Google Analytics for Shopify: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide (

Learn how to increase your Shopify Sales and Revenue, following a six-figure Shopify Entreprenuer step-by-step

Created by: Adam Reed

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Link Google Analytics to Shopify using a unique Tracking ID
  • Navigate your way around the Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Identify the Key Areas you should use in Google Analytics
  • Identify your best-performing Demographics
  • Identify Key Locations around the world where your business is LOVED
  • Identify the Best Days, Hours and Time of the Month to Maximise your Marketing and Advertising Budget
  • Understand HOW to use Google Analytics Data
  • Understand WHY you should use this Data
  • Apply Your Own Data to Your Own Business or Website
  • Minimise your Ad Spend and Maximise your Sales and Profit

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Course Description

If you've ever run an online business, you'll probably understand how hard it can be to identify your target audience to begin with, and to then minimise your Ad Spend, while trying to maximise your Revenue.
By using the correct Google Analytics setup, and learning how to strategically analyse and apply data from your Google Analytics account, you can fine-tune your marketing and advertising to sky-rocket your Shopify business, without adding a single penny extra to your marketing budget! In fact, you can often save money after learning how to use Google Analytics to your advantage!
In this course you will follow me step-by-step, a six-figure Shopify Entrepreneur and Bestselling Udemy Instructor, as I guide you through exactly how to do it.
You'll receive an initial overview of how to link Shopify and Google Analytics, followed by a comprehensive walkthrough of the key areas you should be familiar with in the Analytics dashboard.
Following this, we'l set up some Goals and Funnels to help us track our Revenue, and we'll create 5 incredibly important Custom Reports that will help us to pin-point when and where you should be focusing your marketing and advertising. I'll also provide you a deeper walkthrough of how to analyse data about Locations, Languages, Ages, Genders, Devices and more... in order to further your understanding of how exactly to analyse and then apply your data. This is where you'll see the true power of Google Analytics!
Following the strategies provided within this course, I have managed to halve my Cost per Acquisition through Facebook Ads, and have had a Cost per Acquisition on Google AdWords of less than $1!
Don't believe me? Check out the Proof Section of this course absolutely FREE.
I show you SOLID PROOF of my ability to turn 5 in to 1000 through Google Analytics and Google AdWords.
Using the strategies I show you in this Course, I have been able to generate over 1000 in revenue on one of my Shopify stores from less than 5 in advertising spend on Google AdWords. Obviously, this isn't representative of my average Return on Ad Spend, but it does demonstrate how incredibly important it is to have the correct Google Analytics set up for your Shopify website. Without the correct set up and knowledge of how to properly use Google Analytics data to your advantage, you're never going to exceed your business goals and sky-rocket your business.
Without following the tips and tricks I show you in this Course, I would never have been able to achieve such amazing results.
So if you want to learn how to collect, analyse and then apply Google Analytics data to your own business to take it to the next level, you should join me inside the course and we'll get started.
All the best,
Adam ReedWho this course is for:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Shopify Users
  • E-Commerce Business Owners
  • Online Business Owners
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Advertising Consultants
  • Marketing and Advertising Agencies
  • Anyone who wants to learn about improving their advertising and marketing budget allocation

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Instructor Details

Adam Reed

Best Selling Udemy Instructor for Ecommerce Shopify & Dropshipping
A 24 year old graduate and entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in online business. Since the age of 15 Adam has been involved in many different online enterprises.
Since 2016, Adam has focused on Ecommerce, specifically on Shopify, Dropshipping and Print on Demand business models.
His achievements to date include:
Six-figure Shopify store valuations
Generated over one million dollars in revenue with Shopify Dropshipping
Generated over one million dollars in revenue with Shopify Print on Demand
For 2019, Adam's aim is to re-record all of his Best Selling Udemy Courses to provide his students an up to date, step by step guide to online business.
In addition, he'll be releasing some new courses, with some familiar faces as his co-instructors.
Through starting and running online enterprises, Adam has developed a wide range of skills and expertise, in areas including:
Facebook Ads and Google AdWords
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Supply Chain Management
Web and Mobile App Development
Outsourcing and developing Lifestyle Businesses
Graphic Design (Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop)
Social Media Growth Hacks and Automation



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Excellent comprehensive course on Google Analytics. Highly recommend.

So far very good breakdown of Google Analytics with bonus value of how to optimize for Shopify, good for beginners and people who have already worked with Google Analytics but done have a lot of training.

It is a very good match for me, I gained a lot and I have been able to update my analysis, I am convinced it will help me going forward in my ads and other promotional efforts.

Good information although I think it could have been better if the first couple of sections showed examples of a GA account with more data. The store that he sold only had 3 conversions before it was sold so while the ideas that were being taught were valid, it would be been more beneficial to see these being taught with a more established store.

Could have been more in-depth. Some good information. Worth the discounted price.

This has been an excellent pace an level of detail. Great that we can follow along and work on our site as we learn.

It's very good. If I can get the one sell or one purchasing visitors. I am on my way.

I was given a real eye-opener with this course. It's my second course from Adam, am currently wrapping up his Shopify dropshipping course and have been blown away again by the professional flow and insight given throughout. I'm leaving this course with quite the impressed view of google ad words, and google analytics. I'm just starting out, have been looking into research for how best to find solid marketing channels that I wouldn't need to break the bank in order to figure out what and how to structure my offering online to find the right audiences to advertise to.I have to admit, looking at Facebook had me a bit intimidated hearing the stories online about how difficult it could be to build up the data needed to learn your best angles for marketing, but with this course I learned just how powerful Google's platform could be, and will make the jump to focus on that channel primarily and look into facebook secondarily as I go along going into the coming year possibly.


This course is very valuable, my perspective has been improved significantly. I would highly recommend this course and purchase additional google analytics courses if the instructor decides to create them! After taking this course I feel laser focused on generating or building useful data to maximize what I spend advertising.

Great stuff learned to analyze each aspect of your store data i am loving it. It is a goldmine man huge valuable information

Love this course! It's amazing how we can have an extremely high conversion rate if we know how to analyze Google Analytics properly. The cost / return rate is insane! And I like how short the course is. It only focus on the important parts, not dragging the course to death. Only 2 hours-ish and it's packed with information.