How To Create App Icons in Affinity Designer (

How To Create Modern Flat Design App Icons in Affinity Designer

Created by: Dawid Tuminski

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • How to create flat design app icons in Affinity Designer
  • How to use basic and more advanced tools in Affinity Designer

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Course Description

If you ever wanted to learn graphic design and have something to show for it, then you are in for a treat.
Welcome to How To Create App icons in Affinity Designer.
The course that will help you get real graphic design and Affinity Designer skills.
Because it's all about practicality.
Inside you will find more than 15 mobile application icon designs that will help you understand
  • the Pen tool
  • the custom shapes tools
  • fills, strokes and gradients
  • transformations, including rotating, flipping and stacking
  • shape creation techniques, like dividing, adding and subtracting
and lots more!
So if you ever felt disappointed after learning design software, because you couldn't see any practical benefits from what you learnt, you will love this course.
Its main goal is you gaining serious design and Affinity Designer skills that will stay with you for the rest of your design career.
The course is more than 20 (!) projects teaching you how to create:
  • a Camera app icon
  • a Podcast app icon
  • a Chrome browser icon
  • a modern smartphone mock up
to name just a few!
We will get our hands dirty and design modern flat design icons from A to Z.
And in the process you will learn simple as well as more advanced Affinity Designer techniques.
It's recommended that you have some basic understanding of Affinity Designer.
We won't be talking about every fundamental aspect of it - we will dive straight into the creation process so you can learn as much as possible in as reasonable amount of time as possible.
The course will help you gain confidence in creating flat design artwork and using Affinity Designer independently.
You will get skills that will help you build a portfolio of custom, nicely looking graphic design elements that yo can use in your own projects.
So if you really want to learn Affinity Designer and you don't want to spend months watching tutorials that get you nowhere, give this course a shot.
Hope to see you inside!Who this course is for:
  • BBeginner and intermediate graphic designers who want to get real life Affinity Designer skills

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Instructor Details

Dawid Tuminski

Designer, coder and educational entrepreneur.
Adobe Certified Expert in Illustrator whose courses were listed in the Udemy's TOP 10 best reviewed courses.
Creating online courses on design tools like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, logo design, web design, graphic design freelancing, online teaching and digital marketing .
Teaching +30k students in 160 countries worldwide.
Owner of a graphic design studio.
Loves the freedom of creating courses and prides in his teaching method, which is straight to the point and with a smile.
His motto: Boring instructors are worse than boring topics!
His students value his courses for their conciseness, professionalism and actionable tips and techniques they can apply in their day-to-day design tasks and online education businesses.



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Very well taught with a good pace learnt a lot from making these icons thank you for the time and effort.

I learned how to create some very useful icons throughout this course that will come in handy. Mr. Dawid always makes some of the best courses on learning how to create things in Affinity Designer! I would definitely recommend this course to anybody wanting to learn how to make app icons! This course was very thorough and fun!

Course was great and I learned a lot. Each section was easy to follow and applying the basic principles of Affinity Designer to create nice looking icons was a lot of fun.

I think its very good and I have learned several new tricks. Affinity Designer is a very good program and I do not regret that I switched from Photoshop and Illustrator. The teacher is good and speaks clearly, which is important for me who has Swedish as language.

Easy to follow and fun.