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Master JavaScript with the most complete JavaScript course on market! 1st step to learn JS - React, Angular or Vue JS

Created by: Abhay Talreja

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • You will go all the way from JavaScript beginner to advanced JavaScript developer.
  • You will gain a deep and true understanding of how JavaScript works behind the scenes.
  • You will be able to debug your code and understand other developer's code.
  • You will understand and use complex features like the 'this' keyword, function constructors, prototype, inheritance, first-class functions, closures, and more.
  • You will learn how to organize and structure your code using modules and functions. Because coding is not just writing code, it's also thinking about your code!
  • Take the w3 Schools, Upwork or Freelancer Javascript certification

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Course Description

*** Brand New Course Updated in Septemper 2017 ***

*** More than 38,000 students. Students from over 167 countries. 5 star ratings and you can see what other students have to say in the review section. Stop Thinking! Take the course Now! ***

Very thorough lectures on the basics of Javascript. The instructor is very knowledgable on this subject and is quick to respond to any questions asked. A great place to start if you are new to the world of Javascript.
-- Jason Arnold

Enjoyed the course very much. The coding exercises were great. Having exercises to work on and figure out makes learning so much more interesting. The lectures were excellent and the lecture materials were very helpful. The instructor was responsive in the Q&A and all the course material worked like a charm. I would definitely take another course by this instructor. Thanks for a great experience.
-- Leann Ukena
Ace JavaScript with the most entire JavaScript course available!

Would you like to learn the number #1 programming dialect that powers the web?

Is it accurate to say that you are sick of squandering your time and cash on irregular youtube videos or JavaScript courses that are either excessively basic, or excessively troublesome, making it impossible, making it impossible to take after?

On the other hand do you battle to profoundly comprehend and utilize JavaScript in genuine projects?

In the event that your answer is a major YES... At that point this is precisely the course you are searching for!

Keep in mind -

There is no development without reiteration!

So what is the Javascript - From Beginner to Pro course about?

This is a really total JavaScript course, that goes route past what other JavaScript courses out there show you.

I will take you from an entire JavaScript amateur to a propelled developer. You won't simply learn the JavaScript dialect itself, you will likewise learn how to program. The most effective method to take care of issues. Step by step instructions to structure and sort out code utilizing basic JavaScript designs.

Accompanied me on a trip with the objective of genuinely comprehension the JavaScript dialect. What's more, I clarify everything in transit with awesome detail!

You will learn "why" something works in JavaScript, not simply "how". Since in the present day JavaScript universe of today, you require more than simply knowing how something functions. You have to troubleshoot code, you have to comprehend code, you should have the capacity to consider code.

Thus, before the end of the course, you will be a fit JavaScript developer, ready to compose, comprehend and investigate JavaScript code utilizing all the capable components the dialect offers to us.


Here is precisely what we cover in this Javascript - From Beginner to Pro course:

All the JavaScript and programming basics: things like factors, information sorts, boolean rationale, if/else proclamations, circles, capacities, objects, exhibits, and that's just the beginning.

Everything you have to know keeping in mind the end goal to pick up a profound comprehension of how JavaScript functions off camera: execution settings, lifting, checking, the "this" catchphrase, and then some.

How to make JavaScript code associate with webpages: DOM control. Learn how to choose and change webpage components, make new components and handle DOM occasions.

Complex JavaScript components, for example, work constructors, prototypal legacy, top notch capacities, terminations, the predicament and apply strategies, and then some.

Learn how to sort out and structure your code utilizing modules and capacities, how to make information security and epitome, and why that is so critical.

What's new in the most cutting edge variant of JavaScript: new components of ES6/ES2015.


We should now see whether this course is for you. It's a flawless fit if...

Understudy #1: You need to pick up a profound comprehension of the most well known programming dialect on the planet: JavaScript.

Understudy #2: You have taken other JavaScript courses yet: 1) still don't generally comprehend JavaScript, or 2) still don't feel certain to code genuine applications. This course is ideal for you!

Understudy #3: You are keen on utilizing famous libraries/systems like React/React-Native, Angular or Node.js.

Understudy #4: You need to begin with programming by and large: JavaScript is an incredible dialect to learn how to code.


Presently it's your swing to choose. This is the thing that you get:

Lifetime access to my HD quality videos. No month to month membership. Learn at your own particular pace, at whatever point you need.

All videos are downloadable. Learn wherever you need, even without a web association!

Downloadable starter code and last code for every segment.

My own support in the course Q&A.

Sounds extraordinary? At that point begin learning today by tapping the "Take this course" catch at this moment, and go along with me in the main JavaScript course that you will ever require!


What are the prerequisites?

No coding knowledge is important to take this course! I take you from novice to master!

All you have to begin with JavaScript is a PC, a program (the vast majority of the illustrations are on JSBIN) and a content tool. We will set these up in the course.

An essential comprehension of HTML and CSS is an or more, yet it's not an unquestionable requirement!

What am I going to get from this Javascript - From Beginner to Pro course?

Lifetime access to my HD quality videos. No month to month membership. Learn at your own particular pace, at whatever point you need.

You will go the distance from JavaScript learner to cutting edge JavaScript developer.

You will pick up a profound and genuine comprehension of how JavaScript functions in the background.

You will have the capacity to investigate your code and comprehend other developer's code.

You will comprehend and utilize complex components like the "this" catchphrase, work constructors, prototypal legacy, top of the line capacities, terminations, and the sky is the limit from there.

You will learn how to arrange and structure your code utilizing modules and capacities. Since coding is not simply composing code, it's additionally contemplating your code!

You will get comfortable with the new components of ES6/ES2015.

You will get my own support in the Q&A.

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Instructor Details

Abhay Talreja

Hi, I'm Abhay! I have over 10 years of development experience in many languages from java, javascript, grails, iOS and Android. So, I can say, i have seen a lot to understand and know. I intend to pass this knowledge to anyone and everyone possible or I can reach onto!

I'm a web designer and developer with a great passion for building beautiful new things from scratch. I've been building websites since 2007 and also have a degree in Engineering and specialized in Computer Science. I have created websites and applications for various states in the USA.
It was in college where I first discovered my passion for teaching and helping others by sharing my knowledge. And that passion brought me to Udemy, where my students really appreciate that I take the time to explain important concepts in a way that everyone can easily understand.
Do you want to learn how to build awesome websites?
Want to know how to make your websites look beautiful and professional?
Looking for a complete JavaScript course that takes you from beginner to advanced developer?
Then enrol in my courses today and join the other happy students. If I had to describe each of my courses in one sentence, I would say "I wish I had this course, when I started learning technology".
So if you don't want to go through all the books and thousands of online articles and tutorials like I did, then enroll in m



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Difficult to say so far as this is "Secton 1, Part 4" of 18 sections; examples are decent.At halfway, examples are mostly good; some could be more challenging or use the more advanced topic covered. Loops are an issue for the in-browser "Coding Exercise" editor, which automatically executes incomplete loops leading to infinite loops with no kill switch. I will provide feedback to the instructor and update the review once the course is complete.

Very good and easily understandable ... Instructor manage all the section very well and organize

Overall a good learning curve if you are new to javascript. Starting from basics to some advanced concepts.

Coming from a minimal background in coding, this course moves fast, which is good, but at times challenging. I have to poke around a little bit with JS bin, and at first the console.log() he teaches then we need to use document.getElementByID... hung me up, but now it doesn't, it just takes some getting used to. He's a fast teacher, but is great with answering questions.

Sar Far so happy.... yes so far so good

It's amazing. The best part of this course is that there is a exercise after every lecture, where you just need to write the code, you don't need to go to some other application or download software to practice it!!

It was a good match as my skill level is very low. The instructor's level of patience is great.

Nice and Clear Explanation...Thanks a lot.

It was very good to understand. Thanks!

so good so far.. hoping by end of this course i will have better understanding...:D

Some statements are made without any supporting proofs. One instance that I have not, as yet sorted out is the fact that we were told to upload sublime, then used JSBin. Had some difficulty in realizing we'd changed script writers because of accent. Then no instructions in how to use. Just got that sorted then we went back to sublime, but this time he switches between them without any instruction. I still haven't sorted that out. I just keep on with JSBin. Makes it harder.

The lecture is step by step. I am new in this field but understanding every bit. So, I would recommend this course to every beginner.