Introduction to Unreal Engine 4 Ability System - UE4 (

How to create 5 comprehensive game play abilities

Created by: Ambience Lee

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Create Comprehensive and Manageable Gameplay Abilities in Unreal Engine 4
  • Gain Medium Level Understanding of UE4's C++ and Date Types.
  • Gain Medium Level Understanding of UE4's Animation System
  • Gian Basic Understanding of UI setup in UE4

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Overall Score : 86 / 100

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Course Description

In this course, we will walk you thought the process of using UE4's ability system to create 5 fully featured abilities. we will start with simple concept and gradually go to more and more complicated setups. Animation, UI, AI, will all be introduced through the process.
Covered Topics:
  • Unreal Engine Ability Sytem
  • Animation Blueprint
  • UI Widget Blueprint
  • Cascade
  • AI Behavior Tree
  • UE4 C++
UE4 Version: 4.20Who this course is for:
  • Game Developer, Students or hobbyist

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Instructor Details

Ambience Lee

I am a full time college professor specialized in game development, I also have been working in a variety of animation studios like Beijing Daysview Digital Image Co, Passion Picture NYC. As an indie game developer, I has developed VR Apps for Gucci and Calvin Klein on their products.
I hold an MFA in Computer Animation from School of Visual Arts in New York City, and a BFA of Digital Media from China Central Academy of Fine Arts.
I am a Technical Artist with may skill sets including Rigging, Character Modeling, Animation, VFX, Game Development, C++, C# and Python Programming Languages. I have published papers like Unreal Engine 4 Architectural Visualization, Advanced Terrain Workflow with UE4, Discover a New Way to Create Believable Cloth in 3D World, and has been presenting my researches in conferences.



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As an GameplayAbilitySystem introduction, it covers a lot and the instructor provides many useful tips.

Trs bien mais des passages un peu rapide sur certains moments pour le C++, peut-tre simplement que mon niveau C++ n'tait pas suffisant.


This course was well worth the money. The instructor was very clear and helped to break down the Gameplay Ability System in a digestible format. The system is VERY complex, especially for a beginner like myself, but I think I have a better handle on how to use it effectively after this course. Also, the instructor was responsive to my questions.

Final review after doing the whole course. I have advanced UE4/BP UE4 knowledge but only know basic C++/UE4 C++ and wanted to learn more about setting up Gamplay Ability System (GAS) and using GAS to implement into my networked game. I don't want to bash too much because there aren't enough GAS tutorials so each one is great to have, but the author is charging for this so I want to give my honest opinion.Summary - Good if course is on-sale and you want to learn more about UE4 in general and very basic GAS. Bad if full-price and you already know all about Montages/AI/Character setup.Good - Nice author, clear audio and video (if your force 1080p), good C++ knowledge, good UE4 knowledge.Bad - C++ is not explained very well, wizzes through C++ setup with VAX plugin (good luck pausing the video repeatedly to type it in yourself accurately if you don't have it), only 40% of time is actually spent talking about GAS and doing GAS, wastes loads of time setting up a basic blueproint project, project folder structure is horrendously bad and messy, animation montages are set up badly and messily (could have consolidated and use Anim Montage Sections), NO REPLICATION (biggest downside for me)My recommendation to the author - provide a full working blueprint project (with good animation montages and folder structure) with comments on functions and go straight into GAS. Do C++ SLOWLY and explain every function/macro you use. Focus on GAS and do some more advanced GAS (stacking, showing tags as buffs/debuffs, GAS for non-combat etc.). Include all extra assets at the start of the course (don't ask me to repeatedly download small files and extract/import them). COVER REPLICATION!! That's why most people turn to use GAS.Will update my review if I see more content added or changed

Overall great tutorial. Interesting set ups. The first C++ set up with the Ability System was a lil tedious though. Nevertheless awesome course.

It was very helpful. I would have preferred if some of the functionality that was put into the Character class had bee demonstrated through the ability system itself. For instance, the melee combo probably should have been setup with combo effects, which would have been a useful demonstration of using effects outside of just costs, cooldowns and damage.

This course helped me a lot to understand Unreal's GameplayAbility system. Much more easier than developing a custom ability solution, which I "bravely" (and recklessly) attempted at first. :)Prof. Lee is very knowledgeable, and that can be seen when he digresses and explains some other related topic. Interesting to listen to, as well. :)This is the only course that I found that depicts what GameplayAbility system is capable of. Of course, you need to explore by yourself afterwards (like custom execution classes, etc.), but this is an excellent basis and this course helped me a lot.Highly recommended if you're making an RPG game!

Awesome class. Get a lot of info I can start with building the mechanic.

This course covers a great variety of gameplay ability stuff, especially as an intro course. I learned some useful things about materials and animations too!There were a couple of areas where author does a few less than ideal things, but they were trivially small.I'd love to see follow up intermediate or advanced course now too!A++ would recommend. And I definitely will reference a few things in this course again in the future.

Very happy with this course. Learned a lot, and not just about the Ability System Component I initially bought it for!

For the lack of documentation and general information on the Ability System, this course is the fastest and most efficient way to learn enough of it to start actually working with that feature. That said, there are a number of problems with it - first is video quality. 720p is really bad in general and for anything involving code, it's terrible. This course has a lot of code. Also the author is not a great typist, takes very long time to type out code and makes many typos, mistakes and copy-pastes a lot. This takes so much time that by rough estimation I would say on average every video would have been 30% shorter if he just had the code pre-typed and went through it instead of typing it as he records. Explanations are also all over the place. Sometimes they are very concise and good, other times there either isn't any, or there is too much and the meaning gets lost.With all that said, the course goes through a lot of other topics (animation, UI, AI) so you won't get blocked by something that you are just expected to know, but you don't, and considering that this is quite possible the most extensive coverage of Ability System in UE4, I'd say it's worth 4 stars, even with all the problems.