novices into the fold of using Node.js to develop server applications. It spans 37 video lessons and about 3 hours of total content. Through that content, students learn the essentials of Node functions and features, MongoDB and deployment of apps. It walks through the full processing of developing a to-do app to ensure that students have a firm grasp of real-world applications of the lessons covered.

Created by: Shaun Pelling

Produced in 2016

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Course Description

Yo ninjas, in this Node JS tutorial series for beginners, we'll be walking step by step through what Node JS is, and how it all works. We'll also be creating a Node JS application from scratch using express, and hook it up to MongoDB - a noSQL database perfect for using with Node.

Instructor Details


Since a young age, Shaun has had an obsession for nearly anything tech-related. He's been coding since about the age of 15 and he work as a full-stack web developer and online instructor. Shaun runs a well-known development tutorial YouTube channel called The Net Ninja with nearly 300,000 subscribers. His specialities mainly gravitate around one central language - JavaScript. He's been programming with it for around 12 years and - as with any long-term relationship - he's had the pleasure of seeing it's ugly side as well as it's beautiful side. So he knows the pitfalls to avoid when using it, and pass these on when appropriate in his tutorials.



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By jer244 on 11/13/2017

His channel is awesome! Ive worked through a few of his frontend playlists, also the Node JS playlist 12 helped me a ton when I was starting out on the backend.

By RobocopLemonade on 08/14/2018

I think a great first resource would be 'The Net Ninja' on YouTube. He has a Node.js playlist that takes you from installing Node on your machine to building a to-do list app. It's pretty easy to understand.

By Nyantee A on 03/12/2018

I refer everyone I know who is trying to learn code to these tutorials! really helped me through school!

By A. Amengual on 02/25/2020

Great tutorial, with clear explanations that are easy to follow and straight to the point. My job as a front web programming teacher has become a looooot easier.

By smartmsn on 05/27/2017

Best of the best teaching !!! You made it cakewalk :) I was so confused with Node JS , now I am loving it.

By Kerrington Wells on 01/05/2018

YES! Someone finally gets it! I like how you keep most your vids between 5-10 minutes. Makes the content much easier to digest(especially if your a beginner)

By Abhishek Jain on 04/13/2019

Superb tutorial. Very nice description of every step. great job!

By Larence Silveri on 03/31/2019

very nice, simple and straight way of learning videos. thanks alot.

By koundamanee on 02/05/2017

Certainly this is the best node js tutorial on youtube. All the videos in the playlist are excellent. The tutorials are simple, interesting, focus on the driving the points home effectively. The to-do application demo is also outstanding.

By Marieke HvA on 03/04/2020

Way better than the other 'node.js for beginners' tutorials. I fell asleep with the others because they were all talking so intensely monotone aargh!

By Rashik Hasnat on 06/09/2018

This is one of the most under-rated tutorials i've ever seen. The tutorials are awesome!