JavaScript Bible - JavaScript and ES6 Bootcamp 2022 (

Understand and learn JavaScript and ES6 in a one challenge-based JavaScript Bootcamp course!

Created by: Bogdan Stashchuk

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Become a Senior JavaScript developer by learning and practicing all modern features of the JavaScript. Become able easily apply to Web Developer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer or Full Stack Web Developer jobs.
  • Learn JavaScript, ES6, NPM, Webpack, Babel, Node, React by solving tens of CHALLENGES with real-world scenarios. Each CHALLENGE has task and solution. And all of them are available in the GIT repositories that you will download at the beginning of the course.
  • Learn all FUNDAMENTAL features of the JavaScript starting from basic concepts such as Variables, Objects, Functions, Scopes, Operators and finishing with ADVANCED topics as Closures, Hoisting, IIFEs (Immediately Invoked Function Expressions), Classes and many more.
  • Learn and understand ES6 features such as Arrow functions, Destructuring, Default function parameters, Template Literals, Array helper methods, Classes
  • Understand proper methods to work with Arrays - map, forEach, re

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

This course covers everything you need to know about JavaScript and become either Frontend Web developer, or Full-stack Web Developer, or Backend developer.
This course includes more than 70 CHALLENGES and all exercise files are available in Git repositories.
We will start from the very beginning and you will learn fundamentals and basic concepts of JavaScript.
Than you will learn new features included in ES6, ES7 etc.
Also we will dive into the Node.js - environment for JavaScript code execution and you will understand what is the difference between Web Browser and Node.js.
In separate sections we will discuss Babel, NPM, Webpack and MongoDB.
Also you will learn most popular JavaScript framework - React.

JavaScript Bible was designed for developers with different levels of JavaScript knowledge.
If you are BEGINNER in JavaScript - start with very first section called JavaScript Basics.
In case you have SOME experience with JavaScript - jump directly in the sections where I cover ES6 topics such as rest/spread parameters, arrow functions, ES6 Classes etc.
If you are experienced MIDDLE or SENIOR developer with years of JavaScript development background - jump directly into the Challenges and test your knowledge. Each challenge has task and solution in separate Git branches.

All videos have different labels:
  • LECTURE: in those videos I explain different features and concepts of the language. Main main goal in those videos is to teach you HOW specific feature work under the hood. I don't teach HOW TO USE feature.
    Instead I teach you WHY and HOW specific feature works.
  • PRACTICE: here I will dive into the coding and show you different real-world examples of the usage of specific feature. Usually I will present to you several examples for each specific feature. I strongly recommend you to follow me in those videos and code along with me.
  • CHALLENGE: each challenge (except simple and short challenges) has START and FINISH branches with task and solution. PLEASE don't skip challenges even if you are already familiar with the topic. Try to solve each challenge yourself.
  • DEMO: in some videos I will demonstrate you examples where you don't necessarily need to follow me and code along with me
If you want to become an Expert in JavaScript, please join this course now!
See you onboard!Who this course is for:
  • JavaScript developers of all levels: Beginners, Full Stack Developers, Frontend Developers, Web Developers, Backend Developers
  • JavaScript developers who feel that they don't fully understand all concepts of the language
  • Beginners in JavaScript
  • Developers with knowledge of other programming languages such as Python, Java, C++ etc
  • Advanced JavaScript developers who want to test their knowledge

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Instructor Details

Bogdan Stashchuk

Experienced instructor with great practical background.
I teach complex stuff in easy step-by-step manner.
All my courses include practical exercises which allow you to follow me from the start of any course till the end. You will perform all tasks the same way I will do in my video lectures. Also you will get a lot of challenges to solve yourself. Of course we will discuss solution of each challenge together.
All you need is to have Mac or PC with installed software as written in each course requirements.
See you on my courses!



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Heavily detailed course. Learned a lot about the inner workings of JavaScript. Once you get hang of the accent of the instructor, it becomes easy to follow.

Despite being a rather long course, the information contained was VERY useful as such I feel this course is perfect for anyone wanting to either get started or get up to speed with the modern JavaScript landscape. FULLY recommend!

This is a really good JavaScript course for both beginner and intermediate level students. I'm sure you will know about JavaScript deeply by enrolling this course.

'Till now it's been pretty easy to follow, but I imagine that might change when I get to the more advanced topics. Sometimes I have some difficulty understanding what has been said and the captions are not very helpful in this, but for the most part I am able to understand the instructor clearly enough.

I really enjoy the depth and detail that the instructor goes into. It is far more than other JavaScript courses which are simply code-alongs.

His accent makes his words hard to understand, it also confuses the automatic captions system.EDIT: But once u get used to it, theres no problem to understand the teacher. And after a while i've noticed, that this course has some great audio quality.

Best course for beginner in javascript and this course will tech you in depth thank you sir to create like this awesome course.i hope you will upload pending lectures of es6 , react and nodejs thank you once again :-)

Very, very knowledgeable. This is definitely one of the best courses on JS I have taken. My only gripe is I would have like more accurate subtitles.I hope he makes courses for NodeJS, Python, React and Angular.Don't' think about it, get this course.

Hi Udemy,First of all thanks for creating this platform and giving us this chance to give our opinions on the services you and valuable teachers/developers are providing for us...What can I say about this coure? I think it is hard to describe how much I appreciate this course... I've studied many courses on JS and this one so far was the best among them... Mr. Bogdan is a great teacher and I can see that he deeply masters JS he is teaching and the way he explains the subjects is very professional and clear. The examples he gives are just exactly to the point... Some subjects I had a hard time before in understanding was much clearer after I watched his videos... I usually don't have time to write long reviews and I am -unfortunately- little bit lazy for this but I wanted to take time and write here as a way of thanking this great teacher...I could write more and more... Thank you very much for this course Mr. Bogdan... My deepest respects...Mustafa, Istanbul, Turkey...

Ogromna wiedza przekazana w perfekcyjny i dokadny sposb z troszk miesznym akcentem.

I think that Bogdan has really in dept knowledge of the JavaScript engine, and explained some hard to grasp concepts really well.. He actually made it look so easy, and if you want to learn any JS framework this course should be your bible.

nothing to say than "Perfect" this is the best java scripts course on Udemy i been around more than 15 courses but i can say this is you looking for...more thing.. i m still waiting for React and Angular