Modern JavaScript (Complete guide, from Novice to Ninja) (

Create awesome JavaScript driven web apps with modern JavaScript from the very beginning right through to ninja-level.

Created by: Shaun Pelling

Produced in 2022

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Course Description

Hey gang, and welcome to your first step on the path to becoming a JavaScript ninja! In this course I'll be teaching you my absolute favourite language (JavaScript!) from the very beginning, right through to creating fully-fledged, dynamic & interactive web experiences.

We'll cover all the basics to get you up-and-running quickly, before diving in to some of the really fun stuff like web-page manipulation, creating interactive forms, popups & other cool effects. Along the way we'll be using the latest additions to the JavaScript specification (ES6, 7 & beyond) and maintaining good coding standards to keep our code clean and effective!

Once we master the basics, we'll dive into several real-life JavaScript projects, including an interactive quiz, a weather app, a real-time chat application and a small UI library you can use in all your future projects!

We'll also take a look at some more advanced topics - object oriented programming, asynchronous code, real-time databases and much more. Finally, we'll be setting up a modern work-flow using Webpack & Babel, so that by the end of this course you'll be no less than a black-belt JavaScript developer with a lot of coding techniques in your tool-belt.

Speaking of ninjas, I'm also known as The Net Ninja on YouTube, where you'll find hundreds of free coding tutorials, so feel free to pop by to say hello :).

Who this course is for:
  • New or junior developers who want to learn JavaScript from the ground up
  • Front-end developers who want to level-up their JavaScript knowledge using modern, cutting-edge techniques
  • Back-end developers who want to learn the JavaScript language for front-end development

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Instructor Details

Shaun Pelling

A Little About Me...

Hey gang, my name's Shaun and since a young age I've had an obsession for nearly anything tech-related. I've been coding since about the age of 15 (half of my life, now...phew!) and work as a full-stack web developer and online instructor.

I also run a well-known development tutorial YouTube channel called The Net Ninja with nearly 300,000 subscribers. So feel free to browse some of my latest free tutorials on there if you want to check out my teaching style :).

My specialities mainly gravitate around one central language (and my first love) - JavaScript. I've been programming with it for around 12 years and - as with any long-term relationship - have had the pleasure of seeing it's ugly side as well as it's beautiful side. So I know the pitfalls to avoid when using it, and pass these on when appropriate in my tutorials.

As well as teaching, I've also helped to create many very popular, UK-based eCommerce websites, as well as a large amount of smaller, independent websites as well.

Other languages & technologies I use and teach are - Node.js, Vue, React, Python, Ruby, PHP, HTML & CSS.

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By Akash Sharma on 4 days ago

Dont just look for reviews. Try out Shaun's huge collection of tutorials on his youtube channel The Net Ninja. You will become a fan of his lovely teaching and then you will buy this superb course. This course made the summer of 2019 as my most productive summer all thanks to Shaun. Now I am going to start his D3.js course on udemy.

By Eslam Zaki (EslamSpot) on a month ago

I give this course 4 stars because the material is separated as branches in git and this is really annoying me, but everything else is awesome.

By Wissal Belkadi on a month ago

i am a big fan of Shaun teaching style from his youtube channel he is one of the best instructors and this course is great i have a fair amount of javascript knowledge but i still learned so many things from this course thank u Shawn fro this course and for your youtube channel

By Cameron Cardow on a month ago

One of the best instructors out there and not just on Udemy. Terrific stuff. Reached the end of the course and really have to say I learned some new tricks. Cannot recommend this course enough.

By Nurbol on 2 months ago

just completed 10% and I really like how detailed explanation is. -half star is because of lack of challenges. 4.5 stars at 32% i really like the detailed slow explanation and everything is clear. 5 stars here. Almost 85% and still 5 star Recommend this course 100% recommend this course for beginners.

By ukasz Kurek on 2 months ago

I wish I could do this course at the begining of my road to learning JS. Still I can learn a lot. I love the way stack and heap are explained.

By Sean Adamson on a month ago

Shaun explains things very well, making them so easy to understand. I honestly believe this is the best Javascript course for beginners. Whilst there is no tasks to complete yourself, Shaun explains everything so well it really isn't necessary. I wish all Udemy courses were as good as this. After finishing this course you will be ready to do more advanced JS courses or learn a JS framework. I highly, highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Javascript. Thanks to Shaun and the TA's for the course :)

By Adarsh Lal on a month ago

I used this course as a refresher and to update my JS knowledge to modern standards. The course is clear, concise, contains easy to follow examples, builds up the knowledge foundations and demonstrated practical application to bring it all together in small projects within the course along with useful links to external references, code and resources. I found I could watch the content at at 1.75x to 2x speed easily and skip through videos as needed to get the essentials. Really nice job. The The Youtube resources are amazing too for picking up additional technologies. Thank you Shaun, this is truly a ninja level of effort to get all this goodness together so well

Comprehensive and up to date. This should be a mandatory course for each and every beginner out there. I think it will be better if newer engineers start out using ES6 , as described in this course.

By Roman Handke on 13 days ago

The Very comprehensive high-quality course that I have come to expect from Shaun. It does not matter if you are a beginner or intermediate you can hardly do better than with this course.

By Doris Radeck on a month ago

Great learning experience. I highly recommend this course and all of Shaun's YouTube courses as well. He is able to explain the concepts in depth and yet in a very lightweight and simple way. I really enjoyed it

By Waituk on 17 days ago

If you are on beginner/intermediate level, and want to really understand and write JS code in practical world, this course will take you there 100%. You will want to watch some videos multiple times to fully grasp the concepts. Also, there are plenty of opportunities to practice what you are learning, almost on every single video, so that you are fully engaged as you step up... Overall, I couldn't recommend this course more, its the best one I have come across so far. Thank you Shaun for taking me far enough where I feel completely confident to venture forward on my own now :)