Graphic Design Masterclass - Learn GREAT Design (

The Ultimate Graphic Design Course Which Covers Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign,Design Theory, Branding and Logo Design

Created by: Lindsay Marsh

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Have a deep understanding of typography, color theory, photos, layout, blocking and other design theory and skills
  • Understand and learn the essential tools and capabilities of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
  • Create logos and branding packages for potential clients
  • Learn photo editing and manipulation in Adobe Photoshop
  • Master the pen tool, shape builder tool and other essential vector design tools in Adobe Illustrator.
  • How to create editorial spreads and magazine layouts using Adobe InDesign
  • Understand solid logo design and ad design principles to create compelling campaigns and logos
  • Work through the entire package design process
  • Learn non-destructive editing techniques in Adobe Photoshop
  • Work through an event flyer design to understand strong type hierarchy, balance and overall design layout
  • Learn a few of the upcoming design trends for 2019
  • Learn the history of fonts and typefac

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Course Description

As you can see, this course is updated frequently with new lessons and projects!
Nov 2019 - NEW! - Adobe Illustrator introduction and tools section (vector tracing worksheet)
Nov 2019 -
NEW! - Photoshop section and Projects (including a new youtube thumbnail and book cover project)
Oct 2019 -
NEW! 11 page downloadable resource - The Guide to Grids
Oct 2019 -
NEW! Color Theory and Color Harmony Lessons + new Downloadable Resources
July 2019 -
NEW! Affinity Designer Section! Learn The Basic Tools and Differences Between Adobe Illustrator And Affinity Designer
May 2019 -
NEW! Downloadable Resources - the Anatomy of Typography poster and the Psychology of Color graphic!
April 2019 -
NEW Lessons: Finding Your Graphic Design Niche and Focus!
Dec 2018 -
NEW Lessons: 2019 Design Trends Lessons

Graphic Design Master Class - Learn GREAT Design
Do you want to learn all the skills and techniques you need to create incredible designs?
Do you want to know the process of creating logos and branding packages?
Are you intimidated by learning photoshop, illustrator or InDesign and want to learn through practical real world projects? Than This class will be for you!
We will extensively review Typography, color theory, layout and composition, how to use photos in design, photo manipulations and editing and magazine layout design, branding and logo design just to name a few.
We also learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop, illustrator and InDesign and do projects with real world applications. Every designer needs to know and master these programs and this course makes sure you know the essential tools to power through amazing projects.
In Adobe Photoshop, we will review photo editing and manipulation techniques like how to cut objects out, duotones, changing color on objects, the liquify tool and we will create a compelling YouTube thumbnail with our newly learned photoshop skills as well as an entire book cover design project.
In Adobe Illustrator, we will master the pen tool by hand tracing simple and complex shapes. We will explore the power of the shape builder tool and In the end of this section, we will design a complete logo design. There is an entirely new introduction and tools section that has been added where we work through a 7 page vector tracing worksheet and in the end create a complex vector illustration using our newly learned illustrator vector tools. Lastly, we will put together an event flyer to practice our layout skills, and even work through the branding process and create a logo, business card and letterhead for a business.
We will will create a magazine layout in InDesign and learn the master pages tool to drastically speed up your design workflow when working with multiple paged layouts.
We will talk about branding basics, what makes a good logo? How do you extend your logo or brand to other marketing materials?
I designed this extensive course to be gentle enough for new comers to design but detailed enough for everyone to get a TON out of this course.

New Mini-Course Added! (April 2019)
Discover Your Design Niche!

Do you want to find out what design niche you should concentrate on? This is an exploratory mini-class added to the Graphic Design Masterclass course on Udemy (Section 15) that helps you find your next focus and explore many wonderful options for budding and established designers.
We are going to review some main core design categories and talk about what types of projects you will do and also what you will need to learn to leap into those design niches.

There are always more niches to discover but we will focus on the following in this mini-class:

Logo Design
Print & Editorial Design
Pattern Design and Illustration
Package Design
Branding Design
UX/UI Design
Social Media/Digital Graphic Designer

By the end of this class you will have a solid grasp of what each design niche entails. You will have confidence in choosing your top three focal niches to kickstart or enhance your design offerings and know what to learn next.Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in creating compelling and GREAT design.
  • Those interested in learning Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign (Affinity Designer Too!)
  • Those wanting to understand graphic design basics and theory paired with real world projects and applications
  • Those looking to learn logo design and branding techniques and execution
  • Anyone wanting to become a graphic designer part-time or full-time, or those who need design skills to elevate their current careers.
  • Those looking for a solid graphic design foundations course with the depth of an intermediate level course
  • Those wanting to learn the basics of Affinity Designer and learn the difference between Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer

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Instructor Details

Lindsay Marsh

If anyone has questions about which course may work best for them, please feel free to contact or message me.
I have had many self-made titles over the years: Brand Manager, Digital Architect, Interactive Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Social Media Expert, to name a few. My name is Lindsay Marsh and I have been creating brand experiences for my clients for over 15 years. As a freelance graphic designer, I have worked on a wide variety of projects both in the digital and print space.
I have had the wonderful opportunity of taking classes at some of the top design schools in the world: Parsons at The New School, The Pratt Institute and NYU.
I have had the pleasure of teaching over 100,000+ students globally online. I have provided private tutoring in the the area of design and marketing for over 8 years. I am also now a certified Canva Certified Creative.
The thing I enjoy most of all about being a teacher is seeing my students flourish and to be able to start careers that are passionate and rewarding.
I have a Facebook group dedicated to helping my students thrive and start new freelance design businesses. I want to get to know my students personally and give them that one on one critique and advice that I think goes missing in the online teaching world.



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I really loved this course. Lindsay, you are a really great teacher. I was able to be understand all about the basics and understandings of graphic design and the way you teach makes it easier to understand. Thank you for teaching.

This was the first proper course I have seen on Graphic Design. It is beautifully structured and it eases you into the software so a couple of lessons in and you're already comfortable in the Adobe ecosystem.

Loved the course! Easy to understand, clear and very informative! Planning to purchase the course on branding and the graphic design next level course taught by Lindsay as well!

First 60% of the course is good . The last 40% is not good enough.

I really enjoyed the course! I had the most fun with illustrator so I'm excited to start creating my own vectors. I only have two points for improvement. First is the background music. Sometimes it's a little out of place/odd sounding so it distracts from the video lesson or other times it's a little too loud so the actual voice recording is hard to hear. Second is that sometimes when the instructor is using the application, the screen is not zoomed it. I think it would help if it was zoomed in a lot more so that the students won't have a hard time recognizing which tool she's clicking on, etc.Other than that, I really enjoyed this course and would recommend it to others who would like to learn the basics of these applications. Thanks so much!

Since I have been learning from this course, I have seen significant improvement in my graphic design work. I love every moment in this course and I would recommend this course to anyone looking to take their design work to the next level

Outstanding course and instruction. Cementing well-needed basics to speed up workflow and turnaround. Thank you! I will refer as often as possible!

Overall, a fantastic course and excellent for those who want to understand graphic design, and the Adobe suite in greater detail. Photoshop and Illustrator were covered in enough detail for me to understand the core principles and really run with them in my own way - My only qualm is that the InDesign portion of the class felt like it was missing a 30-minute introduction of sorts - It seems to jump straight into a project without providing guidance on any of the software's tools or idiosyncrasies which differentiate it. Something I feel which could be easily remedied in an update.I cannot fault Lindsay, her knowledge and understanding of graphic design, its associated software(s) and the niches surrounding each area of the industry are exceptional - And whilst I was familiar with most of the subjects covered, it would be hard not to recommend this course to anyone looking to gain a greater understanding of the industry. Thank you, Lindsay. :-)

Amazing course, I knew nothing about graphic design before this, this was simple and very easy to learn. The instructor was so helpful if you have questions she's always there to answer and help.I learned a lot through this course.

I did not expect so many wonderful resources to accompany this course. The Vector Illustration Project was incredibly helpful and delivers so much information, tools, and tips in easy to understand small bites.

Just loved how Lindsey facilitate this course. Such rich content and fun projects. LOVE how she keeps updating the content and tries to provide more all the time.

I loved the course. I already had some graphic design experience, but Lindsay covered a lot of new things for me. The course was easy to follow and gave me a lot of inspiration for my future works. I would highly recommend it.