Introduction To JavaScript

Interactive JavaScript course with 100+ real-time exercises. Most modules are locked in the free version.

Created by: Kyla Brown

Produced in 2018

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Overall Score : 70 / 100

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Course Description

You will learn programming fundamentals and basic object-oriented concepts using the latest JavaScript syntax. The concepts covered in these lessons lay the foundation for using JavaScript in any environment.

Instructor Details

Kyla Brown

Curriculum Developer at CodecAdemy and Syracuse grad c/o 2017 who gets nerdy about web dev, ed tech, sex tech and social justice :)



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By raulng9 on 5/11/2015

I think (as an almost noob developer) that Codeacademy is fine just to practice exercises, since they only explain basic concepts and don't cover important ones.

By happycj on 5/12/2015

I tried Codecademy, and - after a false start - got through the whole course.It took focused time to do it. There are some deep or odd concepts in there which took me a few cycles to figure out. But in the end, I learned it and can use JavaScript now.

By Glutnix on 5/12/2015

I've found Codecademy's JS course to be okay in terms of content, but frustratingly buggy. I used to recommend it to students, but many students kept having issues with valid solutions being rejected. They would ask me for help, but I could find no rhyme or reason to why they were being rejected.

By Durga Pratap on 4/26/2017

Codecademy is the best platform to learn Javascript beginners and one can learn advanced topics also from that site.Even I have learnt javascript from codecademy only as a beginner. Now Im a freelance javascript developer.

By Derek Neuland on 3/24/2017

Overall, I enjoyed the course. It was very easy to follow and is great if youre a hands-on learner like me. The lessons are broken up into mini projects which arent overwhelming. Its slightly gamified so it feels good to complete each section.I love that free resources like this exist now. If something like Codecademy would have been available 20 years ago when I was in high school, it would have literally changed my life.

By Cyclokitty on 2/15/2018

I found Codecademy useless as a learning resource when I first learned web development. I immediately forgot everything the moment I tried making a simple button click function and it was frustrating.

By souldesu on 4/18/2018

I've been taking free courses on Code Academy since last year - the most recent Javascript course that took me a few weeks was riddled with errors. I sent bug reports in every part of the course and never had any sort of response or indicator that my reports were even being seen or dealt with.

By memystic on 2/25/2017

Codecademy is basically an interactive book (and not a very good one at that). That being said, it's fine for learning the syntax but nothing beyond that and in my opinion, a better option for basic syntax is to pick up any JavaScript 101 book.

By Arjun Narayanan on 7/14/2016

Its a good place to start learning JavaScript, but it is not exhaustive or comprehensive. The Codecademy JavaScript course is designed for people with no prior experience in programming, and so covers the very basics of syntax, functions and control flow.

By Erman Akar on 10/13/2014

Codeacademy provides great courses. They will not make you a guru in the programming but help you get a basic idea with series of examples and pinpoint information.

By Rohit Lal on 1/23/2018

It has some good content for JavaScript in structured manner. You'll enjoy while learning the whole course.

By jabbajac on 11/1/2013

I think codeacademy is a good place to start, but you'll definitely need other resources to get into more advanced topics. I've definitely used codeacademy to help me start up learning a new language but for sure after I finished the codeacademy classes I've moved on to other tutorials and more advanced readings.