JavaScript Beginner to Developer - 5 Projects included (

Complete modern ( ES9 ) JavaScript in depth from beginner to advanced in less than 9 hours and build 5 projects

Created by: Vojislav Kovacevic

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Learn modern core JavaScript
  • Learn Object Oriented JavaScript
  • Learn Client Side JavaScript
  • Use latest JavaScript (ES 9)
  • Understand how JavaScript really works and become confident in using it
  • Build 5 projects
  • Use new HTML 5 APIS such as geolocation, notifications etc.
  • Go from a beginner to being a confident JavaScript programmer

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Overall Score : 100 / 100

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Course Description

This is a serious and complete course on JavaScript, it covers both core and client side JavaScript in clear HD 1080p videos.
Learn modern JavaScript in depth in less than 9 hours!
Most courses are boring and long-winded, but not my courses and certainly not this one!
This course respects your time, it teaches you thoroughly but does not waste time!
The course goes from the very basics all the way to object oriented JavaScript using the latest in JavaScript (ES 6 - ES 9) and then moves on to client side JavaScript which also includes new HTML 5 APIS such as geolocation, notifications, web workers etc.
After all that the course then moves on to show you how to create 5 projects from scratch, including a JS Piano, a TO DO list with web storage and a slider!
Why waste time learning bits and pieces when with this course you can learn so much in so little time?
NOTE: If the current asking price is too much for you, feel free to message me for a discount!Who this course is for:
  • Anyone with some HTML and CSS knowledge looking to learn JavaScript

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Instructor Details

Vojislav Kovacevic

Hi there,
I am a web developer with years of experience and with great practical knowledge of various languages and related technologies ( C#, PHP, Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML etc. )
My goal is to create courses that I wish existed when I first started learning the topics I teach. You can be sure that my courses are always concise (as much as it is possible), to the point and practical.
You cannot go through a course of mine and not have practical and real world skills at the end of it.
I strive to teach practical and real world examples that can be of benefit immediately and can be built upon to further your knowledge of the subjects covered.



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Vojislav is an amazing teacher. He does what just a little of other instructor can do, break down every and each part of whatever he is teaching and bring the subject in small pieces, so you can absorb easily what you learning. This is my 2nd (so far) course of him and already planning to buy another one.He is calm, talks slow, so you can have your time to understand and process everything, and he is very responsive to his Q&A, so, buying a course of him, is not just buying a course. Is about getting full support as well. Great way to help you out whenever you stuck in your studies.Keep learning, keep practicing =)Edit 1 (asked me on lecture 57) - this is one of the most amazing JS course I done. Seriously. I tried dozen of other courses, but only in this one I really grasp the missing concepts and whats is really needed to deeply understand everything. Vojislav ALWAYS explains the "why" before the "how". In other words, he will show you why you need to use that before showing you how, that what happens in 90% of any other courses. This helps you a lot to really understanding why and when you will use that piece of code. Until now, the course is being masterful. =)Edit 2 (end of course)... this course is still amazing and Vojislav makes you understand every single line . He not only throw the code, he show you why he is using that code and why. Thanks for this amazing course!