Java Master course: From ZERO to HERO(7 MEGA TOPICS in 1) (

All you need to get started -> Core Java + Collections + Generics + Lambda expressions + Multithreading + JSP + Servlets

Created by: StudyEasy Organisation

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Learning simplistic steps of Java Programming from a professional trainer.
  • Understanding structure and method of Java class.
  • Build programs using Java
  • Learning the control flow statements to control the flow of execution of a program, according to certain conditions.
  • Understanding the java operator working with binary, unary and assignment operator.
  • Understanding Java Arrays, Multidimensional Arrays
  • Understanding object oriented programming and classes.
  • Code Java console application
  • Understanding Code Java
  • Understanding Java Beans
  • JSTL and XML tags
  • Reading and writing operation of cookie
  • Reading from Bean using expression language
  • Decision making under JSTL
  • Code Web applications using JSP, Servlet and JSTL
  • Understand building web forms with JSP
  • Apply validations on the forms
  • Build web forms with other form elements under JSP
  • Add validat

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Course Description

We would do whatever it takes to make this a definitive Java master course. We will try to cover almost all the major topics related to core Java technology. This would be your unique destination to learn Java.
This course will not only cover the core issues, but will also cover many more advanced topics. This course is going to be one of the most comprehensive course on Udemy. Core Java, advanced core topics or J2EE; THERE IS NO PROBLEM. Everything is covered.
If you have never programmed before, you already know the basic syntax or if you want to know the advanced functions of Java, this course is for you!
The course starts with Java, including multi-threading, Lambdas, Collections framework and Generics. Then we will move towards JSP and Servlets. Once we are done with JSP and Servlets, we will start JSTL.
Here are the topics, we have already covered and many are on their way...
Topics covers in this course
Decision making under Java
Flow control
Switch case
Object Oriented Programming Concepts
Core concepts
Abstract class
Multiple inheritance using interfaces
Inner classes
Access modifier
Exception handling
Custom sorting using comparator
Type parameters
Generic method
Bounded type parameter
Comparable interface
Wildcards in Generics
Multithreading overview
Creating thread by extending the thread class
Creating thread by implementing runnable interface
Synchronization under concurrency control
Synchronized method
Synchronized block
Synchronized block on object
Static synchronization
Usage of volatile keyword
Wait and notify
Setting up the computer for JSP and servlets
Servlets life cycle
JSP scripting elements
Deployment descriptor and annotations
Include file(s) in JSP page
Import files into Jsp page
MVC overview
Basic application based on MVC
Forms overview under JSP
Forms under Servlet
Basic form validation
Servlet context object overview
JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSLT) Core tags
JSTL - JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library functions
JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library XML tags
JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library formatting
JSLT - JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library I18N Overview
Project on JSTL I18N
Building a Custom tag
Working with templates
Understanding MVC
Working with Database and many more topics are on their way...
Starting with the Background of Java, installation of Java and ending with database connectivity. At the end of the course, the user will have a virtuous knowledge to create functional and useful Java programs and will allow users to log in and manage sessions. If you have any questions about the topics covered in this course after watching videos, do not hesitate to ask. I am always happy to help.
Learn a powerful skill at your home
This is the best course for java. Theoretical knowledge is not sufficient for learning java. It will help you practice coding every day at home. Practice makes man perfect and everything depends on your efforts and hard work. Java is easy to learn and it is base for all other object oriented programming language. If you learn java programming language you will get a strong background to pick up other object-oriented language.
Why Learn From Me
Learning Java Master course can be challenging and complex. To navigate this maze, you need an easy and straight-to-the-point approach.
This course brings my teaching experience and industry know-how to you. I've taught IT for over six years to 75,000+ students, and I'm also a web application developer. My teaching style is unique and easy to understand, with plenty of opportunities to practice: I take up simple examples and follow a step-by-step approach. Helping you master these subjects is my highest priority.
By the end of the course, you will confidently build web applications using Java, JSP and JSTL.

Who this course is for:
  • The Students who want to make careers in IT, This is for you!
  • Everyone who want to make careers as a Java programmer
  • Student who are willing to make career in Java technology
  • Everyone who is interested in programming

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Instructor Details

StudyEasy Organisation

We are a team of dedicated people who perform intense research, pragmatic planning and come up with easily understandable and quality courses for student around the world. We follow an ongoing process of quality analysis by meticulously considering and improving our work by taking the feedback from the users.
We are fantastic content maker and fabulous presenters.
we are StudyEasy Organisation!Chaand is a knowledgeable person and has a keen interest in helping students worldwide. He is Director of StudyEasy Organization. He and his team are dedicated to building the high-quality content of technology-based topics. The motivation for Chaand is how technology has helped him reach thousands of students worldwide.
Chaand is a great instructor, he holds a Bachelor of Computer Applications professional graduation degree course in computer science and a Master of Computer Applications, both from Maharashtra.

Currently, he has created more than 17 courses and more than 100,000+ students trust him with their learning needs. He has a profound knowledge of Java.

In fact, Chaand's courses are often purchased by students who plan to become a Java developer and aims to get a first Java programming job but strives to discover what skills employers want.

Chaand 's teaching style is different from other and easy to understand because he usually takes simple and easy examples and follows a step-by-step approach. His skillset includes Java, JSP & Servlets, spr

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Content is fine for beginners, but the java terminology used should be accurate, so as to provide clarity of the terms. Also, in-depth knowledge sharing is expected.

I really liked the course and I finished it within two weeks. The last part where the project WAR deployment to a internet server was missing hope its added asap. Apart from this I loved the way the instructor has managed the whole course.

Over all, pretty good. His word usage and diction, while understandable , could be better.

all the concepts where put well together and taught well. Notes and the materials were helpful as well

He's such a cool guy.His teaching is just fantastic. The way he progresses the course is amazing and it's the way I need. Moreover, he is very responsive to the queries. Even though I have just completed 50% of this course, I LOVE IT.........GREAT EFFORTS .....WORTH OF ENROLLING IN THIS COURSE...THANKYOU

It was a good experience, especcially the Java, I wasn't interested in part about Servlets. There could be osome (three, maybe four) projects to do on Your own, suggested by teacher (idea), and explained in next video.

Chand's explanations are very easy and sweet to understand as his smooth and sweet voice. It removes coding fear from the students. This is one of the best Java 8 courses that explained core concepts in a simple manner.

If you need a strong foundation in Java concepts, This is the course for you. I've previously enrolled in best selling java courses on udemy but somewhere around they seem to miss the grip the harder concepts are explained way harder to understand but this one is an exception, It simplify the harder concepts and makes you to understand the content in an interesting short time duration.learning from chaand (Instructor) is like almost a Best Friend teaching you. I am able to understand a lot from him. He is always on point. His accent and usage of words like couple(replace with few) may be disturbing for some people but it was fun.I was looking for a course like this for a long time. The course gets updated regularly, Has everything related to Java including Java Web(JEE). This is an enormous Investment where it seems to be the ultimate one stop destination for Java.

really amazing! a very complete course!

absolutely.a good instructor you are Chaand

it was a good vedio..

The language is pretty simple and the course content is compact based on what i have seen till now. However,I can give a better rating once I reach OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING.Thank You.