JavaScript Beginner Bootcamp (2021) (

JavaScript for Beginners: Projects based learning, whiteboard animations, coding in the browser and quizzes.

Created by: Rob Merrill

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Learn basics of JavaScript
  • Create Interactive Webpage and deploy to the web
  • Build projects as you learn concepts to get a taste of building applications on a small scale
  • Become interview ready with whiteboard algorithm challenges
  • Build a Portfolio Page with HTML & CSS
  • Visually understand the JavaScript Language
  • Look under the hood to understand how JavaScript works

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Overall Score : 86 / 100

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Course Description

This isn't the only JavaScript course you should ever take...but it should be your first!
JavaScript the Basics is your one stop course to enter into the language of JavaScript. We are going to start from scratch and build up our understanding of the world's most popular programming language together.
View JavaScript in action with whiteboard videos optimized for viewing on your smartphone. This is truly a course that you can engage with no matter where you are. Take your JavaScript eduction on the go! With whiteboard videos you get to visualize what JavaScript does under the hood.

You can practice JavaScript in your web browser! Take advantage of Google Chrome developer tools to put the JavaScript you have learned during our whiteboard lesson into practice with further examples and challenges. This is our JavaScript playground.

There will be lots of quizzes on the JavaScript syntax we have just covered. The goal of this course is to move slow and allow these concepts and syntax to sink in through repetition.
This course is also full of mini-projects that allow you to apply the JavaScript you are learning to actually building something that you can use. We focus on small to mid-sized projects aimed at the skill level of a beginner to intermediate JavaScript student.

Learning JavaScript is like learning a language. This course won't make a false promise of saying you will master JavaScript overnight. However, this course will immerse you into the world's most popular programming language.
  • JavaScript Syntax
  • JavaScript Building Blocks
    • Build a Kelvin to Fahrenheit Converter
    • Build a Cat Age estimator
  • JavaScript Best Practices
  • JavaScript Objects
  • JavaScript Arrays
    • Build a Random Insult Generator
  • JavaScript Functions
    • Build a Calorie Tracker
    • Build a Rock, Paper, Scissors game
  • JavaScript Conditionals
    • Build a Magic 8 Ball
  • JavaScript Regular Expressions
  • JavaScript Functional Programming
  • JavaScript Algorithms
  • JavaScript ES6 Syntax
  • Build a Portfolio Page with HTML & CSS
  • Practice for Real World JavaScript Whiteboard Interview Questions
  • Make an Interactive Webpage: TODO List with Local Storage
  • Make an Interactive Webpage: Matching Game
  • Make an Interactive Webpage: Magic 8 Ball
You'll finish this course with an understanding of JavaScript that will let you take a deeper dive into the language and possibly launch you into a new career as a JavaScript web developer.
Learning a new language can be difficult and even feel intimidating. JavaScript the Basics makes the the learning process feel accessible and welcoming!
There are a lot of JavaScript courses out there in which you can make some pretty great projects. But unless you know JavaScript you are just copying and pasting. This course won't offer you empty promises like moving from "zero to hero" but it will help you to take the first steps in the right direction.

This isn't the only JavaScript Course you should ever take. But it should be your first!
This course expands monthly! Get it now and check back often for updates!

Who this course is for:
  • Those who are JavaScript Newbies
  • Those with no previous coding experience
  • Those who want to learn on the go by watching whiteboard videos optimized for smartphones and tablets
  • Those who want a thorough step by step introduction to the JavaScript language
  • Those coders who want a visual and hands on playground environment to reinforce what they have learned
  • Those who want to learn how to build their first JavaScript Application
  • Those who want to learn how to build a portfolio page with HTML & CSS

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Instructor Details

Rob Merrill

I am a Front End Engineer who enjoys working with JavaScript. I live in Seattle with my wife, cat and two dogs in an apartment that is too small to hold us all. I'm a self-taught developer and love to help others figure out programming on their own as well!



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This course is legitimately garbage. There is an average of 1-2 mistakes PER LECTURE. Most are typos, but in programming syntax and spelling are EXTREMELY important, since if you enter a typo your code won't work! You're never going to learn properly by watching him teach mistakes. Half the time the typos are so bad that his own examples are wrong. I'm honestly really unimpressed with Udemy for selling a course with so many mistakes; just goes to show they don't do any sort of fact-checking or quality control with the content they provide.

The course was good, and I learned a lot about the basics of JavaScript. However, I would have liked to see real-world applications over the ones in the course. I found the HTML/CSS additions helpful, but I would've liked to see more cheatsheets in every course. Overall, I felt it was worth the cost and I took a few good items away from the course. Job well done.

This was absolutely one of the best courses for a beginner. I enjoyed Rob Merrill teaching methods and with repetition and refactoring some of the lessons with different attributes gave me a good idea what goes on behind the scenes using editors and seeing was is being represented on the document object model is very cool. Is there an advance course that you would recommend for me to move forward. I definitely want to persude a career in web development.

It is a good introductory course. I recommend it if you are starting from scratch with javascript. With this knowledge you are able to continue getting deeper studying js.

Rob thank you so much for this course, I have as a goal to create certain applications with React Native. Coming from an embedded C/C++ background and knowing at little bit of html and JavaScript, I have managed to learn in a very solid way JavaScript and the great introduction to React through this course. I like the slow pace giving option to speed up for fast learning and still see clearly what the teacher is talking about. Also the illustrative examples used in this course are excellent tools to teach the concepts and help on retaining efficiently in one's memory. Rob's speech is clear. Wish you would have a React Native course !!! so that i can proceed on the next step towards my learning goal.

This course was worth challenging. The quizzes and lab were helpful to make sure what I have learned. React was very hard for me, so I need to repeat it.

Ideal for a beginner. I learned some concepts from it but I struggle with the actual use of js, when you want to use it for something meaningful in the DOM. The part of react was good but hosnestly I dont know what is that doing there.Overrall, for what it's worth, as long as you are no expert, it's a good course. Excelent teacher too.

It's been a good match so far. Having the information explained thoroughly helps out so much more than just reading something from a website or article.

Very clean and simple to understand, even for the most beginners of all

I felt like Rob did a great job of explaining why and how the JS and React syntax was used.

The course was good,very detailed.ButIt is very annoying that i can hear his swallows his mic is in his throat.That annoys so much, except from that everything was fine.

Really easy but I think there is programming information you have to know beforehand to understand the basics with this course.