How To Make a WordPress Website - In 24 Easy Steps

This YouTube lesson breaks down the process of making a website over an hour and a half of video instruction. It covers all of the basics of website creation and empowers students to start building their own websites from scratch.

Created by: Tyler Moore

Produced in 2018

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Course Description

wordpress Awards Best Crash Course

Learn how to create a website in 24 easy steps. Step by step with no step skipped. With the new template system you will have the most professional website on the most popular platform (WordPress) in the entire world. Learn to get your domain name, hosting, install WordPress, create your website, make a logo and the best tips and tricks to make your website #1.



    • Video keeps it light and saves students time and energy by avoiding complicated topics that are unnecessary for essential website design.
    • Course gives students a foothold into marketing, web development and SEO skills.
    • Course has successfully been completed by a five-year-old, signifying ultimate accessibility.
    • Direct help with specific problems is essentially nonexistent.
    • Content has not been updated since 2018. WordPress has.
    • Tutorial does not get deep into theme development or customization at all.

Instructor Details

Tyler Moore

Tyler makes free video lessons that are step-by-step with no step skipped teaching people how to create their own professional website without any coding knowledge.



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By Rachel Salvanera on 10/02/2019

This has helped me so much throughout my marketing career! I watched this a million times!

By John Field on 06/10/2019

Really valuable and useful thanks - No Step Missed is a great idea!

By David Nosiri on 07/15/2019

Your simplicity is amazing, even a 5 year old with a pc and Internet access can follow through your steps.

By Jack The Dreamer on 06/01/2018

I just spent the whole day watching your video and making my website. You are the best! Your narration is so nice, clear, and concise! And your video is spot on. Two thumbs way up!

By jlkepler on 03/15/2020

Thank you so much for this tutorial! It helped me tremendously. I have watched it over and over.

this is amazing! i watched this for almost 3 to 4 hours coz i was pausing and taking notes :D this is super informative, everything you need to know in building a website.

By ThePurpleUFO on 04/12/2018

Never, ever, in my life have I seen anyone with such total knowledge of what he's doing that he can work through the complexities of creating a web site like this at such high speed, while explaining it in such a clear and understandable that even my slow brain could follow every bit of it.

By Kunle Olomofe on 06/02/2020

I'm not sure I've ever seen a more amazing tutorial. You're a genius and a generous, authentic one at that.

By Wellness Diary on 05/08/2020

This was such an amazing tutorial. I was a able to build my website and save some money!! Thank you soooo much for sharing and taking the time to put all of the details needed to create an awesome website.

By MLDF Network on 09/22/2019

I greatly appreciate this video! I was struggling through self teaching and this has made the process so easier!!

By Felix Hesse on 05/27/2019

Unbelievable amounts of value delivered and everything for free. I highly appreciate your effort Tyler!

Thank you so much for your video, it helped me immensely with building my website and Im so pleased with the results. Very easy to follow your instructions, your time is very appreciated.