Javascript for Beginners Learn by Doing Practical Exercises (

JavaScript for Beginners : Work closely with me doing exercises & learn more. I make Javascript easy for you guaranteed.

Created by: Edwin Diaz

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • Learn to write JavaScript functions
  • Learn to write Javascript arrays
  • Learn to write Javascript loops
  • Learn to write Javascript math operations
  • Learn to write Javascript condition structure (if statements)
  • Learn to about Javascript variables
  • Extra code based on the instructor experience as a bonus

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Overall Score : 88 / 100

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Course Description

One of the best Practical Courses in UDEMY ........

Over 5,000 Students taking this course already.........
Looking for a quick and easy easy way to learn Javascript?
This course if for absolute beginners, and it is an introduction of the mayor components of javascript. By learning the bigger things in Javascript, you will be able to know how to put the remaining pieces together, and will be able to get into advanced courses more prepared.
I'm not going to start this course with False promises.
At the end of this course you will NOT become expert and nor will you in any other course. To become an expert in Javascript or any other programming language you need many hours of practice and experience; more like years of practice and experience.
My PROMISE to you.
My promise to you is that all the lessons you will see here, will get engraved in you brain better than in any other course, why? My approach is the practice approach which is the number one key into learning any programming language or technical course faster and easier.
I created a small practice application for you inside the exercise files. At the end of every section we will jump into this small application together, and practice everything we covered in the past lectures. This approach will make sure that you can retain the information you learned longer.
My Goal is to help you understand the major components and prepare you for advanced courses, in this way you can transition to the language easier.
Once you know the major parts of the Javascript language, everything else will be very easy to learn, and that is exactly what this course will provide you.
With years of programming experience invested in this course, you can rest assure that the information supplied in this course will prepare you to jump into to any advance Javascript course and come out on top.
Commonly Asked Questions.....
Q: Is Javascript easy?
A: Yes and no
Depends on the teacher and student. Learning Javascript is like learning a regular language, you need the major components and then you can start putting everything together. Students that jump into advanced Javascript courses might get confused and take longer to learn the language if they are not prepared with the mayor concepts.
This course's approach is to teach you the major components not just by watching but also practicing after every section, so that you get an understanding of the overall logic of the Javascript language. I find this approach to be better than jumping into an advanced course that will confuse you and leave clueless not knowing what to next, and this is why I built this crash course.
Q: Can I actually make money with Javascript?
A: Yes and yes.
The market for Javascript is enormous and is in demand right now in any part of the world. Having a programming language like Javascript in your tool set will help you make more money regardless if you are working a regular job or freelancing. Javascript is one of the highest paying programming languages out there, and it will stay like that for a very long time.
This Javascript Course Covers the following and then some...
  • Introduction to the language
  • Understanding Javascript variables
  • Understanding Javascript arrays
  • Understanding Javascript functions
  • Understanding Javascript Loops
  • Understanding Javascript Math
  • Practicing Javascript variables
  • Practicing Javascript Arrays
  • Practicing Javascript Functions
  • Practicing Javascript Loops
  • Practicing Javascript Math operations
  • and lots more.....
And because I like what I do, I will be adding more lectures in the future. What are you waiting for? Start learning by doing, and take the course now. The sooner you start the better. Who this course is for:
  • This course is meant for absolute beginners of Javascript
  • This course is meant for students that struggled to learn the language before
  • This course is meant for students with a little HTML knowledge

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Instructor Details

Edwin Diaz

He is a professional who has experience in computer science; also a broad set of skills in software ,web development, and information technology.
Considered a Sensei in technology who trains people to become Ninjas in different programming languages. Equipped with so many skills and great personality, he thought, why not give this knowledge and help the rest of the world?
The passion, to teach and help other people was something engraved in him since he was a little boy, so it's only natural that it found expression. Edwin's ability to transmit his energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge to other people allows him to do what he does best "Teach".
Edwin Diaz has taught thousands of people all over the world how to code. He has also built hundreds of apps, programs and websites for individuals and businesses. Edwin also provides one-on-one group training to individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations to help them manage their websites on their own with no knowledge of code.
Teaching is not just a job for Mr. Diaz but a way of life that continues to flourish every single day.
He now enjoys teaching others how to start coding in many different programming languages and spending time with his family.Coding Faculty creates high quality technology training content. We aim to teach technology the right way but at the same time putting emphasis on each of our students. We are a growing team of professional trainers who love our work but overall helping our students



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This course was all I was asking for. I can now understand the basics of JS and be aware of what JS is... Thank you !

1. If you are absolute beginner and have no programming experience but struggling to start it at some place. I would say there can not be a course better than this.2. I don't say it will make you a champ but I assure you will become the lion who gets that first drop of blood.3. The biggest hurdle of getting started is solved once you start this course.4. You are ready to take any JavaScript course after this. The instructor is quite engaging and keeps the energy in you alive till the course ends.5. Crisp and to the point course, no time wasting. Completely valuable.

Just what I needed. I think course is good, but files we download need to be updated and used more to align better with course videos.

It was great experience with you Edwin.what is the best part of your lecture is you always motivates us with your teaching and the way teach us is fantastic .keep doing this and lots of love from side .

very good introduction to basic JavaScript concepts. will take more of Edwin Diaz' classes on the subject

The course title is a misnomer. It should be "Programming for beginners using Javascript". If you are already familiar with programming, you won't find anything useful here. But if you are new to programming and wish to know the basics, this course would suit you. If you have a child whom you want to introduce to programming, this would be a good option. Otherwise, No.

Overall course was good. I know English is a second language for the instructor but they need to practice words with an X in it. Text is not tetts, Index is not indess, Next is not netts. When you open your code editor is sounds like you are opening your co-editor. In lecture 18 you cleared you nose by sniffing it back, I nearly threw up. You are not as funny as you think you are.

So far so good Sir. Edwin Diaz is a brilliant instructor. Things can be learnt with an ease under the guidance of Mr. Edwin Diaz. It's really a great blessing to be taught by an instructor like you. I use to think java script is as cryptic as Nolan films but with the help of Mr. Edwin Diaz who cares a lot about his students has made me to think that java script is as laconic as Clint Eastwood films.

this course is very understandable and easy to learn for beginners.

Setting up the flag and using the booleans, In this topic the code which you have written in not checked for all the elements in the array only the first element it is correctly matched and found, for others elements it is saying not found.

This is an awesome course to get familiar with syntax and beginning logic for JS. You can tell the instructor is invested in teaching the best way and in your success.

I like this guy, he made Javascript feel like nothing!