Introduction to JavaScript

Highly interactive JavaScript course for absolute beginners. Dozens of coding challenges and projects. It's the most recommended free JS course by the Reddit learnprogramming community.

Produced in 2015

What you will learn

  • The basics of Javascript programming
  • JS essentials like Variables, if/else statements, loops, functions, arrays
  • Compare different values using operators
  • Building and manipulating context objects
  • Concepts such as abstraction, resource management, and security.
  • ES6: arrow functions, classes, rest paramaters, etc.
  • Regular expressions
  • Much, Much more!

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Overall Score : 82 / 100

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Course Description

Highly interactive JavaScript course for absolute beginners. Dozens of coding challenges and projects. It's the most recommended free JS course by the Reddit learnprogramming community.



    • Extremely interactive; more than 100 interactive coding challenges provided throughout the course.
    • Browser based coded environment hosted directly on FreeCodeCamp makes it easy to get started.
    • Courses are updated frequently as new JavaScript features are added.
    • Does not do a great job of engaging the learner in a meaningful way. Copying and pasting code is often all that's required to complete a coding challenge.
    • Concepts are explained only at the surface level; very little depth taught.
    • Text based. Visual learners would do better in a video-based course.



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By Austin Tackaberry on 3/10/2018

I am absolutely glad that I chose freeCodeCamp over the Odin Project, and I would give that advice to anyone that asks. As soon as you find yourself copy-pastaing anything, that is the moment that you need to go back, re-read the material, and make an active effort to actually learn it. I pretty much cruised through the program until I found my way to React. If you want to know I did end up learning React, check out this post.

FCC is a very fine program and I would recommend it unhesitatingly to anyone as either a starting point, or anyone who is looking to consolidate their initial education in front-end webdev gained anywhere else. However, it should be pointed out (and it does not qualify the previous recommendation) that -- based on what I have seen -- I very much doubt that it is a one-stop-shop to getting hired. But stop chasing that unicorn anyway. It's fantastic and your should do it.

By Sh0keR on 3/4/2019

I tried freeCodeCamp and honestly in my opinion, I find it boring to follow the tutorials they provide and on top of that they don't teach you in interactive way. Yes, they make you write code but the answer is just infront of your eyes making it easy to solve and often you forget what you've just learned since they just teach it to you once and move on the next thing.

By ryanl42 on 3/5/2019

I went through a lot of fCC on my own and once I hit the functional programming and intermediate algorithms section I felt like I had learned nothing. So I started doing a combo of rithmschool and TOP. Both are much more oriented toward learning through reading articles and documentation by specifying where you should look. They provide additional exercises and projects that work alongside fCC well.

By ml8717391 on 3/5/2019

I saw so many positive reviews of FCC, but when I tried it out I was disappointed. You basically just copy their code and then forget it two minutes later. I dont think anything really stuck.

By Samantha Ming on 8/15/2018

I recently discovered freeCodeCamp and I love it! I think they are the best free interactive learning platform. If youre a super newbie, I highly recommend that you start with this one.

By Laura White on 6/16/2017

IMO, freeCodeCamp is one of the hardest ways to learn JavaScript. The exercises are invaluable if you eventually want to be able to build up to passing the kinds of whiteboard challenges that youll likely encounter during job interviews, but the algorithm challenges are extremely challenging, especially for beginners.Rather than quit JavaScript, you could try to supplement with another course or set of courses. Once youve had a bit more practice and have built up your skills, you can try to tackle the FCC curriculum again.

By SalemBeats on 2/22/2018

IMO freeCodeCamp is better as supplemental material to practice the basics with. It's not so great at actually teaching

By Matty_22 on 2/26/2016

I've learned so much from FCC, that I recommend it to anyone who asks for advice. It is, in my opinion, categorically better than any other online MOOC for learning to code I've ever seen or used.

By miwdw34 on 9/26/2018

I think FCC's checklist-style curriculum is good for making students feel a sense of accomplishment, but can also lead to bad study habits. It's common to see FCC users think of completing an exercise and earning the check as being done learning about a concept, so they quickly move on to the next lesson. Typing one line into a prompted exercise area isn't going to make you proficient at anything. I think the better approach is to treat the lessons as an introductory jumping off point, and spend time playing around, exploring, and reading about each new concept.

By KwyjiboTheGringo on 9/26/2018

FCC isn't good for newbies unless they are really smart and good at retaining the information from the lessons. I don't think I'm an idiot, but I'm definitely not a good enough self-learner to get by with just the FCC curriculum. I need someone who is a good teacher to give me proper lessons

By ryem- on 4/3/2018

FCC is great because it not only teaches JavaScript, it teaches you how to really solve problems.